Asana vs Smartsheet

Whether you are an individual or running a business and works in a team, project management is important to ensure all of your tasks done in time and maximize your productivity. To help you manage tasks between team members, you can use project management software like Asana or Smartsheet. To know more about them, check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Asana and Smartsheet
– What Asana and Smartsheet can offer to you
– Asana vs Smartsheet

About Asana
Asana is a web based application and a mobile app that was used to help its user managing their projects or to track their work in an attempt to increase their productivity. The software was developed by Facebook co-founder and ex engineer who both formerly work together at the company to improve the productivity of Facebook employees. Asana was first launched in 2011 and now they have numerous famous users like NASA, airbnb, The New York Times, and Red Bull.

Asana is free to use, but you are going to be limited with only basic features, such as unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations, basic dashboards, and basic search as well as the ability to put maximum 15 members on your team. If you are a professional, it is recommended to subscribe the paid version and get premium features starting from $9.99 per member per month.

Asana Benefit
With Asana, you will be shown a simple yet informative dashboard to visualize your work and customize it, as you need. With its Timeline, you may create plan to show you how the projects fit together and keep tracks when things change. Since Asana can integrate with many other services, you will be able to see all of them in one place. With Asana native calendar, you can easily spot holes and overlaps in your schedule, so you can make adjustment faster. For similar software, check our article on Asana vs Todoist here.

About Smartsheet
Smartsheet is an application, which functions as collaboration and work management. The app is develop by the, Inc. and was initially released in 2006 but it only became popular starting from 2010 when the company redesigned it. As of 2016 Smartsheet is already used by 10 million people at 85.000 organizations including Netflix, Bayer, Hp, Hilton, and cisco. You can integrate Smartsheet with numerous tools and apps, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Box, DocuSign, and many more.

You can try Smartsheet for free without credit card for 30 days in trial period but unfortunately the software don’t have a free version. So when the trial period end, you can’t use it anymore and have to change for the paid version. The paid version start from $14 per user per month billed annually. With this version you will be able to manage maximum 10 sheets and integrate with G Suite, Office 365, and some other tools.

Smartsheet Benefit
With Smartsheet you can increase your agility of work as well as eliminate productivity killers. The software dashboard offers you a real time visual on your works, so you can make decision faster. Smartsheet will support its users to make quick execution and foster innovation with an easy to collect and act on data form. To eliminate human errors, you can make it track execution with automation using Smartsheet Control Center’s intuitive UI that will simplify standardizing project templates.

Now, let’s compare Asana with Smartsheet. Both software are powerful for different users. Asana is more suitable for team project management tool while Smartsheet is a full project management. From ease of use Asana is definitely easier to understand while Smartsheet is very powerful compared to Asana as full project management if the people who use it understand the important features.

Asana vs Smartsheet

- More suitable for individual, small and medium business- More suitable for larger enterprises
- Offers free version- Doesn’t offer free version
- Paid version start at $9.99 per member per month- Paid version start at $14 per user per month

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, for individual, small and medium businesses, Asana is still the best choice for it still can cover your need with an easy to understand UI. At the other hand, Smartsheet is more suitable for larger enterprises who needs more powerful features.

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