Redbubble vs Etsy

Print on demand and E-commerce platforms are growing very fast in the last decades and they are very useful both for artists and those who want to shop for unique, personalized items. Among those huge options, Redbubble vs Etsy are two of the most popular with wide market share out there that you may want to try either to make some money or look for certain items. If you are also considering these platforms, see what they can offer and pick the one seems to be the most ideal choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Print on Demand
  • Why using Print on Demand Platform
  • What are Redbubble and Etsy
  • How are the Pricing on Redbubble
  • How are the Pricing on Etsy
  • Are Redbubble and Etsy Convenient
  • Redbubble Vs Etsy

Print on Demand

Do you ever see someone wearing a T-shirt with a very catchy phrase? A design that was never seen before and unique? Or a personalized items that promote the wearer identity and beliefs? If the answer is yes then chances they are wearing customized products based on their hobbies, things that interest them, or simply because a certain design is not often worn yet by most people. Where did they get them? Well, the answer may differ since today they are widely available and can be made by request.

Customized products was pretty much niche back then but today everyone can be seen at least have one personalized or unique items in their collection. We can also get one for example a phone case with certain design we like or which caught our attention the most from print on demand platform. Not only the place is full of artists but they also carry lots of unique items in their catalogue to richen your collection or even make you interested on something.

As the name suggests, print on demand platform is a marketplace very similar to an online shopping platforms but instead of selling various products from various sellers, they are selling their products designed by lots of artists. From the artist point of view, these sites are useful to sell their design such as drawing or collection of unique phrases while from the customer point of view they are a place where they can find many unique and catchy items or even creating one themselves.

Print on Demand Benefits

Print on demand platforms is a very helpful place to market your creativity and a good place to look for unique products that probably has been circulating in your social media timeline. Its best benefit for artists is that they can make some money in these sites by creating some design whether using the tools provided by the platform or uploading them from the collection. They are also convenient because we don’t need to pay or deal with the material as well as production process.

From the customer point of view, the greatest charm of print on demand platform or site is the product collection because we can find lots of items here; mostly apparel and accessories or home décor. There are a huge variety of designs and patterns available so we can have a wider options to pick. In case the product arrived not fulfilling your expectation or damaged, many of them accept refund or will send you with a new product as well.

About Redbubble and Etsy

If you have some free time after finishing the main job or is free enough to do anything you want and has lots of creative design like drawings or ideas ready to be put into an object now is the time to check what all of these platforms can offer. Print on demand sites have grown so much in the last few decades where people are starting and used to online shopping because if we can just click or tap, why there is a need to visit an actual shop.

Similar to online shopping platform, the bigger they get the wider the audience or user as well but it goes the same for the competition and if you are ready to share as well as offer your unique arts to a wider audience, Redbubble and Etsy are two nice options to choose from. We are sure those who love to shop for unique goodies like shirts, hoodies, phone cases, bags, or jewelry, are already familiar with these two because they are very popular among e-commerce and similar platforms out there.

Redbubble was started in 2006 and has become one of the most trusted as well as the most popular print on demand platforms today. The site itself has given $70 million to the artists in the time range from 2007 to 2016 and sold to almost 7 million people. In 2018, they purchase TeePublic but doesn’t integrate the system or platform. If you are interested, check the platform in our TeePublic Vs Redbubble because the site has different system than its brother.

On the other hand, Etsy is not categorized as a print on demand sites because this platform is more similar to for example Shopify or an e-commerce platform. This site main operation is selling products from artists as well but they are not the one who made the products; in short it is a shop where artists can put and sell their arts or items created by themselves. They are like the middle person of an artist/seller to their buyer/customer.

Overall they are a great place to make some money or as an additional income to your main job for those with some free time such as after finishing their office hours and to make your weekend be more productive. What’s different is Redbubble is more convenient because it only needs design while in Etsy, you have to do everything by yourselves including shipping.

Redbubble Pricing System

The first thing you may want to consider when looking for a platform to sell design or product is their price because there is nothing like free lunch. Starting with Redbubble, this platform is very similar to any other print on demand services so the price is decided by the seller. For example we want to put our design whether using the built-in tool or uploading them from our collection and then choose the type of shirt or any other products then put a margin such as 25%.

If the base price of the shirt is $10 then we put margin at 25%, so the final cost will be $12.5 before shipping. We are not required to pay any fee when using this platform and the income from every product sold will be transferred to your bank account monthly. 

Etsy Pricing System

On the other hand, Etsy is different because it is an online shop or shopping platform which require us to pay the fee when seller is listing their products on their platform and currently, the rate is $0.2 per item that will be automatically renewed if it is chosen. There will be a transaction fee as well that you have to consider and it is at 5% of the price we listed so we have to add this margin to our final price. 

In addition, there is a subscription fee that seller can opt for in Etsy Plus which is a subscription package offering to expand the set of tools for growing brands. This service will be charged at $10 per month and will be deducted from your monthly balance. We also have to consider the 15 listing credits at $3 and $5 in advertising listing credits.

If you choose to use the Pattern tool provided by Etsy, after the initial 30 days trial, the service will charge you for $15 per month as monthly subscription and if applicable, the site will charge the sales tax on the monthly subscription fee for sellers who live in the US.

Redbubble Convenience

The next part we want to talk about is the system because both of Redbubble and Etsy are quite different to each other. With print on demand service, we are left to only creating design and putting them on certain items to sell as well as deciding the margin. Everything left from the material choosing, production process, accepting payment, and shipping process will be taken care of by the platform. As for the income, they will transfer the money to your account every month. 

Etsy Convenience

With Etsy, we are going to take care of almost everything starting from thinking about the idea of your products, choosing the material and everything needed to make one, finishing the product, packing them, and then sending them to your buyer. For sellers living in certain location, they can purchase shipping labels to fulfill the order and depending on the shipping, the cost will be varying widely as well. Similar to Redbubble, they will send the money to your account monthly.

Redbubble vs Etsy

- Print on demand platform - E-commerce platform
- Only accept design- Accept artists products 
- Limited product types- Wider array of options
- Products produced by the platform- Products produced by artists
- More convenient- Not very convenient
- Shipping is taken cared by the platform- Shipping done by seller

Both of Redbubble and Etsy are a good platform to try for those with good imagination and want to put their ideas into certain items that can be sold to a wider customers. What’s different is the print on demand will only need your design while with Etsy we are going to deal with everything as the site will only deal with the online store and payment. From the customer point of view, Etsy will have lots of authentic products and a wider collection in general for they are made by different artists.


All in all, the choice is all yours but we do think they are made for different artist because if you love drawing only, then Redbubble which is a print on demand service is the most ideal choice but, if you are crafters then Etsy where you can sell products is the best option.


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