Hubspot vs Salesforce

Marketing process is important since this is where your company revenue comes from. To enhance the performance of your sales, you can use some lead management and CRM tool available in the market like Hubspot and Salesforce. Before choosing which to choose, go check our article below for some information.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Hubspot and Salesforce
– How many you should pay to get their features
– What Hubspot and Salesforce can offer to you
– Hubspot vs Salesforce

About Hubspot
Hubspot is software you can use for inbound marketing and sales. The company offers various services through the software that mainly focused on sales or activities in marketing department. They divided their services into 4 types including CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Services. You can choose which one you or your company need or use all of them if you want more powerful tool. In this article we are only focusing on one of them, which is the Sales Hub.

Hubspot Pricing
One great thing about Hubspot Sales Hub is it is free. This free version is for those individual salespersons to help increase the productivity and close more deals. But of course the features will be limited for only one user with basic features. The paid versions are kept simple with only two levels namely Starter and Professional. Starter starts at $50 per month for one user and included more feature than free version.

Professional starts at $400 per month for 5 users and included all features available. However, if you add more customization, you will so charged more depend on what you use.

Hubspot Features
With Hubspot, you will be able to discover leads without even asking for it can see who visit your website in real time and how often they go there as well as what pages they too interest the most. You also will save much more time since every email you open and clicks get logged automatically into contacts. To help you and your leads land a meeting without the need of email by letting your leads picks a schedule that works for both of you.

When you use it together with the CRM, you will get the ability to track deals whether they are won, lost or in progress to get information about who is your best performers.

About Salesforce
Salesforce is Software as Service you can use to enhance the productivity of your salespersons as well as inbound marketing. The company offers many products but mainly focused on marketing or consumer related activities. You may choose based on your need or what kind of business are you in since they also offer finance and health related products. In this article we are focusing on the Sales product that work as sales force automation and CRM.

Salesforce Pricing
Before you choose to use the Salesforce in its paid version, you can try it first for free with its 30 days trial period. But if you decide to use the premium versions, you can choose between 4 levels of subscription including Lightning Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. The most affordable is Essentials for $29.45 per user per month up to 5 users while the most expensive is Unlimited for $353.42 per user per month billed annually. For similar tool, check our article on Pipedrive vs Salesforce here.

Salesforce Features
With Salesforce, you can get a full picture of your every customer from social insights to the deals they are involved in. You will know what your customers are saying about your product from social media since the software will pull all the data you need. To understand what’s going on better, Salesforce offer real time Dashboards and detailed reports that can be created by anyone while you can view it from anywhere.

Now, let’s compare Hubspot with Salesforce. From the dashboards, Hubspot is cleaner and simpler while Salesforce Dashboards is full of information. From the Emailing sequences, Hubspot is better with its ability to send automated follow-up series. From the book meeting features, Hubspot is better with its interesting and easy to use design. In Reporting, Salesforce is better for its complete in depth report while in Hubspot you have to use an add-on that will be added into your bill.

Hubspot vs Salesforce

- Offer free version- Offer free trial
- Paid version start at $50- Paid version start at $29.45
- Simpler user Dashboard- Information packed Dashboard
- Have email sequences feature- In depth reports

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Both of them are great options and you may choose which to use base on your needs since both are as powerful. However, if simplicity is what you are looking for, in our opinion HubSpot will be a great option but if in depth report is what you are looking for, choosing Salesforce will be a great idea.

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