Pipedrive vs Zoho

Pipedrive and Zoho are two among the most popular CRM tools available today. Not only they offer an easy to understand interface, they also packed with great and useful features. If you need a tool to simplify your work and help you achieve those sales goals, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Pipedrive and Zoho
– How much you should pay to get their service
– What Pipedrive and Zoho can offer to you
– Pipedrive vs Zoho

About Pipedrive
Pipedrive is a tool for Customer Relationship Management and Lead Management. You can use this cloud-based software to manage your pipelines as well as simplifying the work of sales department. The software promises you to help organizing your business leads in a way that will give you an excellent overview of the sales, so you can be more focused on those deals you want to prioritize. They also use a very easy to understand UI for you to learn fast without any problem.

Pipedrive Pricing
Pipedrive offer free trial for you to see what they can do before you decide to commit into one of its premium version. This trial version will give you access for 14 days using the software and after the trial end; you have to choose between three type of subscriptions including Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The most affordable but comes in basic features are Silver with $12.5 per user per month and the most expensive is Platinum with $62.5 per user per month billed annually.

Pipedrive Features
With Pipedrive, you manage your pipeline efficiently. The main view will show you with your pipelines as well as easy to understand menu to when you have to take action. To reduce your time dealing with emails, you can sync your emails with Pipedrive, so you will get the full overview of what’s happening all in one place. To give you the reasoning why behind the data and result, you will be given visual reports, so you can move to what needs to be done. For another similar tool, check our article on Pipedrive vs Insightly here.

About Zoho
Zoho is probably the most well known CRM tool nowadays standing side by side with other popular CRM like salesforce and Apptivo. Even though the core of Zoho CRM is lead and contact management, it also can be used as sales pipeline management and purchase control. All those functionalities come together in software that also have an easy to understand interface. If your company already used another Zoho product, such as Zoho projects or Zoho Books, using Zoho CRM will be the best option.

Zoho Pricing
You can use Zoho CRM for free, but of course there will be some restriction unlike the premium versions. This free version will give you basic features, such as basic leads, marketing, and customer support automation with reporting and forecasting tools as well as limited to 3 users. The paid versions are Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. The most affordable is Standard with $12 per user per month while the most expensive is Ultimate with $100 per user per month.

Zoho Features
With Zoho CRM, you can deal with many leads at ease. To fasten conversion, you can prioritize your leads with positive and negative scoring. Converting leads to deal is also as easy as clicking a button. You also able to track every marketing done by your sales reps, to give you an insight on how to improve your campaigns. To enhance your company relationship with its customers, you can manage your accounts through the CRM.

Without having to write a single code, you can capture leads directly from your website into your CRM for more effective marketing.

Now, let’s compare Pipedrive with Zoho CRM. Both software are equally a great choice and choosing them is depend on your business. We do think that they are friendly with small businesses. However, in overall features Pipedrive is still lacking behind Zoho. For example in the leads gathering feature; Zoho is able to monitor a variety of sources including chats, emails and social networks to give you real time notifications when they mention your company name. You may also set it to harvest leads automatically when your company is tagged in social media.

Pipedrive vs Zoho

- Doesn’t offer free version- Offer free version
- Subscription start from $12.5- Subscription start from $12
- Still lacking in features if compared to Zoho CRM- More powerful than Pipedrive in its higher level subscriptions

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is better to try them for free first and see which is more suitable for your business. From the price point, both are equally affordable but if you want more powerful features you will not get it in the cheaper subscription.

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