ExpressVpn vs Tunnelbear

In the modern area, we cannot be separated from the development of technology especially in the network field. Security problem especially for privacy part and security control become the tender for network hackers out there, even with the leaking of the information often times experienced by the user, even large companies such as Google, Facebook, NSA is often the target for hackers than his actions. In the face of the rampant cases of this happening now, then made a virtual network service system which has privacy access points so as to minimize crime cyber crime in the virtual world, the name of the service that is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), so it’s no wonder that this current VPN users multiplied and increasingly popular, even users who are already using many of the public her just to simply enjoy the public Wifi service to protect itself from hacker attacks. ExpressVpn and Tunelbear may be the best VPN among the world, instead of looking for the advantages on each VPN, we will also provide you the differences between ExpressVpn and Tunnealbear through the article of ExpressVpn vs Tunnealbear.

Express VPN is a solid company in the field of virtual private network and is one of the best advantages. This highly secure VPN and agile network with SSL-Secured 256-bit encryption, coupled with the speed and bandwidth quota unlimited per user. The VPN server has been home to more than 70 countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and various other countries, more than 145 locations throughout the world, thus there will always be a location near you to provide browsers with better experience. ExpressVpn also has an endorsement exceptional Android applications with a variety of features that are quite complete and provide consumer services during 24 hours in 7 days. With continuous speed is increased, as well as with a 30 day money back guarantee, you will not hesitate to choose this vpn service.

Another advantage of the ExpressVpn is when you use it, the results of the IP addresses that you will get will be different or not the same as the usual IP you use without VPN. This certainly makes the device you will be much safer because no one can see your activities explore something through their device. That’s not enough, on the home-screen widget there is a useful quick connect button when you open the application, and you do not need to make manual settings for your connection. All you need to do is just to open this application just eaten ExpressVpn will soon be connected directly. Moreover this application is also equipped with a location feature (location), and make your site more recently can be connected easily to access. Why you need to choose ExpressVpn as your personal VPN? Because ExpressVpn has a money back guarantee within 30 days after the subscription on the first day. In addition to Android devices, ExpressVpn also provides services on Windows, Linux, Mac, Router, and iOS. Then, the EXpressVPN did not record any of your surfing activity and offers simultaneous connections up to 3 devices and the set-up is very easy.

TunnelBear is a friendly VPN applications for your device that allows you to avoid the ban on certain web pages, so you can access the site that you want from all over the world. In addition, Tunnerlbear also has an interesting and simple UI that makes it easy for users to use and operate it. TunnelBear is divided into two options, the first one for your use free of charge while the second You could pay for this application. For free, You can only use 500 MB data only to enable VPN. To use it you just need to download the application on the official website TunnelBear. Some of the options offered by the TunnelBear State is United, the United Kingdom, Serika Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Italy. And the most special was knowing that this app already you can use for your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

How it works TunnelBear a VPN is easy and intuitive. All channels can be accessed on a map will appear and you can use one of these with the clicks. After the selected channel, the web site whatever you access will ‘ believe ‘ that you roam from the country you select. Why you should choose TunnelBear as your best VPN? One of the advantages of a VPN between the TunnelBear application that a type is a nice clean interface. You can see are where and what channels are being used, at any time and in an easy way. There is one more thing that makes the TunnelBear into the VPN was TunnelBear not only works perfectly, but also easy to use. With this application on your Android phone, there is no web page that You cannot visit.

- ExpressVPN works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Blackberry- TunnelBear is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS
- ExpressVPN provides superb customer support through live chat- TunnelBear has an excellent Help section, which features a convenient search box that can help you find answers to your questions
- ExpressVPN uses only shared/dynamic IP addresses as well- TunnelBear provides access to shared/dynamic IP addresses

ExpressVpn vs Tunnelbear
Firstly, we will do the comparison in terms of countries available although we know that this is not even a comparison because, It is not a fair one knowing that as TunnelBear has servers in about 1/5 the amount of the countries of Express at the time of writing this. One area that TunnelBear does come out ahead is in the number of simultaneous connections; TunnelBear allows for 5, whereas ExpressVPN allows for 3. In the area of payment options though, Express again comes out ahead, as TunnelBear only offers credit card or Bitcoin. ExpressVpn is known to be able to get through the Great Firewall of China quite successfully. The verdict on TunnelBear appears to still be out as there are reports that they can get through, but also reports that they cannot. We are happy to say that both offer kill switches.

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