Mindnode vs Scapple

There are several brainstorming app available in the market and the most famous of them all is Minnode. Aside from Minnode, there is Scapple, which is gaining popularity for its user friendliness. If you are curious about their difference, go ahead and read our below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Minnode and Scapple
– What Minnode and Scapple can offer to you
– How to make mind map using Minnode and Scapple
– Mindnode vs Scapple

About Minnode
Mindnode is popular app used for brainstorming to make mind mapping. This app is created by IdeasOnCanvas, which is an independent software company, originated in Vienna, Austria. This company was founded by Markus Muller-Simhofer back then in 2008. IdeasOnCanvas is focused on developing software for the iOS and Mac Platform and Mindnode is this company’s flagship product.

Minnode Benefit
Mindnode claims the product as an intuitive approach to brainstorming and organization, so you can just put your unlimited ideas in the app and it will do the organizing for you. Aside from that the main benefit from using Mindnode is you don’t have to spend much time drawing and writing your ideas in thick notes or wide whiteboard and you can even carry and edit your ideas anywhere you like. The app is available at $9.99 in iOS and $14.99 on macOS. Mindnode has reach its 5 edition now, which has been released in the second half of 2017. Unfortunately, Mindnode only available for macOS and iOS even until now. The latest version of Mindnode is the Mindnode 5 and in this article we are also going to talk about it later on.

How to Use Mindnode
Mindnode is very easy to use, you can start making your map after installing the app. To make your first map, use the panel and choose “new document”, you can name it however you like and the first main node is the main idea and you can exit the node by tapping the canvas. To create a sub node, you can click the plus sign in the right of the new main node. You may also create next level node by pressing “enter” and “shift”. Open the notes tab by selecting a symbol in the top right corner and add the text you want, after you finish and leave the field there are going to be a small symbol on the right corner that will show you the content in the notes section. If you want to add an image, you can just drag it from your desktop or finder window.

Mindnode also provide some nice stickers in the Sticker button toolbar. If you want to add some more personalization, you can change the theme in Mindnode by clicking the Theme button and choose the theme you want to use. You can even combine two notes by dragging one of them to the other. After you are done with your map, you can save it by pressing “command” and “s”. It is recommended to save it in your iCloud drive, so you can access it with your Apple ID from your other device. In the new version of Mindnode, there are many improvements, but the most interesting is the new user interface that has been rearranged to be more user friendly, so the you will not have to search in vain for the function you want.

About Scapple
We know that putting all of our ideas into computer is not as easy as drawing it in a piece of paper, there are times, which sadly pretty often happen that the formatting is too rigid to just put many words and make connections later. Scapple is presented to overcome such issue. Scapple is a mind mapping application dedicated to macOS user, which developed by Litteratur and Latte. Scapple is loved by many people, since it is an alternative to get rid all paper based notes and scribbles you usually drawn, into digital form in the computer, so you can easily take and edit them however you want. Scapple is currently only available for Mac user in their App Store for $14.99 and still not available in another platforms. If you are interested on similar app, read our article on Mindnode vs Simplemind here.

Scapple Benefit
In a glance, you may think that Scapple is just only another mind-mapping app that claims to have ability to keep your ideas but in fact, this app is capable of providing you who have hundreds of different ideas that needed to be written down but don’t have a wide enough whiteboard or thick enough packet to cover them all. Scapple main trait is how simple and how easy to use the app. Different from many mind-mapping app out there, which needs special hierarchy you have to stick to, Scapple doesn’t need those hierarchy, so you can connect to any other note in any way you need.

How to Use Scapple
When you already install the app, you can start writing your ideas immediately. To start wring, you can double click anywhere in the app screen, then a text box will appear. If you want to make another entry, just repeat the same act and when you want to connect them, just drag the entry to the other. This way, you will be able to whether connect or branch it organically as you preferred. You may also move objects around by clicking and dragging it, while the entire connections stay intact. Scapple is a great tool to put down your complex or simple ideas then add related ideas or expand them to your next ideas.

Aside from writing notes, you may also add pictures by simply dragging them from your desktop or file browser. Another benefit from Scapple is the easy to learn keyboards shortcuts. In their newest release, which is version 1.3.1, there is a new feature that lets you add label connections between notes, by simply selecting two notes and choose “connections label” from the “notes” menu and double click on existing label to edit it. Now, Scapple even will show in your iCloud drive and the app also added new options to align notes horizontally or vertically in the background notes.

Now, let’s compare between bot apps. The most prominent difference between both of them is the flexibility of the app. We know that Scapple is easier, since you don’t have to follow the hierarchy of making map with the app that sometime making people hesitate to use similar app. While in Minnode, this hierarchy is still exist but has been simplified even more in the new version by rearranging the user interface. In the features side, Minnode has more features if compared to Scapple which is simpler. Both of them also offered with the same price in App Store.

Mindnode vs Scapple

- Has more features- Simpler and more user friendly
- Needs time to get used to the mind mapping hierarchy- Lesser features
- Available in both macOS and iOS devices- Only available in macOS

All in all, in our opinion both apps have their own merit. If you don’t like choosing between menus to draw your map and you want it to be simpler, we will recommend you Scapple but if you want more features and plan on using them in your iOS device, we will recommend you Minnode.

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