MindNode vs Simplemind

Brainstorming is proven to be an effective method to gather information and spread an idea in an attempt to find a solution, achieving goals or as learning helper. We used to draw mind map in a paper or board before, but now the process of making map are easier with the help from mind mapping apps. If you use mind map in your daily live, we recommend you to use a mind map app. There are many of them out there but only some will offer you with superior features. Let’s take a look at MindNode and Simplemind mind mapping app below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Mind Mapping and How to do it
– What is MindNode and Simplemind
– How to create a Mind Map with MindNode and Simplemind
– MindNode vs Simplemind

What is Mind Map
Mind mapping is great technique to generate ideas and visualize complex issues, cluster information and organize thoughts. This method is used for brainstorming a new project, tasks or organizing research to be used in an article, book, etc.

How to Create a Mind Map
In traditional way mind mapping is done by drawing the map or gathered information in a media like paper notes, whiteboard or other similar thing. Mind mapping is created by first deciding a central idea, which represent the topic we are going to explore. Second is creating branch from the main idea. This branches represents key themes. Third is adding keywords, remember to limit it with only one word per branch, so you can easily expand it later. Fourth is to color coding the branches to help your brain creating mental shortcuts. The last is to put pictures into your mind mapping to convey more information.

About MindNode
With today’s technologies creating mind map is much easier and takes shorter time by the aid of mind mapping app. There are many mind mapping apps available out there and one of them is MindNode. MindNode is an application used to create mind map developed by Federico Viticci and available for both OSX and iOS users. With MindNode the process of making mind maps becomes easier and faster.

MindNode is designed with user friendliness in mind, so the app is practically easy to use, but you my still need some times to get used to it, if it is your first time using the app.

How to Create Mind Map with MindNode
Here is a few steps to make your mind map in MindNode:
1. Open the MindNode app and choose “New Document” in the open panel or you may also use the “Command+N” shortcut.
2. Fill the main node with your main idea, such as “study guide” and exit the note by tapping the canvas.
3. To create sub-node, click the plus sign on the right of the new main node. For example you can type “multiple choice” here.
4. You can open the notes by selecting the symbol in the top right corner. Try to fill it with “fill the square” and as soon as you leave the field, you will a small symbol on the node appear and show you that there is content in the notes section.
5. Now is time to add the image into your node, you can do it by simply dragging the picture to the window or from finder window. MindNode also provide you with some sticker located at the Toolbar.
6. You may also change your map theme by clicking on the Theme button.
7. One of the most helpful steps in visual thinking is that you can rearrange and combine the content. Try dragging the main none into second MindNode and it will connect as a new child.
8. To save our notes, just click “Save As” from the menu or used “Command+S”

MindNode has been upgraded to MindNode 5 last years and contains some improvements to the previous MindNode 4. In the iOS version the four buttons and swipe up panel are removed and the most visible change in MindNode 5 is a new Quick Entry option. This new feature offer you easier way to create a map by making a list. You will only need to type your thought, hit return write next one, and so on. When you are done, just tap “Create Mind Map” and MindNode will take the list and turn it into a mind map.

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About Simplemind
Simplemind is a mind mapping app available for Mac, Windows, iOs, and Android devices. The app has three versions, the free version, the trial version and the paid version. An App that provide a free service is good, since you can see what it can do before spending your money to purchase the full version. The free version features is limited with only intuitive mind mapping and multiple selectable mind map styles. While the Trial version, has all the features but limited to only 30 days. The paid version prices differ based on the amount of the app user.

How to Create Mind Map with Simplemind
Here is a few steps to create a mind map in Simplemind:
1. To add a child in a main topic, click the node well (+) or use “Tab”, to add sibling click sibling node well (*) or use “Enter”.
2. To insert a topic between two existing topics, use the “Insert Topic” command from the drop down menu.
3. To add multiple topics regardless the hierarchy and structure, add multiple central themes and when done drag and drop them to connect and place the topics.
4. To edit the topic text, double tap the topic and press escape when done. See the complete version here.
Many people are liking Simplemind because it has a clear dashboard, with only two toolbars, one is top editable option and the other is right-hand side panel. You can access different layout types, color choices, zoom in or out and also printing your map directly from the top toolbar.

MindNode and Simplemind Comparison
Now, it is time to compare both MindNode and Simplemind. First let’s see on the apps availability, MindNode is only created for Apple devices users, Mac OS and iOS. While Simplemind is available in Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS platforms. Since MindNode limit their user platforms, they also has lesser user compare to Simplemind. In the price side, both MindNode pro and Simplemind paid version need $29.99 to purchase. Other Simplemind plus side is the app able to work offline, while MindNode need internet connection to run.

MindNode vs Simplemind

- Only available in Apple devices- Is available in Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices
- Has no offline mode- Has an offline mode
- Has an interesting feature in their new updates, which is called the Quick Entry feature that allow the user to create note, as simply as making a list- Some of its features are vary depend on the operating system

Looking from those comparison, we can easily pull a conclusion about which one is better than the other. Simplemind is not only easy to use but also offer offline mode just in case you are in a place with no internet connection. However the new features in MindNode called the Quick Entry mentioned above may weigh more than the offline feature. In our opinion, Apple user might be more comfortable with MindNode, and Android or Windows user should opt for Simplemind.

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