Nagios vs Zabbix

System Monitoring falls under the third piece of today’s life-cycle. It permits you to watch out for the gadgets in your system (switches,routes, servers, applications, and so forth) with the goal that you can take suitable actions if it is necessary. 

It likewise allows for proactive administration as opposed to responding sometime later. A few instruments are accessible to help with network checking, from open source applications to those that require business licenses. 

The discussion between Nagios vs Zabbix is a point that surfaces regularly between IT experts, and the subject is substantial. Both of these instruments have made it into Top Network Monitoring Software Page and are all around incredible devices for those searching for an Open-Source Network Monitoring Solution. 

The two arrangements have been sent by associations to screen huge enterprises’ systems. Anybody that needs to manage frameworks professionally ought to consistently be hoping to innovate, particularly on the off chance that they are hoping to keep the entirety of their essential frameworks running day and night. 

In this article, we will learn more about Nagios and Zabbix in light of the fact that they are both open-source and accessible for free. One of them has to make a better instrument for you.


Not only are Nagios and Zabbix open source, they are additionally free (open source does not generally mean free). Be that as it may, there are slight contrasts between these two arrangements. 

Zabbix is totally free or open-source and does not have a different Enterprise version. Nagios, then again, comes in two types: Nagios Core (free and open source) and Nagios XI (Enterprise version). 

It is essential to call attention to that despite the fact that Zabbix does not have a different Enterprise release, the organization behind it offers a few paid support services to clients who require these services. For instance, there are five tiers of specialized support to browse. 

They can likewise assist you with incorporating the monitoring arrangement on the off chance that you need. 


Configuration is an examination viewpoint that is going to come up a lot in this section since it is so essential to organizing the monitoring experience. Zabbix has an enormous preferred position in this regard since you can change setups by means of the electronic interface. 

One of the fundamental issues with Nagios is that all configurations must be entered as text files. Instead of collaborating with the UI, the client needs to make text files. 

The outcome is setups that are badly arranged to set up. Zabbix gets approval here depending on the fact that it is so natural to make configurations. 

While text file based setups are not the apocalypse, more up to date clients would be considerably more open to communicating with Zabbix’s GUI. 

Web Interface 

Despite the fact that Nagios is designed utilizing text files, it likewise accompanies a web interface. In any case, the Nagios web interface is exceptionally simple, looks obsolete, and is essentially view-only. 

The web interface of Zabbix is certainly better looking than that of Nagios, despite the fact that it could likewise utilize some work. The Zabbix web interface has flawlessly orchestrated tabs and sub-tabs that let you explore the various parts of the application. 

Aside from that, the Zabbix web interface permits you to arrange the application, similar to what we previously referenced. 

Auto Discovery 

In fact, neither Nagios or Zabbix can direct auto discovery as a matter of course, be that as it may, with the assistance of a plugin called NagiosQL, you can auto discover gadgets all through your system. This implies when you dispatch Nagios it will begin to search for gadgets consequently. 

At the end of the day, you will not need to physically include them. On Zabbix, you will have to invest energy doing this physically. 

By visiting the Nagios trade site, you can enact that NagiosQL plugin. This is one component where Nagios Core has an enormous bit of leeway over Zabbix. 

The capacity to add gadgets to your system without having to physically arrange everything spares you a great deal of time and exertion before beginning your system checking. 

Service Monitoring 

Both solutions give agent and agentless checking; be that as it may, for this article, we tried observing with operators introduced on the checked customer. In the wake of introducing the Nagios observing operator on the customer to be checked, you would be expected to make a book based setup record for that customer on the checking server before you could begin checking the customer. 

On Zabbix, it is simpler to add the customer to be checked as this is arranged utilizing the web interface. Zabbix additionally permits you to perform Auto-Discovery of hosts which can be extremely helpful in huge systems.

Protocol Support 

A huge piece of a frameworks checking ability is connected to its utilization of protocols. Without the correct protocols, your visibility on a system is seriously restricted. 

Fortunately, both Nagios and Zabbix have a tolerable scope of protocols for you to work with. The two items support HTTP, SMTP, FTP, SNMP, SSH, POP3, and MySQL. 

Concerning protocol support, Nagios and Zabbix are evenly matched.

Nagios vs Zabbix

Nagios Zabbix
- Has its own web-based interface.

- Has its own web-based interface.

- Nagios forces the user to enter configurations as text files.

- Configuration is another feature that leans heavily towards Zabbix.
- High-quality dashboard.

- High-quality dashboard.

Final Verdict 

Both of these items are completely extensive monitoring suites, and it is hard to call an outright victor. Both have territories where one would be better than the other. 

At last, if your pick will be founded on your help needs and the requirement for your IT staff to have the option to screen remotely from a smart gadget, for example, Android or an iOS gadget, at that point Nagios could be the better choice for you. Assuming you do not require paid support, you could do the same via Zabbix by means of mobile internet browser. 

The best strategy here will be that you download every one and see what works best for you, however, on the off chance that you are on a strict spending plan and would not fret the absence of support, at that point, Zabbix could be the free arrangement that you have to raise your system and framework visibility to an acceptable level quickly.

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