Fluenz vs Rosetta Stone

Everybody who is ever tried to learn a language by theirselves from their own home can tell you how hard it can be. Although we know that there are some software have been making it easier for us since many years now. However, not all of them is well among the experts. There is no clear consensus among people about how best way to learn a language, with opinion differing wildly on the best method to use (based on who you speak to). There is basically two main schools of thought as to how the language software should train the mind. There is the immersive, which involving totally immersing the user into a language, and learning to navigate it by instinct alone. Then there is also the instructional which can give the user clear grammatical rules, context and direction in order to help them memorize it easily. Fluenz promises to do a little a both and so with Rosetta Stone. We will help you decide which language learning software is right for you based on your goals and preferences. Are you with Fluenz or Rosetta Stone? Check them out !

Fluenz is a program to learn foreign languages ​​7 that try to simulate 1/1 Les sessions. Fluenz has a slow method of guidance. However, if you spend enough time using Spanish Fluenz, for example, you will probably learn some useful Spanish. There are 7 languages ​​in Fluenz, Spanish-Latin America, Spanish-Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Portuguese. Fluenz’s founders think that subjects learn best when they work with good teachers. When building the course, Fluenz often refers to the point of view of the learner speaking English. It figures out the place where the language is struggling and then provides good guidance to help learners overcome these obstacles. Master introduces the topic, we listen to the dialogue, then the instructor will go through the dialogue almost word for word, making sure you understand all the construction, vocabulary, and conjugation. Fluenz French teaching methods are common sense for adults and adolescents who need that comparison between languages. You pay good money for a language program, you want to do more than learn on your own.

Coming on two DVD-ROMs and two audio CDs, you definitely feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. You need to keep the DVD drive when you use it though; There is no option to work from uploading content on your computer. While this can be a bit annoying, at least in this special package there are only four discs to think about, because shifts are needed for DVDs for storing information over CDs. Many users prefer Fluenz over other software programs because it makes them feel like they are taking actual classes with a teacher, but in their own time and home. The first choice award along with their excellent customer service available via phone, email, and live chat. If you contact them via email they try to respond within a few hours (24 hours max is their promise). With Fluenz you will learn grammar, writing, speaking, listening and reading for the desired language.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is world-renowned software for computer-based training (CBT) that can teach a new language. Many others imitate this approach, and why not, it works but it’s time – like for months. Of course, you can learn a short phrase, Como Estas? Or Yo quiero UN cafe, por favor in one hour, but learning to communicate with native speakers took many months. Rosetta Stone lessons include “core lessons”, vocabulary lessons, speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation and Review, as well as a milestone at the end of each Unit. The company mentions that you will not be able to memorize, but rather learn to use what you have learned in the everyday context.

Rosetta includes the language for the level you have and levels 1 and 2 will take you to intermediate level or near there. It is not just the most frequent word conversation but many other things and the same things say in different ways. However, there are many reviews out there that show this style of learning does not work for them. The biggest negative is that Rosetta Stone is very expensive. So you probably do not want to spend $100 – $500 on language learning software that you may not stick with. They offer a short demo through a free trial on their website every language if you want to test it out before committing. Although you have to pay a pretty penny for this software has a history of being successful.

FluenzRosetta Stone
- All packages are inclusive of ALL media platforms available- Offers an online only option with a subscription program
- Lessons will sync with the online site and mobile so you never lose your place- Learning through sensory association, words, pictures, speaking and listening
- Only 7 languages available- Only starts at a beginner level

Fluenz vs Rosetta Stone
The problem about Rosetta Stone is just how tedious and boring it is. There’s a lot of small issues that are very bothersome. For example, the voice recognition exercises will almost consistently fail to recognize what you are saying, not due to your pronunciation a lot of the time, but because of the sensitivity of your microphone and the abilities of the software. After you fail a certain exercise multiple times because of a software issue, you start getting annoyed. Rosetta Stone seems to be more interested in loading you with a lot of random vocabulary, rather than structure your learning. Fluenz, there is still a huge more to learn, but the good thing about it is that the exercise structure is really comprehensive, and the new vocabulary you learn really ‘sticks’ into your mind, because you practice it again and again through multiple methods – translation from one language to another and vice versa. Unfortunately, The product was never spell checked and contains numerous, minor typographical errors. It is a shame really. And the company just does not get it

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