Hubspot vs Pardot

Hubspot and Pardot are two vendors that now dominating the marketing automation industry. Both tools offer seamless workflow creation, organic integration with CRM, and the ability to connect workflow into social media marketing functions. To help you choose between both, go check our article below to know them better.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Hubspot and Pardot
– What Hubspot and Pardot can offer to you
– Hubspot vs Pardot

About Hubspot
Hubspot is a marketing and inbound sales software you can use to increase your sales as well as help you manage your customers. The company offer you several products you can use which all integrated with their free CRM. You can choose one of them or integrate them into one more powerful tool to help you manage every aspect of your marketing process. The one that being the focus in this article this time is the Marketing Hub for inbound marketing and marketing campaigns at scale with automation.

Hubspot Features
You can use this tool for free if you want but the capabilities will be limited. If you need it works with its full capabilities, you can choose between four subscription levels and the higher you choose the more features you get. With Hubspot content strategy tool you can maximize people search for the topics you provided. Without writing any single code or IT knowledge, design your interactive web by choosing from Hubspot thousands templates with ease. Check other similar tools on Hubspot vs Marketo here.

To help you converts as many visitors into qualified leads, you can launch your landing pages from the built in templates without the help of web developer. Close more deals by giving each lead personal attention because with Hubspot you can automatically send your leads with follow up relevant email campaigns to encourage them taking the next steps. Pay more attention to your customer by monitoring what they say on social media about your products, so you can make more sales from happy customer and help unsatisfied customer to turn the situation around.

About Pardot
Pardot is a product of Salesforce that is used for business to business marketing automation. For those who are not yet familiar with the term, B2B is the term used by companies to sell their products or services to be used by other businesses. They offer you marketing automation that cover all aspects in B2B marketing but if you want to enhance the power, you may use it together with B2B Marketing analytics and Salesforce.

Pardot Features
Pardot pricing is depend on what level of subscription between Standard, Pro and Ultimate. This levels also decide the tool’s capabilities on marketing automation. One of the best thing in Pardot is you can visualize your leads with a drop down branching with limitless branching options. Within this builder, you will create the best design to deliver the exact experience you want for your customer.

To help you managing your lead, Pardot will adapt to your audience and automatically send emails based on triggers, such as time, interactions or other parameters you want. With minimum knowledge on IT, create your own landing page from Pardot customize templates with ease. To help you track campaign performance and get the insight of all your data. You will be able to analyze campaign success by channel and initiative as well as relate your marketing to the sales data.

Now, let’s compare Hubspot with Pardot. From the user interface and campaign creation, Pardot offers slightly more user friendly palette than Hubspot. From the emailing, creating emails in Hubspot is easy and they also provide more than 2000 templates and WYSIWYG editor, which is far better than in Pardot that only offer few templates. From the price, both products are very expensive but Hubspot is slightly more affordable and still comes with powerful features.

Hubspot vs Pardot

- More affordable than Pardot- Slightly more expensive than Hubspot
- Slightly below in UI user friendliness- Better UI and more user friendly
- Offer more and better email palettes and editor- Have fewer email palettes and not as good builder

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, these tools are equally powerful and share many capabilities. However, taking the price into consideration we will recommend you Hubspot that comes with slightly more affordable price.

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