FreshDirect vs Amazon Fresh

FreshDirect vs Amazon Fresh are two competing services that both offer online grocery shopping and grocery delivery. FreshDirect has been operating since 2002 to deliver fresh products from local farms to households. On the other hand, Amazon Fresh is a relatively new contender in the competition, but it does offer very competitive prices and an extensive collection of various products. So, which one is better? See the comparisons below to find out!

Ease of Use
Let’s start by comparing the ease of use of FreshDirect vs Amazon Fresh. FreshDirect is incredibly easy and convenient to use because of several reasons. First of all, it does not charge any membership or subscription fee, so you can easily create an account without worrying about any additional expense just for having the account. Furthermore, the website is very intuitive and easy to navigate.

The search bar is smart and helpful. When you type in the name of a product incorrectly, FreshDirect is smart enough to suggest the right product that you want quite often. The mobile app is also as easy to use, you can place items into the basket and do the checkout without much of an issue. See also our previous post about FreshDirect vs Instacart here!

Make no mistake; Amazon Fresh also has a good interface. Unfortunately, it is not as convenient as FreshDirect. The website is not as intuitive, as many things are a little all over the place. You also need to spend a little more time to really look for things. Not to mention that you need to have an Amazon Prime membership AND pay an additional subscription fee every month in order to use the service.

Amazon Fresh’s mobile app has been discontinued. Now, you can order through a mobile device by using the regular Amazon mobile app. Here, you really need to know exactly what you want, as you can’t browse for grocery items easily.

Product Range and Quality
When choosing between FreshDirect vs Amazon Fresh, you may need to consider what kinds of items that you buy most frequently. Compared to the competitor here, FreshDirect’s product range is more limited. FreshDirect is more focused on local produce, fruits, vegetables, meals, and meal kits. FreshDirect does have its own kitchen, which is why it is possible for them to make stir-fry kits, bakery goods, prepped deli salads, and Thanksgiving dinner feast kits.

However, the quality of the items is excellent. FreshDirect really manages their items properly. In the rare occasion that you receive damaged or rotten items, all you need to do is call up the customer service and they will give you a credit or refund with an apology.

On the other hand, Amazon Fresh does not have their own kitchen, so you can’t find cooked or prepared meals here. Other than that, Amazon Fresh does have a wide range of products. They have various packaged items, and they do work with other companies to serve more brands and varieties. Unfortunately, the item quality is not consistently good; fruits and vegetables are sometimes rotten or damaged. You can easily call or email a complaint about the problem to get a credit or refund.

Product Prices
In general, the prices on FreshDirect are more expensive. This is partially because the service does not charge any membership or subscription fee. If you don’t shop for groceries very frequently, though, such approach is probably more cost-efficient. Then again, FreshDirect does have many promotions, discounts, and coupons from time to time. You can take advantage of these features to lower your expense.

On the other hand, the prices of Amazon Fresh are indeed cheaper. If you mostly shop for packaged items, which have lower risks of getting damaged, you may save more money with Amazon Fresh. In addition, there are also sales and discounts. However, don’t forget that Amazon Fresh requires you to have an Amazon Prime membership and pay an additional monthly fee. Still, if you are already an Amazon Prime member, this is an interesting bargain.

FreshDirect has an excellent delivery service. You can have your order delivered within one of the timeslots available in the next day. Most of the time, the delivery is on time. Even if you receive a late delivery, you can call the customer service and get a refund. You can choose to pay the delivery fee per order ($6.99 per delivery) or buy the DeliveryPass ($79 for six months / $129 for one year), which gives unlimited delivery.

With Amazon Fresh, you can ask for a next-day delivery if your order is placed before the cut-off time. Furthermore, you can choose in hourly slots for attended delivery or three-hour slots for doorstep delivery. The attended delivery requires you to be present to receive the order, whereas the doorstep delivery simply puts the order at your door.

For orders under $40, Amazon Fresh charges $9.99 per delivery. Meanwhile, for orders above $40, the delivery is free. Unfortunately, Amazon Fresh’s delivery is not always on time. Because of this reason, you may want to choose an early morning timeslot so that you will still be at home when the delivery arrives late.

Customer Service
Finally, how about the customer service of FreshDirect vs Amazon Fresh? The customer service of FreshDirect is consistently very good. Whenever you have an issue, you can call them and get a satisfying result. They always apologize sincerely in the case of damaged, delayed, or missing order.

Amazon Fresh also has an excellent customer service. They have good all-around channels. The email support is especially very convenient, as you can get quick responses for your issues.

FreshDirectAmazon Fresh
- Easier and more convenient to use- Somewhat more cluttered and not straightforward interface
- More limited items, but there are good-quality fresh foods and prepped meals- A much wider range of packaged items, somehow unreliable for fresh items
- More expensive product prices- Cheaper product prices
- No membership fee- Requires Amazon Prime membership and a monthly fee
- $6.99 fee per delivery or buy the DeliveryPass ($79 for six months / $129 for one year)- $9.99 delivery fee for an order under $40, free if higher than $40

If you are already an Amazon Prime member and you buy mostly packaged items, Amazon Fresh makes a good choice where you can save more money. The prices are cheaper, and the delivery is free if your order is higher than $40. However, Amazon Fresh is not a good choice for fresh items. On the other hand, FreshDirect makes an excellent solution for fresh items and prepped meals. FreshDirect is also great if you don’t want to pay a membership/subscription fee.

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