Printful vs Redbubble

Nowadays you can make money from anywhere including while staying at home because there are lots of platforms that will facilitate your creativity such as Printful Vs Redbubble. These popular print on demand services will let you sell your design and products while they handle the rest of the process from production to shipping. If you are also interested to try these platforms, do check below about what they can offer and which of them seems to benefit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Can We Make Money with POD
  • What are Printful and Redbubble
  • What Printful and Redbubble Offer
  • How to Start with Printful and Redbubble
  • How are the Pricing in Printful and Redbubble
  • Do Printful and Redbubble have Analytic Function
  • Printful Vs Redbubble

Making Money with Print on Demand

Because living is costly, it is necessary to make money to fulfill our needs from providing food for the family and providing a comfortable place to sleep and doing activities. Working or having a business are the common things we do to gain fortune but the system and market developed as we gain more knowledge as well as how the world evolves from time to time. Of course selling goods and services is still the main work people do but, you will always find a new method to collect those dollars as the trend changes.

In modern society everyone want to have a passive income and unless you already have a capital, it can be very difficult to do so yet, for those who are creative enough to make interesting design and items, there is a way that can help you to make money without having to step out of the house and no, we don’t mean it because the current pandemic. It is through the print on demand service and as the name suggests, they are providing service in which you can use to gain profit.

Print on demand on the basic is an offer that provides a printing service based on the image or design that you have decided before. What’s great and convenient is not only they take care of the printing process but also looking for the material, packing, and even delivering the goods to your customers. As the seller our job is only designing and marketing our products which then customers can buy from the platforms decided before such as through the service official store or through other online shops.

Many are asking whether this type of service is profitable and the answer is simply yes, you can generate good profit from their service but, it is not going to be as easy as it sounds. The key is still marketing and to capture the interest of customers as much as possible so they buy our products and then we can generate profit from the selling. While many find it is worth the time and effective, some may not so it is not always full of good experiences.

In our opinion, those that can profit or will be compatible with this type of business are those artists that can make popular art or are smart at seeing what the market is currently hyped about as well as influencer or popular people on the internet. These can be streamers like YouTubers or Podcasters and other content makers who want to generate more passive income from their fans as they certainly already have a market to aim for and chances are their viewers will be attracted to the product that relates to their favorite content.

About Printful and Redbubble

Print on demand service has been around for quite some time already and many people are familiar with them or at least know they can buy various items on the platform. The amount seems to grow higher as the market is welcoming but, depending on their service not all platforms will have the same system despite the basic idea being the same. Some may be offering certain features that will ease your marketing, designing, or overall have better printing quality to satisfy your customers.

Talking about print on demand service you will hear a dozen at a time but there are only a handful that most people are familiar with and two of them are Printful and Redbubble. But, in comparison we also get that Redbubble is still dominating the market and probably will still be at the top for the next year’s trend. However, being popular doesn’t mean they are the only option you should check out because while the Printful market is not huge, they are very promising.

Redbubble is almost like an Amazon of print on demand and being in the market or business for more than a decade surely makes them understand the customers and what they want on both creators and buyers side. Their tagline of “sell your art” has gathered tons of independent artists from all around the world to not only make arts but also share it through the products they decide to put them on. This company is very successful and owns another similar service which you can check on our Redbubble Vs TeePublic.

Printful on the other hand is fairly new and just entered the game about 7 years ago and while in comparison they are not as massive as Redbubble yet, the promise of providing high-quality printing does attract many new customers who are not satisfied with their previous service. In terms of system they are pretty much the same to any other POD companies where they provide everything while design is decided by the creator.

Printful and Redbubble Products

In the beginning many or most print on demand services are offering apparel custom only but as the market grows, they are adding more into the product diversity so you can get almost any merchandise from them. Printful and Redbubble also have a wide variety of options that you can opt so they are not only providing shirt or hoodie and baseball cap but also other small items like phone case, apron, tote bag, or even mask to make you look stylish while being safe in the middle of this pandemic.

But, side by side in comparison Redbubble seems to have more in their collection compared to Printful so you may find some items that are not offered in the other catalog. What’s more fun is for customers who are not planning on selling, they offer gift features on the platform so we can make custom goods to give to our friend, family, or partner with a personalized character or design of your choice.

Printful and Redbubble Startup

Both for shoppers and creators can use their platforms and before you are able to sell or make and upload designs, we have to make an account first. The process is simple as you only need to fill the email and other information including billing if you wish to sell on Printful and Redbubble. You can make the design everywhere using your own software or using the site’s tool but since these are free, there are lots of limitations as an artist especially to draw.

In Printful you can also borrow their designer tool to make a simple design such as with pictures or words that can be downloaded too. Their designer tool will show your art directly on the product so we can have an image on how the final product will look like but in comparison, Redbubble is more detailed than Printful.

Printful and Redbubble Pricing

Both Printful and Redbubble also have basic pricing for every product in their catalog and these prices are subject to change depending on the company’s decision. For Redbubble itself they decide to base the price on delivery addresses to take advantage of local production and since they are also based on currency, these prices will fluctuate as well. The basic price compromise of the actual product cost and the service cost so our profit is based on these prices. 

We can markup our products to generate profit so higher markup higher profit but will also have a high potential to sell less since we are not the only one who are selling similar products. The thing with Redbubble is that they sometimes apply a discount too and since the profit is counted in percentage, when their base price is discounted, the profit will follow. In Printful, there is a discount everytime you reach certain sales per month which will be put on your next month purchase.

This system seems to work best for those who are selling their products manually or by themselves and able to stock the amount during the period of time so it will benefit the seller as the amount of their billing next order will be reduced according to the level.

Printful and Redbubble Analytic

The last part we want to talk about is their analytics because you need to maintain the store to know what to improve. In this part both have built in menu to let you see sales and other relevant information but in comparison Redbubble is more detailed and feel more reliable because you can track the sales based on periods and they even provide store traffic from different sources as well as compatible with Google Analytic if you want a more in-depth insight.

Printful vs Redbubble

These PODs are ideal if you want to make money as a side job or to share your art and receive compensation for them. Price wise they are varying widely depending on each product base price and category as well as quality and printing size. They have editing or creator functions but Redbubble is more advanced in this part while Printful is simpler to use. But, Printful is great if you are selling on your own as they offer branding and warehouse for stock and even discount for active stores.

The prominent difference is from who they receive the money to produce the product because Redbubble charge the buyer or your customer for the product to be made and then give you the amount of margin while Printful request payment from you as the customer is doing the payment to your account thus, we need to transfer the amount for production cost before the product can be printed.

- Offer branding

- Doesn’t offer branding

- Fixed price
- Fluctuating base price

- Good for stock order

- Ideal for selling on Redbubble platform
- Simple designer function
- Detailed designer function

- Not very convenient for online selling- Best for convenient
- Integrates with several eCommerce- No eCommerce integration


Both of these PODs are reliable and offer a method to let you generate profit from your own creativity. Personally we do think Redbubble is great for its convenience and better for those who don’t want to deal with stock or selling the product directly yet, Printful is ideal if you are using this platform as a printing service where you can request and buy the stock.

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