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Printful vs Redbubble are two attractive platforms for people who want to sell items with their own designs and for people who want to find products with original artworks. In this article, we will see how Printful and Redbubble are different, and the reasons to choose each platform over the other.

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The Main Idea of a POD Service

Print-On-Demand services have become very popular nowadays. This is mainly because of an increasing number of designers and artists who want to sell products with minimal initial budget. A print-on-demand approach offers much greater flexibility than the traditional method.

The traditional method requires a business owner to prepare the base items in advance, whether it is t-shirts, cups, mugs, or phone cases. Then, they need to bulk-print their designs on those items in order to minimize the operational cost. However, the necessary initial budget to procure the base items can be prohibitively huge, hence barring people to start a business.

Print-on-demand services try to eliminate the bars by offering a different approach to business. With a print-on-demand (POD) service like Printful or Redbubble, a product is printed only after an order is received.

Thereby, a business owner who wants to sell products with original artworks no longer needs to buy the base items in advance. You no longer need a huge initial budget to start a business. In addition, you also don’t need to keep an inventory, as the base items are procured and handled by the POD service.

In general, you only need to create an account on your chosen POD platform. Then, you can start creating a product by choosing a base item and placing your design on it. Next, you can set a specific price for the product. The POD platform will usually cut a portion of the price to cover the cost of the base item, and perhaps also the shipping cost, while the rest will go to your pocket.

The POD service only prints a product once a customer places an order. The business owner doesn’t need to worry about shipping because the POD service will ship the product directly to the customer.

Printful vs Redbubble: How They Work

Although both Printful and Redbubble fall into the Print-On-Demand category, these two platforms are not entirely similar. There is not yet an official classification, but some people distinguish the two apart by categorizing Printful as a “POD Fulfillment Website” and Redbubble as a “POD Website”. They offer different sets of features and benefits.

Printful is a POD Fulfillment Website, which means that it only handles the “back-end” (printing and shipping). You need to create a storefront by yourself. You can use an e-commerce platform like Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, or Woocommerce. Or, you can set up your own website for taking customers’ orders. You may take orders from customers however and wherever you want. See also: Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer.

In addition, Printful is a “white-label” provider. There won’t be any Printful branding on the products that the customers receive. You may use your own brand.

Redbubble, on the other hand, is a POD Website which provides both the storefront and the “back-end”. The convenient part is that you don’t need to set up a storefront from scratch. You may customize your storefront on Redbubble to some degree. However, customers can only order your designs through Redbubble and not from any other channel.

In this platform, Redbubble is the brand owner, seller, and fulfiller. Every product that is printed and shipped will have a Redbubble branding. You, the designer, is more of the licensor of the artwork on the product.

Printful: Pricing

Printful has zero starting cost. You can sign up for a free account, design a product, and sell the product on your website – all without any charge. There are not many dropshippers or printers who offer such convenience.

When you select a base item, Printful will show the initial retail price. After you progress through, you will find an option to set your own price. You can also see how much potential profit that you can make from your price after it is cut by the initial retail price.

The base prices of Printful are somewhere in the midrange category. They are not the cheapest, but they are also not too expensive. One good reason to justify Printful’s prices is the excellent product quality.

Although the variety of items is not as wide as some other platforms, Printful has a vast collection of high-quality shirts. There are many different brands with different materials. Compared to other POD platforms, Printful has fewer issues and complaints about shipping and product quality.

Printful can provide free shipping for sample orders that are ordered from North Carolina or California to a Canada or USA territory, and for sample orders that are ordered from a European facility to any location in Europe. You will get a 20% discount on the base price when making a sample order. However, you can only get two products from a sample order, and you may only create one sample order per month.

Reasons to Choose Printful

Some people are probably wondering why anyone would choose Printful vs Redbubble, as setting up your own storefront can be quite a hassle. As a matter of fact, there are actually several good reasons to choose Printful over Redbubble.

First of all, as a white-label provider, Printful opens the opportunity for you to build your own brand. You are not just a designer within a bigger website, so your customers will know you better. You may even build some sort of a premium line of clothing items in the long run.

Secondly, creating your own storefront while utilizing Printful for the back-end will allow more customer interaction. While the most common way is using an e-commerce platform to build a storefront, creating a website yourself will open a much greater range of customization options.

Thirdly, Printful will allow you to make a greater profit per sale. You can adjust the pricing however you want, and the cut for the initial retail price is flat. As a comparison, the likes of Redbubble usually cut a huge percentage of your retail price, and you will get only about 25% of the total sales.

Redbubble: Pricing

Redbubble is one of the most popular POD websites at the moment. One reason for the popularity is the very clear pricing policy, though this does not necessarily mean that Redbubble can give you the biggest profit.

You are allowed to set either a percentage markup or a number-based markup on every product that you sell. For example, you can set it so that you get 10% from every item that is sold through your account. Or, you can get $10 from every item. You may set the same markup for all products in your account or different markups for different categories such as t-shirt, phone case, or book cover.

However, you can’t exactly configure the final price of the product. If you set your markup too high, Redbubble will also increase the product’s price significantly. Customers will be able to see the base prices of the items.

Usually, Printful vs Redbubble is able to finish the printing process within 3 days. Then, the product will be shipped directly to the customer. While the shipping times may vary depending on the destinations, Redbubble’s shipping service is usually reliable. You can track your orders through your account.

Redbubble does not provide any free shipping. The shipping cost will be calculated on the checkout page before the order is placed. Keep in mind, however, the additional charges and customs are usually not included in the total cost.

Reasons to Choose Redbubble

There are several quirks and limitations in Redbubble, especially in regards to pricing. In the end, though, there are still several reasons to choose Redbubble as your POD platform.

Firstly, you may want to choose Redbubble if you want an all-in-one solution that includes all the storefront, printing, and shipping services. With Redbubble, you don’t need to worry about hooking up an e-commerce platform or creating your own website. This is a significant advantage for people with limited time and resources.

Secondly, if you only want to make some bucks from selling designs, but you don’t exactly care about building a brand for the long run, Redbubble is a fine solution. Yes, the product will wear a Redbubble branding, but this is not a big problem if you want to build a portofolio as a designer instead of building an entire fashion brand.

Thirdly, Redbubble has a huge variety of items. There are male and female clothing items, kids and babies clothes, stickers, wall decorations, stationery, phone cases, and other accessories. This is great if you want to make designs for a wide range of items.

Printful vs Redbubble

Printful Redbubble
- POD fulfillment website - POD website
- Only handles the printing and shipping - Provides the storefront, printing, and shipping
- You can take orders from anywhere - Can only take orders via Redbubble
- Greater flexibility with pricing - Set your own markup on all items or specific categories
- Free shipping for sample orders- No free shipping


In general, Printful is more recommended, especially if you want to build your own brand. It will also allow you to make a greater profit from every sold item. That being said, Redbubble is good if you want a simple all-in-one solution for your business.

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