CCleaner vs Glary

CCleaner and Glary are both great app to maintain your unwanted files to optimize your computer so it can perform faster. These apps are known for their dependable performance and many features. If you are interested on both of them and want to know which is more suitable for you, read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is CCleaner and Glary
– What CCleaner and Glary can offer to you
– CCleaner vs Glary

About CCleaner
CCleaner is utility program that is used to clean potentially unwanted files, such as temporary Internet files that is known where malicious programs and code tend to reside. CCleaner was initially named Crap Cleaner and developed by Piriform. This company is based in London, UK and its main activity is developing and optimizing software for Windows and Mac OS as well as Android. Other than the famous CCleaner, they also made another app including Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy.

CCleaner Pricing
CCleaner is available in free and professional version. The free version abilities is limited and you can’t have automatic clears history, guards against junk files, and priority support, but if you purchase the professional version for $24.95, you will get all those features plus the automatic update. Beside the paid professional version, CCleaner have other paid version, which is the CCleaner Professional Plus. This version is named plus because it added some new features not existing in Professional version. Those features are disk defragmentation, file recovery, and hardware inventory. The price you need to pay to get those additional features is also higher at $39.95.

CCleaner Features
CCleaner offer home use cleaner and cleaner intended for business including CCleaner Cloud, CCleaner Network, CCleaner Business, and CCleaner Technician. Among all of those products, the Cloud version has the most features compared to its peers. Those features including system optimization, clean multiple user profiles, staying up to date, remote management by web, optimizing multiple endpoints, defragmentation, audit report generation, remotely install software, hardware software info, and customizable email alerts.

CCleaner for home use is simpler compared to business version but still as powerful. CCleaner is able to speed up your computer when its start to get slower after used for a period of time caused by its collected files and settings that takes up hard drive space. Those files and settings can be deleted and cleaned up by CCleaner in no time. It also able to enhance safer browsing by deleting cookies that stays on your computer by advertisers and websites to track your behavior online. By deleting those cookies and your search history, any Internet browsing you do will stay as confidential.

To minimize Errors and Crashes, CCleaner with its patented registry cleaner will clear out the clutter contains errors and broken settings that often lead to crashes to make your PC more stable. Other important feature from this app is quickening your startup by letting you disable unneeded programs that silently run in your background to help you get to work or play faster. If you update your CCleaner to the paid version, the app will do automatic cleaning for you, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do regular cleaning anymore. The app also does automatic privacy protection by clearing your history and cookies while you are not using your browser, and does automatic updates for nest versions.

About Glary
Glary is a Tune-Up utility or system optimizer developed by Glarysoft Ltd. This company main activity is developing multimedia, system and network applications that address computer issues faced by users all around the world. Glary main product is the Glary Utilities that available for both Windows and Android devices users. Aside from its main product, they also offers many other free useful apps including Disk SpeedUp, Quick Search, Glary Undelete, Registry Repair, Absolute Uninstaller, Quick Startup, Security Process Explorer, Glary Disk Cleaner, Glary Disk Explorer, Glary Tracks Eraser, Glary Duplicate Cleaner.

Glary Pricing
Glary Utilities is available in two versions; the free app and the paid pro app. The free app can do basic optimization and if you want more advanced features, you can upgrade your app for the Pro version at $39.99 per year. Glary Utilities is currently only available for Windows computers start from XP to the newest 10. Glary Utilities Pro app offers their users disk cleanup, junk file removal tools, and registry repair, which is the standard for tune-up utilities or system optimizer. However, in the paid version you will get additional features, such as automatic software updates and the ability to schedule your tune-up times.

Glary Features
After you install Glary Utilities Pro app, you will begin by initiating a system scan to identify the problems in your PC; you can fix them one by one or all at once using the 1-Click Maintenance. This app also let you to remove unwanted software and junk files and just in case you accidentally erase something important, Glary Utilities Pro have restore feature to get them back. With the driver update, this app will search for new drivers when the old one is out of date. One of its most interesting feature is the ability to schedule the tune-up, so you can make the app handle the cleaning at your specified hours.

Other ability of Glary Utilities Pro is Startup Manager and File Shredder tools. Startup Manager will let you limit the software that run in your background as your PC boots to enhance the speed, while File Shredder will securely overwrites deleted files, so they will be very difficult to recover. When it comes to user interface, Glary Utilities Pro has an easy to understand interface contains many features that are easy to access with its blue and white color scheme, which is easy to the eyes.

Now, let’s compare both CCleaner and Glary apps. Both apps are great tools to clean up your disk and enhance your computer speed. Both of them also available in the free version and paid version that gives you to more advanced features. Their difference is how they called themselves, CCleaner is a cleaner app made to clean your computer, while Glary is a tune-up utility made to enhance your computer performance by maintaining the unwanted files and programs. Other difference is CCleaner can be used in both Windows and Mac OS, while Glarys only can be used in Windows computers.

CCleaner vs Glary

- Is more affordable than Glarys- Is pricier than CCleaner
- Can be used in both Windows and Mac OS- Windows only
- Offer both home-use and business versions- Doesn’t offer business version

All in all, the decision is all yours, bot app is worth trying, if you are not sure yet, you can try their free version first and see if they are living up to your expectation. In our opinion, Glary is better with its user friendly interface, easy to reach features, and the one click maintenance.

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