ExpressVPN vs PureVP

While we are browsing often encounter various problems from merely making ads kind of riled up even to such malicious malware, phishing, and scam. The only way free of that problem is by using a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. By using VPN internet connection then it will run safely. Generally used VPN to bypass (bypass) sites that are blocked by the Provider. The VPN also serves to protect our activities from the threat of data theft and such. The working principle of a VPN is forwarding or continue all our data traffic. It could be said of our private network VPN is, because that’s why VPN can open blocked sites. If you want to use a VPN to specific purposes, you guys can get it for free. Many websites that provide free VPN account as the VPN Book, Betternet, and still many more. On this occasion we will give you a little review about 2 best VPN providers named Express VPN and PureVP be into form of verses and there will be a conclusion at the end of the paragraph. Please take a note.

What is a ExpressVPN? Express VPN is a solid company in the field of virtual private network, is a surplus is good isn’t it? VPNS are used per user is very safe and so agile, with SSL-Secured network encryption 256.-bit bandwidth speeds, accompanied with an unlimited quota. ExpressVPN have server in 78 countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and various other countries, more than 145 locations throughout the world, thus there will always be a location near you to provide experience to better browsers, ExpressVPN in our opinion is one of the best android apps. The digital age has brought tremendous benefits, but don’t bring more value to us. Many Wi-Fi hotspot is completely open without encryption. This means all of your data can be viewed by someone who has an interest in less well against divide you through their device. However, when you use ExpressVPN, the result is your IP address now is not the same with the usual IP you use without VPN, thus your device will be more secure existence, besides no one can see your activities when browsers through their device. There is a proverb says, it is better to prevent than cure. There are many providers of VPN, but finding a reliable service and reliable can be a challenge. For your convenience, I have tested Express VPN.

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The benefits of Express VPN are Express VPN has money back guarantee within 30 days after the subscription on the first day. In addition to Android devices, the company provides its services in Windows, Linux, Mac, routers and iOS. And also, EXpressVPN did not record any of your surfing activity. It offers simultaneous connections up to 3 devices and the last benefits is the Setup is very easy. While using this application, it is clear to see that this application is indeed designed with comfort for the user. On the part of the widget home screen there is a useful quick connect button when you open the application, you do not need to make manual settings to connect, simply by opening the application only then ExpressVPN will soon be directly connected. Moreover this application is also equipped with a location feature (location), and make your site more recently can be connected easily to access.

Since 2006, PureVPN has been working to defend the freedom of the Internet and data loss due to censorship and stricture with helping to cut off those pesky little blocks and filters that keep you from your favorite programs. From its humble beginnings, PureVPN develop a stable hundreds server in 121 countries. PureVPN is a popular Hong Kong-based VPN service provider that supplies customers in 6 continents with more than 80,000 IP address which they can use to securely connect to the internet and access their favorite websites and online applications through the 500 + VPN servers worldwide. PureVPN dialer provides users with an easy to use application to connect and access all VPN servers with just one click of the mouse. The hotel also offers auto-detect feature that allows you to connect to the fastest server available in your location. Application PureVPN strategically designed, so that all the important functions that are required to connect to Your VPN service is available and easily accessible. PureVPN allows the user to 5 simultaneous devices connected to a VPN service.

This feature allows you to protect all your devices with only one PureVPN. PureVPN is dedicated to protecting your privacy while using the internet. It provides an easy to install applications that you can use for your device that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and other platforms. This application will allow you to connect to Your PureVPN service, so you can take advantage of the highly secured data encryption and complex protocols that you can use to protect you against cyber criminals, data thieves and Government oversight. PureVPN allows you to connect to the server + 450 worldwide. It also lets you choose from different protocol (L2TP IPSec, SSL-based VPN or PPTP) to meet your security needs. Protocol and encryption allows you to bypass restrictions and censorship are implemented in your area, so you can enjoy all the freedom that the internet can provide.

- 1 Month Plan (per month): $12.95 with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee- 1 Month Plan: $10.95
- 128 / 256 bit Encryption- 256 Bit Encryption
- Protocol : PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec- Protocol : OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2, L2TP/ IPSec, SSTP

ExpressVPN vs PureVP
Actually The PureVP has a lot of certain benefits in certain part especially in military and government while ExpressVPN seems like just for general user like many of us. The focus on each VPN are different so that if you do not want to have hard steps or system, better you choose ExpressVPN for your devices.

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