NetSuite vs Oracle Cloud

It has ever been announced that Oracle announced its plans to acquire NetSuite for more than 9.3 billion, so what is the difference between these two companies? What are products they offer? And what benefits you will get from both NetSuite vs Oracle Cloud? For further things about them, we make into a comparison to find the difference and make you easily to choose the right one to make the best consultation.

With over 40.000 companies, NetSuite is 10 times larger than the other competitors, this means 10 times more resources. Comprehensive functionality with a diverse industry, making NetSuite works in accordance with the environment of your company. Built from the ground up to the clouds, NetSuite will help solve your it problems. Starting from things regarding financial reporting, Office customers, NetSuite professional services, up to the present provides easy integration and visibility. There are several reasons why you should choose Oracle NetSuite. Because your business continues to grow, you can easily change your business system. Improve, move, new business models, adopted flexibility Oracle NetSuite can help you get used to your working environment. Another reason is the business system you can become the system of commerce that can adapt easily and with a modern design and a cloud-based, NetSuite can be used for mobile and social as well as modern business makes it easy to adapt and start leave the old habits. (See also : NetSuite vs Salesforce)

Oracle Cloud
Oracle Cloud based in Singapore who adopt Google’s technology to produce communication and optimal speed. In addition, Oracle Cloud using cloud-based software, process orders, and CRM system as well as cloud-based Cisco Meraki WiFi, routing, and security systems that can ensure the security of the networks in the company, as well as the Grandstream IP for network communication a more stable. Oracle Cloud has several flagship program that offers different facilities. For example the only Cloud Center of Excellence that provides facilities in the form of consulting Information Technology which includes the diagnosis and analysis about the present situation, the problems encountered, as well as goals to be achieved by the perpetrators of the SMES. After that, oracle will provide recommendations for action that can be done by utilizing the business owner a cloud-based service. Examples of services offered Oracle Cloud among other Google Apps for Work including Gmail, Hangout, Drive, Docs, etc.), Google Cloud Platform, NetSuite, Xero, and TradeGecko. They also provide network solutions from Cisco and Ubiquity, hardware from Asus and Acer, as well as telephony from Yealink.

NetSuiteOracle Cloud
- NetSuite is specialization for ERP- Oracle is specialization for Cloud
- It provides facilities in the form of Bussiness- It provides facilities in the form of consulting Information Technology
- NetSuite can be used for mobile and social- Oracle Cloud can be used in several software

It’s easy to our scoring system to provide you with a general idea which CRM Software product is more suitable for your business. For overall product quality, Oracle Sales Cloud attained 9.8 points, while NetSuite CRM earned 9.7 points. At the same time, for user satisfaction, Oracle Sales Cloud scored 100%, while NetSuite CRM scored 100%. Also, NetSuite is contained on Oracle Cloud which looks like NetSuite is becoming one of a part in supported application of Oracle Cloud.

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