Getaround vs Turo

Both Getaround and Turo are online car sharing services that you can use whenever you need to rent a vehicle or if you want to make some money by renting out your currently unused automobile. Both are quite popular right now, so you are probably wondering how the two differ from each other. Is it better to use Getaround or Turo? Below, we are going to see the comparisons between Getaround vs Turo to help you decide which one that you need.

The first difference between Getaround vs Turo that you need to know is their availability. Make sure that the service that you choose is actually available in the location that you are going to visit. So far, Getaround is only available in San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, and Portland. If you are not in one of those locations, Getaround is not an option.

On the other hand, Turo is available nationwide across the United States. Additionally, its service is also available in Canada and the United Kingdom. Because of the wider availability, Turo seems to have a larger user base.

Rental Duration
Getaround and Turo seem to target different users, as they have different rental durations. One one hand, Getaround allows car owners to set specific minimum rental periods, which can be as short as one hour. Getaround focuses more on hourly and short duration trips in local areas – thus, being available only in high-density cities actually makes sense.

Meanwhile, Turo simply rents in 24-hour increments. In other words, if you fail to return the car before the deadline, you will have to pay for another full day. This service is aimed more at people who need to make longer duration trips or cover more ground.

Key Exchange
The next notable difference between Getaround and Turo is how they allow key exchange between the owner and the renter. Getaround requires the car owners to put on stickers and install special hardware in their cars, in order to make their cars easily identifiable as rentals and enable the renters to gain keyless entry by just using their smartphones. That is certainly very convenient, as the owners and renters don’t need to meet face to face. Usually, the renter has to come to the location of the car.

On the other hand, Turo still requires the owners and renters to meet for the key exchange. Turo also allows vehicle delivery for the renters in some cities. If you prefer to meet the other person to build trust, this is good. But this can be a blocker when you are out of the town or when you are just very busy with your work.

- Only available in San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, and Portland- Available across the US, Canada, the UK
- Mostly hourly rental duration- Daily rental duration
- Allows keyless vehicle access using special hardware and the renter’s smartphone- Face-to-face key exchange

Getaround and Turo are different car sharing services. Getaround is the way to go if you need to rent on an hourly basis or if you prefer the keyless vehicle access method. Meanwhile, Turo should be your choice if you prefer to rent on a daily basis (with 24-hour rent duration increments) or if you prefer to meet face to face for key exchange.

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