Datadog vs Splunk

Looking for an infrastructure management and network monitoring is not easy because it is a combination of many complicated things bundled in a single software as service. Some of them are better than the other depend on what you are looking for. In today Datadog vs Splunk article, we are going to give you information about these two tool that you can use to see what’s happening in your infrastructure, so you can take decision quickly. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Datadog and Splunk
– How Much Datadog and Splunk service cost
– What Datadog and Splunk can offer to you
– Datadog vs Splunk

About Datadog
There are numerous similar services today provided by different companies and Datadog is one of the main player in the market. The company offers software as service that you can deploy with an agent, which can be installed in also many platforms together with its high-end set of features as well as the ability to customize through its application programming interface. The tool is suitable for smaller business with custom requirements. Another good thing about the product is you can connects it to a number of alert and teaming services.

Datadog Pricing
In pricing, what’s great about Datadog is it also offer free plan for those who just want to know how to use the service but of course with very limited capabilities. The paid subscription itself start at $15 per host per month that will provide you with an attractive dashboards, more than 250 integrations, and 15 months metric retention. The most expensive plan start at $23 per host per month with advance features and administrative controls like machine learning-based alerts and live processes. Read also: Datadog vs New Relic here.

Datadog Capabilities
To start using Datadog, you will need to install and configuring the software agent first and once it is installed and connects to your account, you can start monitoring. The tool agent manager will provide you with access to the configuration files for a number of targets, such as Microsoft IIS and SQL Server, Apache, Windows Service and others. You also have to set up each one of them depend on the service but mostly they simply need configuring connection and credential information.

When already running, it can monitor and give you alerts about several different source categories and each one of them also offer a different level of detail. It will incorporate log files, availability, performance metrics, configuration and change tracking as well as many others but, it is depend on what is being monitored. The company put another new management feature, which will give you a single panel of glass for monitoring all of your logs monitoring, so now you can jump from a log to line/trace/metric seamlessly.

As one of the more critical point of a monitoring tool, Datadog alerts is not disappointing with its ability to be configured on one device or a group of similar devices. It also can be activated based on thresholds like 5 failed login attempts in an hour or storage capacity reaching 80%. In analysis, you can build queries based on a number of criteria, such as the host, tag, status, or event priority than can be saved and easily access later.

About Splunk
Another similar service you can rely on is Splunk. The company offer so many services based on your platform and what you need. Their success is promoted by collecting and indexing IT environment data on a board scale just like what Splunk Enterprise do. We know that many Enterprise monitoring won’t be able to keep up with all those machine data in applications, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, networks and servers in real time but Splunk with its SPL is the solution to let you adjust, analyze, search and correlate data both in machines or cloud in real time.

Splunk Pricing
As for the pricing, the company put different rates depend on the service you want since they offer various different products set. For the Enterprise itself, they will bill you start at $225 per ingested GB per month and billed annually.

Splunk Capabilities
In monitoring, Splunk will do continuous monitoring of events, KPIs, and conditions to help you keep your operations running smoothly and since the searches is scheduled, all of your team members can create a real-time dashboards visualization to stay informed about what’s happening. They also claimed that you can even find some of more out-of-the box dashboard for monitoring common IT, security, and application environments in their app store.

Alerting is another important part of monitoring tool since you need to know if there is something wrong in your system or give you information about critical events and impeding conditions before they occur. Splunk have Custom Alert feature that will make it simple for you to automatically kickoff subsequent actions when alert is triggered. You will be able to set the alert depend on the varying degrees of granularity based on a variety of conditions.

Splunk Dashboards is able to integrate charts, views, reports and re-usable panels to display a comprehensive data story while you also can build and personalized your dashboard to display the most important information for different audiences. As for the visualizations, you may choose from a wide range of charts and other type of visualizations to give you data story, which is compelling and actionable. You can use intuitive charts and interactive visualizations, so you can make sense and understand better your complex data to identify problems easier and see opportunities as well as potential issues.

Now, let’s compare Datadog with Splunk. As you can see, these two companies equally offer you a powerful service and dependable performance. They can do monitoring in real time, give you alerts that can be customized as you want as well as customizable dashboard to view your information in an easier view, so you can make quick decision about problems, opportunities and other potential issues.

Datadog vs Splunk

- Start at $15 per month- Start at $225
- Billed per host- Billed per ingested GB
- Not as easy to deploy- Easier to deploy
- Very popular- Not as popular as Datadog

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are similarly good and you can’t get wrong with either of them, so the choice should base on your preference. both of them offer free trial and if you are not sure yet, you can try them first before deciding to subscribe for the paid version.

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