Datadog vs New Relic

Choosing the best APM is important since you need to monitor and manage the availability and performance of your software applications for all people who are using it. The benefit is now you can determine when the software applications behaving normally or not. In today Datadog vs New relic article, we are going to give you information about what these two product can offer to you, so you can decide which to choose. If you are interested in one/both of them, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Datadog and New Relic
– How much Datadog and New Relic service’s cost
– What Datadog and New Relic can offer to you
– Datadog vs New Relic

About Datadog
Has been around since 2011 makes Datadog one of the most well-known SaaS-based monitoring service for web applications. They continuously expanded and now they also offer infrastructure management and network monitoring capabilities together with web and mobile apps monitoring. To monitor 100s of different OSes, containers, web apps, cloud hosts and such the platform utilizes an agent-based architecture while the custom agents can also be written for custom uses. It show you information in a series of graph, rolling timelines, and charts for better monitoring.

Datadog Price
To use the company service, you will need to pay for $31 per host per month billed annually and they also offer an add-on for Trace Search and Analytics together that will need you to pay from $1.27 per million trace events per month. This add-on will let you drill down into your application data and search with tags easily. You can search traces by tags and correlate with logs and infrastructure metrics as well as perform high-cardinality analytics across application straight from your dashboard.

Datadog Features
Datadog APM offer you full observability for modern applications since it can monitors both your infrastructure and application performance to give you that visibility into each layer of your stack. The tool will drill down from a global overview to a single SQL query and connect your app performance or errors with infrastructure metrics and events. It also able to monitor both on premise and on cloud or hybrid applications in a single place.

In search and analytics, Datadog will tracks every request, so you can find traces that match a particular user, error code, endpoint or such quickly. You can query 10 slowest customers on an endpoint or find the customer you are looking for on ant database query. Latency is also reduced by its end-to end flame graphs. In the automatic instrumentation, it can traces request from many popular libraries or frameworks like get the instant visibility through integrations with web frameworks, for example like Django, Gin, Spring, and Ruby on Rails.

To let you know when something happen, Datadog use machine-learning-based Watchdog that will detect and show you any anomalies even when without setting the alerts one by one. To always let you know about what’s happening, the alerts can be set through tools like Slack or Pager Duty. You can even customize your dashboard with its drag and drops or via API programmatically. Since its agent is open source, you can do custom tracing with its built-in API.

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About New Relic
Another popular APM service provider in the market is New Relic. The company is one among the big players available today and it has clients across the world to monitor everything from their applications to their servers. It offer an insightful performance metrics from user applications while help them to notice trends in response time and error rates. What makes the platform different from the others is because they use Apdex score to measure user satisfaction to your applications’ response time.

New Relic Price
When it comes to pricing, the platform will base it on your instance size, how many of them and the total time running. For example, if you have one m1.small in AWS with 750 hours per month runtime, you will be billed around $41.67 per month. Depend on these points, you can try estimating the price yourself in New Relic site before making any subscription request.

New Relic Features
Besides APM, the company actually also offer other infrastructure management and network monitoring but the most popular is its Application Performance Monitoring. Its suite support 7 languages including PHP, Java, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, Python, and Go. To monitor an application, you will have to install an agent in one of these language like Python to monitor a Django application. Since its support common framework like Django, it also can automatically pick up transaction and measure their response times.

After you runs the agent, it can start picking up function information in your application, record any mistake/errors and then report them back to you through New Relic app interface. At the dashboard, you can see information like latency, throughput as well as Apdex score. You may also edit the visualization type if you prefer to see them as a histogram chart. You can even look deeper into your metrics like percentage of time spent on each transaction.

Another good feature in New Relic’s APM is its Service maps feature, which is used to show you all of the components of your architecture fit together. Even though simple Python application will not need many dependencies, it is very useful when used on an app with many moving parts. You may also navigate from the service map to any particular service’s dashboard, such as examining your SQLite metrics from your application to see how your database perform, broken down operation.

Now, let’s compare Datadog with New Relic. Even though both of them offer strong reporting capabilities and in a streamlined dashboard. Datadog is better in infrastructure monitoring and metrics or log while the other is better for monitoring applications. In ease of use, Datadog will require some command line scripting for Windows /Mac installs while the other is not. Another difference is the Apdex score in New Relic that may become useless until the user able to determine their sensible value.

Datadog vs New Relic

DatadogNew Relic
- Shines in infrastructure monitoring and metric logs- Shines at application monitoring
- Available in lesser devices- Available in more devices
- More affordable than New Relic- More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally powerful and you can’t get wrong with either of them. New Relic may requires more time for you to get used to especially with its Apdex, so in this article, we will recommend Datadog that is easier to understand.

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