Neat Receipts vs Evernote

We are all ever feeling lazy about writing or re-writing something in order to make us easily remember or want to make a proof of something. By the growing technology and development era, we hope that there is something that can make everything becomes easier as it could be especially in writing or scanning something important to us. Thank God, seems like the technology approve it all by the existing of 2 sophisticated things in different form. Those are definitely helping us in both writing, scanning, even copying something. How can they are different? Yes, they can because they are appeared in different situation, one for the software and one for the hardware. Each of users and us will have our own reasons behind what method that we will choose to help our activities in writing part. After all the discussion, we are here to inform you the application and the device. Firstly, we are going to make a review about Neat Receipts which comes in hardware then, we will have Evernote as the next review which comes in software. Aims to know which is the best among them, we will also make the differences in 3 point of both Neat Receipts and Evernote. Read the conclusion before you decide or purchase one of them because, it will help you to make a right decision. Enjoy the Neat Receipts vs Evernote!

Neat Receipts
There are a compact, lightweight scanner, software to organize your digital images, a USB cable and accessories for travel and desktop storage in one package of Neat Receipts. It is used to be a scanner and software to scan and store images and details of receipts, business cards, and any paper documentation up to 8,5 inches wide. Scan a receipt and the software pulls the transaction date, amount and sales tax into the software, then categorize the transaction and can indicate if the receipt is reimbursable or tax deductible. Neat Receipt is also used to keep paper documentation organized in one place and reduce the amount of paper you need to keep physically organized into files. If the format of the receipts are not as you actually want, you can change and export it to Microsoft Money, TurboTax, Microsoft Money and any financial software that imports QIF files such as Moneydance, Quicken or You Need A Budget Pro even you can do it in Microsoft Excel for a further analysis.

Setting up the scanner is easy. Simply install the software using the automated installation routine on disc, then connect the scanner with the supplied USB cable (also white, to match the scanner), and let Windows recognize the hardware to finish the setup. The installation routine installs NeatWorks plus Twain and WIA drivers, which between them will let you scan directly from most programs with a scan command. I installed the software on a system running Windows Vista, but according to The Neat Company, the disc also includes a full set of drivers and software for Vista 64-bit, Windows XP, and both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. You can also buy software separately for the Mac or buy the Mac version of NeatReceipts, but both of those are separate products.

What is a Evernote? EverNote is a sophisticated application that will store all sorts of plans and memos that will want you to remember the next day so that you don’t need to confused to remember all plans are very much. EverNote will work automatically to connect all stored in Evernote You to various application note taker other memos on Your smartphone platform. EverNote by Evernote Corp., have started to be known as an application note-recorded popular. Any text typed could be changed its format into a bolded (bold), italic (italic), and underscore (underline). Each paragraph can be sorted by number and bullet points. Not only records the text, Evernote can be used to record all activities at each meeting, as it can record audio and video, as well as taking photos. In fact, Evernote can dictate what you say into a text. Evernote’s ability is indeed very helpful to record great ideas.

If you’re with the team brainstorming and then write down the ideas and suggestions on the white board, you could take a photo of the white board with Evernote to remember everything later on. That also draws from Evernote, you can paint with fingers, mouse, or stylus. You can simply download Skitch, which is an application for drawing from Evernote. Its features is quite rich. All files notes in Evernote, files included the results of the draw with a finger, can be tagged (tag) with the specific words for easy when users search file. What about files stored? Storage media-based Evernote cloud computing, in which you can store data on hard disk online Evernote. So, the user can open the file his notes from any device with just a single Evernote account as long as there is internet connection. Like a cloud based applications in General, every note in Evernote can be shared to other users of Evernote.

Neat ReceiptEvernote
- Web Based, Android Application- Web based, iPhone application, Android Application, Windows Phone Application
- Small Businesses, Mid-size Business- Freelancers, Small-Businesses, Mid-size Business
- Phone Support- Not phone support

Neat Receipts vs Evernote
It is easy to make a conclusion on each scanner product but, in terms of cost. If you want a free software of scanner, Evernote will be your choice because you can install it whenever and wherever you want without having to pay the cost. Just go to playstore menu or another menu and install it quickly and easily. But, if you want more complete things (software and hardware in one packaging), you have to choose Neat Receipts. It has a lot of features about scanning activities with a lot of format too. You can have them all although before you use it, you must complete the payment. We think you will feel that it is worth it by the features offered by Neat Receipts.

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