Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer

Looking for a remote access software is not easy since the option are lots out there and because each one of them also offer similar features, choosing one will require more efforts. In today Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer article, we are going to give you information about these two popular remote access tools regarding what they can offer to you and if there is any, how they are separated from each other. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Chrome Remote Desktop and Teamviewer
– Teamviewer Subscription Cost
– What Chrome Remote Desktop and Teamviewer can offer to you
– Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer

About Chrome Remote Desktop
The choice for remote access are abundant out there and one among those is Chrome Remote Desktop that is quite popular between people who use these type of tools. This one is completely free unlike those with more radiant name like Teamviewer that will need you to pay for subscription for commercial use. It is made by Google and running through an extension paired with Chrome web browser. With the tool, you can gain access to any Chrome running computer for full unattended access.

Chrome Remote Desktop can work in many platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux computers as well as Android and iOS users. No matter the platform, it will provide both spontaneous support and unattended access.

Chrome Remote Desktop Capabilities
Since the tool is free, you won’t get any advance features like in other paid service and it only covers what are essential to connect between computers. The best thing on Chrome Remote Desktop is how easy to install the tool and even those with minimum knowledge for the tool can do it with simple guidance. The availability in many platforms also being the tool good side because you don’t have to think whether it will work in your platform or not. It also support multiple monitors, can be used in full screen mode and works even when the user logged off.

After the tool capabilities, let’s talk about what’s lacking here. First, it doesn’t have built-in chat which is one of the most important feature in remote access tool for both sides exchanging information that are not available in the screen, providing guidance and for many other purpose. Second downside is you can’t send Ctrl+Alt+Del command through the tool which you will need when there is trouble in your client computer.

Third downside is even though it will allow you to view multiple remote monitors in your screen, you will find it hard navigating between them since all of them are cramped in your display. Unlike paid remote access out there that support printing remote files in local printer, unfortunately Chrome Remote Desktop is not. Another unfortunate thing is you won’t be able to copy files from or to other computers.

About Teamviewer
If you are browsing for a remote access, you will most likely also see Teamviewer because this one is among the most popular out there. Not only provide you with the features you will need in such tool this one also considered as an enterprise-capable remote access and shared-meeting app that you can use in many different platforms like Windows, MacOS, Android and even Chrome OS. You will also like how simple and good the interface is and definitely suitable for corporate use.

Teamviewer Pricing
The first thing you will like about Teamviewer is the free plan because the tool will let you use them without paying a single subscription fee and even though it is free, you can have it as long as you want with no fixed limit on machines number as well as users. The paid plan will start at $50 per month for one user and 3 local machines with no limitations on remote sides. Next level will start at $105 per month for 50 users while the most expensive will need you to pay $165 per month for 200 users.

Teamviewer Capabilities
Just like many other remote access software out there, you can use Teamviewer for either remote-control session or an online meeting. To add people into your computer, you may send an invitation that consist of download link for the app, so you will still need to guide them if they are new users about how to make connections. This process also require the ID and password those people will need to connect to you. Through the same menu, you can set up your machine for unattended access, so you can connect with another devices from elsewhere.

Another thing you will like about Teamviewer is its stylishly designed toolbar. Here you can access tools for more advanced users like System and Program Features, Device Manager, and command prompt. You will also find functions for making conference calls, opening chat windows, and sharing videos here. For remote computers, the screen enables display multiple display either one by one or together in a single screen. File transfer is also made easy by the dual pane file manager for transferring one or more files between local and remote computers.

Another more convenient file transfer feature is called File Box and this one will let you drop files into a small window to let them available in both computers. However, it is unfortunate that the tool don’t offer drag and drop like Logmein. If you are curious how the tools compared, go check our article on Teamviewer vs Logmein here. When the program running, you will find a small double-arrow icon in your bar and if you click them you can view the specific program during meeting.

Now, let’s compare Chrome Remote Desktop with Teamviewer. As you can see, there are so much lacking in Chrome Remote Desktop since the service they offer is free, so you also can’t ask much about it. All of the lacking in Chrome Remote Desktop are available in Teamviewer, so it is obviously the more powerful tool between them.

Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer

Chrome Remote DesktopTeamviewer
- Easier to setup and use- Not as easy to use as Chrome Remote Desktop
- Lack in many functions- Offer more capabilities
- Free- Offer free and paid subscription

All in all, the decision is all your to make. In our opinion, both of them are good depend on the user itself. If what you are doing won’t need any of those missing functions, choosing Chrome Remote Desktop is better since it is easier to setup and use but if you need a remote access with more complete capabilities, we will highly recommend you Teamviewer.

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