Hubspot vs Marketo

Hubspot and Marketo are rivals in the marketing automation market along with so many other tools out there. These tools offer similar capabilities yet also have some differences. If you plan on using MA software, you may want to check our article below to get more information regarding both of them.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Hubspot and Marketo
– What Hubspot and Marketo can offer to you
– Hubspot vs Marketo

About Hubspot
Hubspot is a tool you can use for inbound marketing and sales. This tool is designed and offered to people who worked around sales and marketing department to help them gaining more deals as well as improving the productivity. The company offers you several products that work best when combined together but they are also powerful on their own. In this article today we are going to pick the Marketing Hub, which is used to run your inbound marketing campaigns with automation.

Hubspot Features
The ability and features you can get from the tool is depending on the level of your subscription the higher it is the more features you can use. With Hubspot, you don’t have to write any single code to design your own responsive website. You will be able to choose from thousands of customizable templates to attract more prospects. Without the help of web developer, launch your landing pages in more efficient time with Hubspot collection of built in templates that are proven to convert.

To help you close more deals, every people who subscribe for your email will be sent with follow up emails to encourage them take further steps. To keep an eye on what your customer talking about your products, Hubspot social monitoring tool will get you an insight of what is happening. You can upsell and encourage your happiest customer or help unsatisfied customers and turning the situation by providing the content and help they need. For similar software, check our article on Hubspot vs Salesforce here.

About Marketo
Marketo is a company that provides their users with various products that focused on marketing process. You can choose between several tools that you need the most including Lead Management, Email Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Customer Base Marketing, and Mobile Marketing. You can use them separately or combined together in an integrated platform. They also offered solutions for several business types, such as Finance, Healthcare, and Technology. The pricing is based on the scale in 4 levels start from Basic, Pro, Elite, and Enterprise.

Marketo Features
For features example of Marketo, we are focusing on the Customer Base marketing. With the tool, you can use your customer data to identify more opportunities to increase your sales. Create a list based on some criteria important to your business and engage the right people based on their buying stage, title and many more. To attract the right customer, you can drive quality traffic to your website with Marketo SEO tool.

With Marketo Marketing Analytics application, now you don’t have to spend hours crunching numbers. You can see which program bring the highest ROI, see which program and marketing campaign that affect deals the most, monitor each stage of revenue cycle. You will also be able to see which leads is the most promising for sales with the Best Bets page.

Now, let’s compare Hubspot with Marketo. From the ease of use, Hubspot is more friendly even for those with less IT knowledge while Marketo is not as easy and you will need an MA specialist to fully operates it. From CRM integration Hubspot have their built in CRM while Marketo doesn’t. However, Marketo was built using Salesforce platform, so you can expect some best features of Salesforce here. From analytics, Marketo is better for it provide deeper and more strategic visibility.

Hubspot vs Marketo

- More affordable- More expensive
- Easier to use- Not as easy to use
- Offer built in CRM- Offer Salesforce integration
- Not as powerful as Marketo in providing insight- Better at providing insight than Hubspot

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is best to base your decision on your or your company’s needs and ability to afford the tools. From the price, Hubspot is more affordable than Marketo, so for smaller businesses, we think it is better to start from Hubspot. But if you have bigger company or needs more powerful analytical tool, Marketo will be a great choice.

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