Clarity Money vs Ynab

Money management is one important thing in everybody’s life. Without a firm budgeting plan, you’ll waste your money for everything, not knowing how the money flows in your wallet. This could lead to a personal bankruptcy, which is a nightmare for sure. Noting the expenses and incomes within a period of time is a must thing to do.

Back in the old days, people used the traditional method of using a paper to record their spendings within a month, or hiring a personal financial consultant for their budgeting. But nowadays, you can work alone with the help from the financial apps that you can get easily from the reliable legal stores.

The thing is, there’s a bunch of applications to choose from. A lot of choices would make anyone confused. That’s why, today we’re gonna compare the two financial apps that can help you to sort your budget. There’s two of them, Clarity Money and Ynab (You Need a Budget). Let’s see, which one is the best from them right on below.

Clarity Money

The Clarity Money app comes as your trustable budgeting companion. It looks really simple and definitely not confusing for people in general. It offers a connector between your accounts. So if you happen to have some credit accounts, you can put all of them here. It works well as an integrator. Transfering funds from one to another? You can just simply do it right on the app.

Other than being a simplifier for all of your accounts, Clarity Money also serves as a organizator. The spendings that you recorded will be shown either via graphs, trends for daily spending, or pie charts. However, there’s a thing that should be noticed here. The categories are fix, and somehow they don’t allow users to create the new ones. So, you’ll be “forced” to put some items into the fixed categories like Shopping and Billing, even though the expenditure doesn’t have any relevance with them. This lack of customization makes the expenditures less detailed, and you need to dig deeper in order to actually know what the spending was.

Aside from that minus, what we love about the Clarity Money is the money saving feature. The Clarity Money team did well via serving the bill negotiations. They will negotiate to decrease or lower your bill rate. It’s really interesting, especially the app won’t cost you more for this feature. But, they take a half as their commission, which is fair. This feature alone can give a huge advantage for money saving, an actual money saving. The bills will cost less, without you pouring more money.

Sometimes people have some subscriptions, like the Netflix one for example. At a certain time, they will get bored and want to cancel the subscription. You can do that as well right on this app. Clarity Money will show you the subscriptions that you have now, and a simple singular button to cancel each of them.

Clarity Money wants to help you to be a better person at saving money, and it does well by giving the automatic serving feature. This feature allows the automatic transfer in FDIC insured bank accounts, With your finger, you can build a strong saving foundation.

The app itself is completely free to download, so you don’t need to bother thinking about the monthly or annual subscription. It does lack some budgeting basic features like the categories customization and also the detailed information about spending. But on the other hand, it is still a great app that can save you a lot of money by negotiating bills and automatic saving, which is really good to have. As a free budgeting app, Clarity Money still works the best.


Ynab or You Need a Budget was first founded by an idea that came to Jesse Mecham. Working as a CPA, his family happened to have a problem in finance. So they had an idea to create their own budgeting app that could help them through their struggles. They did, and they did well.

This budgeting application doesn’t only work for them, but also everybody. YNAB is also a big platform for the community to talk and share about financial and budgeting. It even has a forum and blog that filled with good and useful articles that published each day. The forum is a place where people look for an answer for their financial problems, and discussing it with others.

Ynab is not only a mobile app, but also accessible on the desktop. Simply log in and you’re good to go. As an app for monitoring your incomes and expenses, Ynab works really good. It can monitor your expenses, giving the signs in colors. Yellow means the category is in underfunded state, and Red means as a bad sign, giving you a signal of overspending.

Other than your personal expenses, it can also monitor your investment. Seeing how your investment like stocks, funds, or others doing at any moment you want it. It comes with some planning that is useful for people’s lives, like planning for retirement. Ynab can actually give you a recommendation during certain times, like overspending for example. You’ll be given an option, strategy  or recommendations regarding the issue.

However, the subscription of Ynab is about 6.99 dollars per month, which is really cheap compared to the features. They are also still growing to this day, more advancing with the Ynab 4.0 now. You can expect some things that are missed in the future.

Clarity Money vs Ynab

Clarity MoneyYnab
- No Budgeting Feature - YNAB is all about budgeting
- No Clarity For Variable Incomes and Expenses- YNAB continues to evolve
- Spending Categories Aren’t Customizable
- Category codes
- Clarity Money also makes it easy to cancel bills through their app- The Inspector


Well, as an actual budget planning application, we would choose Ynab or You Need a  Budget. It works really well as an actual digital financial planner, with more detailed expenditure information, color signals, and the professional recommendations when facing financial problems. It can help a lot to make a suitable budgeting plan, and will make sure that you do well with yours.

On the other hand, if you want to save more money and want to take the risk of losing the more advanced budgeting technology in Ynab, you can go for Clarity Money. The bills negotiation is really helpful for saving your funds, plus the subscription canceling and automatic saving are implemented well.

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