Bitdefender vs Avast

Are you looking for an anti-virus for your PC to make it safe from any dangerous potential? We know that there are so many types of anti-virus in all around the world, but in this chance and time, we will only do the review about two kinds of them. First, we want you to know more about Bitdefender and next, we will give you some explanations about Avast. Which one is better? You will know it and make your decision after you read this battle review. Enjoy Bitdefender vs Avast!

BitDefender is an antivirus software that can be used for Microsoft Windows, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X (beta) and freeBSD. BirDefender are available in 2 kinds of paid licensed and licensed. If you’re looking for the best anti virus software, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is the answer. BitDefender Antivirus Plus is the best antivirus software and TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner. This is the top antivirus software protection and superior performance. This is good for advanced users who want to control the whole process manually or for regular users who want the BitDefender which make decisions. BitDefender provides protection and peace of mind without weighing down the performance of your PC, or even your income. This application uses a feature called Autopilot to make security-related decisions without asking for your feedback. There is no necessity for you to configure, no warning and no pop-ups. If you choose to make changes manually against the security settings, the Autopilot will handle themselves in the same way as Your cruise control car that cancel itself if you hit the brake.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus effectively managed to block, remove, neutralize and prevent malware infection. Testing third-party anti-virus industry and observers agree that BitDefender is one of the best. This ensures security without sacrificing speed. The Smart Scan technology takes advantage of the processing power of a PC without incriminating. Depending on which other tasks are running and what resources are available, BitDefender Antivirus Plus adjusting to optimize operations and maintain speed. In order to maintain maximum performance that contributes to ease of use, features Scan finds and Dispatchers use slices of time available if utilization of your system resources drop below a certain threshold. Antivirus software is loaded with excellent features. Automatically using a secure browser every time you Transact banking or shopping online. You don’t have to interact with BitDefender because you can put it on autopilot and let BitDefender mode that makes the decision. BitDefender aware each time you plug in a USB flash drive and flash drives will scan to check for threats. BitDefender Antivirus Plus also protects against a number of other online threats, including threats from social media, virus, spyware and phishing scams. This software protects you from every angle, protect you from threats on the internet, via email and Instant Messaging.

The best aspect of this software is an unparalleled level of security. Active Virus Control is a feature that can detect and destroy stealth threats using proactive steps to monitor all activities of the application. It continued to oversee the behavior of suspicious files. One small differences will not stop the file, but if enough malware-like action is detected, BitDefender Active Virus Control will immediately lock the file. BitDefender also monitor privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter and to block any links that may be harmful to your friends from the usual mutual exchange in social networking media. Anti-fraud filters to detect fraudulent website that might do a scam and will block you from posting a fake bank, fraud and escrow fraud career/job.

Avast is an antivirus program developed by Avast Software developer. Its availability is complete enough almost for all modern platforms, including the PC in Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Linux, Macintosh, Palm OS, or even the Android mobile platform. Developer Avast also announced that in June 2012, Avast already has 17.4% of the market share antivirus sellers around the world. Computer software has a surplus on its availability in a variety of operating system platforms and full security features. Features of the free version of this antivirus and anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and protection for files, email, the web, peer-to-peer network, scripts, and more. (Read also : Avast vs Kaspersky)

Some other advantages we will explain in detail the installation process, Avast is very easy and doesn’t take a long time. Good virus detection low up to high is also good. The higher the level of detection is selected, then more and more also a resource or system resources are used. Therefore, please select in accordance with the specifications of the computer being used. With the Boot Scan, Avast was able to do the scanning outside the system that is at the time the computer booted first, so it can freely remove and repair the infected file. Other features Auto IE Sandbox, Avast can execute a suspicious file. This feature will also send you a sample of the suspected file to the lab. Research for the then conducted further analysis, so that for the next update, this file can expressed as a virus or not. Avast features Audible alarm, a vocal warnings and notices such a threat has been detected or virus database has been updated. There is a Boot-time scan feature where users can schedule a boot-time scan to remove infections of the virus that contained Windows startup and the Avast Virus Chest or have called the process of quarantine folder to store files that are already infected. This feature also stores important system file to protect it from damage from malware.

- Lighter on Macs than PCs- Lighter on PCs than Macs
- Password manager, network security scanner, secure web browser, game mode, virtual keyboard, file shredder- Password manager, network security scanner, secure web browser, game mode
- There is no False Positives- There is 13 false positives

Bitdefender vs Avast
Both antivirus are fine. But, since some review show that Avast is so much better in boot time scan. The boot time option is perfect tool for scanning the whole computer without leaving a single trace of bugs, malware, trojan, and also avast can scan everything fastly and correctly and avast does’nt delete any file without your permission also avast doesn’t delete system file that cause corrupt windows.

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