GotPrint vs Vistaprint

Printing is probably one of the most prosperous businesses today because of its various purposes in which one of them is to advertise other products or skills of a company and individual. There are lots of services offered to print whatever you want like business cards or flyers and two of the most popular companies today are GotPrint vs Vistaprint. They are very reliable and we do love their fast shipping but if you are considering the two, see if one will be a better choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose Printing Service
– What are GotPrint and Vistaprint
– Are GotPrint and Vistaprint Expensive
– Are GotPrint and Vistaprint Easy to Use
– Do GotPrint and Vistaprint have Good Design
– How are the Shipping Option of GotPrint and Vistaprint
– GotPrint Vs Vistaprint

Online Printing Service

No matter if you are a student or an entrepreneur and employee of a company, there are times when we need to introduce something to other people, a wide audience whether it is about yourself like with a business card or an event that is currently being prepared happening in your area. Marketing skills and events are necessary so other people will recognize and be interested in what’s happening but the problem is how we will do the campaign.

One of the best methods to introduce people to new information is by visual campaign or something that can be seen directly and this is where printing services is playing an important role when it comes to promoting something. Printing business has been a very interesting and prosperous idea to try but not all of them are worth the price, considering there are lots of them and the more the option, the wider the gap between what’s reliable and what’s not.

Chances people will prefer to use well-known names because we don’t have much time to look for each one of the possible great choices and this may hinder you from getting the best options out there. This is why we have to choose based on what we need or what we want from them since not all companies are going to offer the same exact capability or services. Before shopping, check if your choice is reliable or not by:
1. See if the company is capable to cater to your individual or business requirements which is unique to each client. For example if they are capable to fulfill a certain quantity, a type of paper you want, or even a turnaround time when we need the product to arrive.
2. Next is the quality and this is actually very hard to decide because it mostly hand in hand with price but before you decide which company to get the print from, it is better to see how the previous clients are satisfied with their results, such as whether the images are clean enough or whether the texts are smudged or not.
3. The last but definitely not least is their price point because everything is about competitive pricing nowadays and all of us want the cheapest one if possible but also still good enough for the budget. Companies may also play a variant of shipping cost here to pull some more from their clients so make sure not to spend too much just to get the product arrive faster.

About GotPrint and Vistaprint

If you already considering the options, now is the time to see how many good companies that offer printing services out there because there are probably tons of them both that offers for locals and international clients. For those who don’t have much time to check the popular companies one by one, it is better to stick with those we know already have good reputation because despite the chance they may not be the best option, it cut the risk of using the unreliable ones.

Talking about printing services, many of them are either famous for being the older player in the industry or new but challenging and it is ideally described two of the most well-known printing companies today, GotPrint and Vistaprint. We are sure most people are familiar with these companies because they are like the leading brands in the market and when it comes to quality, most of their clients are satisfied with what has been delivered to their doors whether it is a business card or a pack of pamphlet.

Both of them are very similar to each other when it comes to capabilities because they will let clients upload the design or use the available images in which already available in both of their sites then place the order. Of course there will be options to edit and choose further personalization but we will talk about it later and among all of their qualities, what impressed us the most is their shipping performance because they are arriving even faster than what we have been planning before yet, it probably depends on where you live as well.

Another benefit of using this type of service is that we don’t have to get out of the house and drive to the business establishment just to deliver our design and ask it to be printed because now everything is about convenient and this is our main reason for using their services. Depending on each company, service level may differ widely but GotPrint and Vistaprint are still a very good choice to consider when you need to print something and want to get them as fast as possible.

GotPrint and Vistaprint Price

As it has been mentioned above, one of the most important points to consider when choosing a printing service is their price range and none of these companies are going to put a higher price but, Vistaprint is known to upsell other products when you check out from their site so make sure to only get what you need and finish the order. The price point will be different depending on material, finish, and how you want the corner to be either it is pointy or standard or rounded which is more expensive.

We tried the GotPrint business card product with a standard specification including glossy paper in the amount of 100 and the price before shipping is $7.63 while Vistaprint with the same amount and using the design provided by the company is showing $15 for the standard corner and glossy finish. When you check out with Vistaprint, there will be few pages offering other products and in our opinion this is a bit inconvenient but we can just click next to finalize the order.

GotPrint and Vistaprint Ease of Use

Moving forward, let’s see how easy their site to use because user experience is important and comparing the two, they are similarly easy to use because all of the navigations are presented in a neat bar, in a good proportion so we don’t think even new users will be confused when entering their design or making one. The editing software provided are also good and personalize your card effectively yet, Vistaprint do more by offering color options for every design.

Once you finish with the card we can move to the next stage in which we are going to be presented with their preview and it is nice to give you a peek into how the product should look like. What we are not very fond of Vistaprint is how they put a few pages to advertise other products when you check out that we don’t experience with GotPrint. Read also: Spreadshirt Vs Printful.

GotPrint and Vistaprint Design Collection

Designing may not everyone’s virtue which is why you may want to use the tool available in their site but they are easy to use so we don’t have complaints about them and what we want to mention here is actually the design choices itself because GotPrint may want to update their collection because there are many people finding their options to be “cheesy” and unattractive. Vistaprint is not amazingly unique but we find their collection to be more professional and neat.

GotPrint and Vistaprint Shipping Option

Next is their shipping options and both of them have different shipping choices for easy order or those who need their product to be arrived as quick as possible but, pay attention to the price level because the formerly $7.63 GotPrint will rise up to $10.30 when you need them to arrive in 2 business days. On the other hand, Vistaprint have 3 choices to offer and the fastest is within 3 business days but it will add another $19.99 to your order.

The standard shipping is going to add $6.99 to your order while the cheapest option or said to be arrived in 8 business days is adding $4.99. What’s surprising about this fast shipping cost is they actually already fast enough even though we choose the cheapest option so if you are not in a very tight schedule, choosing the lowest option is actually a better way to save money.


GotPrint and Vistaprint are a good choice for your printing needs and they are trusted with various items you want them to produce but in comparison, we prefer the ease of us of Vistaprint website especially their designer tools and we definitely like their design collection better because they look professional but, in terms of price, Vistaprint is also more expensive than GotPrint while the speed printing or shipping is the same for both companies.

GotPrint vs Vistaprint

- More affordable - Pricey
- Unattractive design - Lots of good design
- Faster shipping option - More shipping option
- More paper option - Standard paper option


All in all there is no bad choice because all we need is adjusting the preference but if you already got the design, GotPrint will be the more affordable option while if you need to make one, Vistaprint is a better service to try.

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