Pipedrive vs Insightly

Pipedrive and Insightly are two best CRM tools available today. These software as service products are a great help for businesses to eliminate the hassle of dealing with numerous emails and contacts as well as helping you to keep your sales on track. If you are interested on using one of them, go check our article below first to help you decide.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Pipedrive and Insightly
– What Pipedrive and Insightly can offer to you
– Pipedrive vs Insightly

About Pipedrive
Pipedrive is software by the same name company that is used as management solutions for businesses to plan their sales activities as well as monitoring deals the have made and help them reaching their goals. Being released since 2010, Pipedrive is currently one of the best and popular CRM tool in the market. You can access the solution anywhere 24 hours whether you are in your desk or on the go with its mobile app.

Pipedrive Pricing
Similar like many services out there, Pipedrive also offer free trial period before you decide to choose the premium version and when your trial period end, you are presented with three types of subscriptions; silver, gold, and platinum. If you choose to pay annually, the most affordable is silver with $12.5 per user per month. For those big enterprises that want extra features the price start from $62.5 per user per month. For another similar tools, check our article on Pipedrive vs Salesforce here.

Pipedrive Features
Pipedrive offer a clean UI, which is very easy to understand and minimal layout as well as simple design. You can start making deal using the Add Deal button and add the needed information to instantly see where the deal sits between your current deals. There is icon that will appear in each deal in your pipeline to give you information regarding the deal, such as if you still have activities relating to the deal.

With Pipedrive email integrations, all emails related to specific deals will be viewable in Pipedrive CRM contact entries as well as attaching those emails the deals. Under its Statistic tabs, you can information, such as the value of all your new deals, summary activities, which employee made the most new deals as well as won and lost deals.

About Insightly
Insightly is a CRM and Lead Management tool by the same name company. This tool is intended to help its users to deal with many emails and contact information while at the same time keeps salespeople stay organized as well as ensuring marketing campaigns are remain on their tracks. Being on the market for almost 9 years making Insightly is one robust tool available in the market along with other popular tools like Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

Insightly Pricing
You can use Insightly for free but of course you will be limited in features as well as the maximum users up to 2 people. If you want to check their premium version, there is a 14 days trial before you choose to commit with the paid version or go free. Insightly offer 3 levels of subscription, where the most affordable is Plus with $29 per user per month while the most expensive is Enterprise with $99 per user per month billed annually.

Insightly Features
You can create Lead easily with Insightly by choosing the Lead tab and start adding lead by pressing the New Lead button as well as “plus” at the top page to add record. You can pull Leads from web form, since Insightly have a tool to create HTML code that can be dropped into your website and automatically pull respondents to your contact list or leads list.

Insightly also allow you as the user to automatically arrange and send an email to all newly created leads or send follows up email a week later in case there is no response received. Since it generates reports base on the user, organization, category, pipeline stage, etc. you will be able to see which teams spend the most money and time.

Now, let’s compare Pipedrive with Insightly. The prominent difference between both CRM is Insightly cove more business aspects than Pipedrive, such as the ability to collects data, which is not as good as Insightly. From the ease of use Pipedrive won for its clean and easy to understand UI. From the type of businesses, Pipedrive is more suitable for small to midsize organizations while Insightly is better for larger enterprises.

Pipedrive vs Insightly

- Better form small and medium businesses- Better for bigger organization
- Offer easy to understand UI- Will need time to get use to the UI
- Doesn’t offer free version- Offer free version
- Not as powerful as Insightly- Offer better features than Pipedrive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Before committing to one tool, you can try their trial version first to see whether they suit your need or not. If you are the owner of small to medium size company, you may prefer Pipedrive but if you want to streamline and organize your client and employee networks, then Insightly is a great choice.

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