Bugzilla vs Mantis

In General, bugs track is a software application that functioned bugs management on done by software programmer based on reports/issue that is accepted by the programmer. Many software applications that follow the path of a bug based on issues which are usually software-based open source, 2 of them is Mantis and Bugzilla vs. With different experiences, the two companies keep growing over time. But, which of the following is considered the best?

Bugzilla is a web-based tool that acts as a Web-based bugtracker first developed and used by the Mozilla project, and was under the Mozilla Public License. Released as opensource software by Netscape Communications in 1998, and has been adopted by a variety of organizations for use as a defects tracker based open source. Database systems now supported by bugzilla are MySQL and PostgreSQL. Bugzilla is usually installed on Linux and run with Apache HTTP Server, only Microsoft Internet Information Services or any web server that supports CGI. The process of installing Bugzilla is the command line which is a series of steps where the system requirements and the capabilities of the software checked traced problems and bug-bug. Bugzilla has several advantages such as each request gets number Bugzilla and will not be removed so that historically can always be tracked. Then all users can attach files such as excel and word files. Later, it also encompasses contains cc so that communication can be given via email to multiple users.

Take a look : Bugzilla vs Jira.

Mantis is an open source bug tracking system. Mantis bug tracking tool is the web-based bug tracking down but not only includes user systems where multiple users can interact and several projects can be tracked. Mantis bug issues tracking system written in PHP and is working on various databases including MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL. And every web browser will function as the client. The main features of Mantis include: Improving Scalability and performance, providing high security, easy to install, support 68 international language, as an advanced query tool can remember your searches, has supported email notifications and RSS feeds, and easy to integrate source control systems such as SVN and GIT. Based on the available icon highlight, here is the web page of the Mantis: http://www.mantisbt.org with the release of the GNU and 1.2.2 v2 licensed. Mantis also provides markdown support similar to other tools that developers use to like GitHub, Bitbucket, and others. Before bugs can be reported, there should be a project to report a bug in the framework of project management login to Mantis as an administrative user and then click on the Manage link. Obviously, all Mantis management handled from this page, so be sure anyone who has the key to this Kingdom knew what they were doing.

- First released: 2000- First released: 1998
- Web-based: yes- Web-based: yes
- Written in: PHP- Written in: Perl
- License: GNU General Public License- License: Mozilla Public License

Which bug tracking tool is better, Bugzilla vs Mantis? If you want to search for a big enterprises as well as some pretty huge open source project, Bugzilla is the suitable one for you. But, Mantis is designed with an old school-style but still widely used bug tracking tool.

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