GitHub vs Bitbucket

VCS or abbreviation from the Version Control System is a set of media files or versions of a project or application that you guys make. A place to store those files on the VCS also called repositories. VCS is widely used for both web developers, as well as android in order to manage or organize their files and records all changes that occur so as to save time. There are many online VCS out there, for example on GitHub and Bitbucket. GitHub and Bitbucket are two of the largest web-based hosting services for source code and development projects. Unfortunately, they both don’t support the popular SVN version-control system (VCS). And they take different approaches to private vs. public repositories. Although it has the same function turns on Github and Bitbucket also has some differences. After you guys working on the task of creating the repository on Github and Bitbucket, you will definitely find some differences just like we write on the article this time. Let’s dig into them a bit more.

GitHub is a web hosting service to the software development projects using the Git version control system and internet hosting services. This provides access control and some collaboration features such as tracking bugs, feature requests, task management, and a wiki for each project. Development platform of GitHub started on October 1, 2007. This site was launched in April 2008 by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, and a user must create an account in order to give their contribution to the site, but a public repository can be traced and downloaded by everyone. With a registered user account, the user can discuss, manage, create a repository, the repository sends a contribution to others, and review the changes to the code. GitHub also combines elements from the social network into his system. For hosting Git and GitHub, collaboration tools are the most popular website in cyberspace. Companies like Facebook and Google just using GitHub. For individuals, the names such as Linus Torvalds, John Resig (JQuery-maker), DHH (makers of the Rails) ever had an account at GitHub.

Some features of Social on GitHub: GitHub user profile. Follow, we can follow the profile of other programmers on GitHub. Star, has the same functions with bookmarks. Watch, monitor a particular repository. Any changes in the Repo, then we will post a notification. Fork, copy the entire code repository to our own repo. Just like Twitter, Github also has a profile. Profile contains photos, number of repo, the number of follower, the number of users that we follow and Star (the number of projects we give the asterisk). Github has more than 10 million software repo. There is one more feature of github is a pretty useful feature was named gist. Gist is a service share snippets from github. Usually only a short piece of code to solve a specific programming language solution. For example, you want to know how to display the date in php, you just go to then input the query “php date”.

Bitbucket is a web-based hosting service that is owned by Atlassian, used for source code and development projects that use either Mercurial (since launch) or Git (since October 2011[2]) revision control systems and Bitbucket is written in Python using the Django web framework. Bitbucket offers both commercial plans and free accounts. It offers free accounts with an unlimited number of private repositories (which can have up to five users in the case of free accounts) as of September 2010. Bitbucket integrates with other Atlassian software like JIRA Software, HipChat, Confluence and Bamboo. Attractive packages offered on Bitbucket is the repository of public and privat with unlimited space. The only limitation is the maximum usage by 5 user repository for each project. Public repo is a repository that can be seen and accessed by anyone, whereas private repo is a repository that can be accessed only by the owner of the repo team. If you don’t have an account, please list Bitbucket beforehand.

Bitbucket application providing git-client to simplify the management of code from your computer to the server, IE the SourceTree. SoureTree is used for mensingkronasikan with a bitbucket account. Git revision control software is or projects management code. Why Git is important for a team of developers? By using Git, each person in a team can make changes at source-code without fear of clashing occurs or the difficulty in combining the results of the changes they did. By using Git, any changes to source-code will detected message changes, what changed, who changed it and when it’s time. The basic commands of Git is the most frequently used and must we tackle IE: init git, git, git add status, git commit, git pull/push, git checkout, diff, git merge git, git and git remote reset.

- Made for a team that will make the project up with lots of people- Made for certain user/people
- Public Access not private- Private access
- No unlimited plan- Free only for 5 first users

GitHub vs Bitbucket
So, what should you choose ? Well, that all depends upon you, of course, but the things that you must consider is both. For example, if you want to go for a free plan, but you are not sure which site to use or if you sign up for GitHub then import your GitHub account in Bitbucket, you are absolutely good to go! For all your public/open source/social stuff, you may use GitHub. While for your private repos that only few people will see it, it is better for you to use Bitbucket. And again, If you are going to have a paid plan, that also really depends upon all of your budget and needs. You should then consider looking into organization and enterprise plans very well. We know that this is a more difficult choice. In the end, you will realize it is what is best for you.

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