Rosetta Stone vs Babbel

There are many reasons to learn a new language, for example for a vacation abroad, career opportunities overseas or out of curiosity at a country or culture. You can choose the textbook’s approach, but it will not teach you pronunciation and oral skills. Audiobooks and podcasts is quite effective, but you will lose the essence of the words that are written. This is the software recommendations for studying a variety of foreign languages, consists of 2 kinds: Rosetta Stone vs. Babbel. The reason he had made in the form of a comparison is none other than to compare and find the best software that you think fit on you.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta stone is a software for learning languages that exist in the world, like American English, British English, Chinese, Arab, France, Russia, Japan, Korea, Spain and many more with a unique way of making it easier for us to learn. This software was ranked #1 the world in language learning through computers and also used by soldiers, astronauts, officials in the United States to learn the languages of the world. With a system of systematic and integrated Learning, Rosetta Stone is highly effective for students, students and the public in learning a foreign language. The Rosetta program is support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven and Mac. Rosetta Stone is the foreign language learning AIDS programs so more quickly and easily. With spectacular features such as Voice recognition/Dynamic Immersion which is a feature to help improve the ability of pronounce or talk to use cool features “dynamic speech recognition” to compare the pronunciations you guys with the original native pronunciation. While a Listening here using the natives to teach us to listen to, so make you guys understand the language quickly, and develop the ability to listen to and understand easily and naturally. And there is also a Reading and Typing.

Babbel ( is a tool of learning a foreign language. Select Your native language, select the language you want to learn, enter Your skill level in that language and you will be registered on a course of study in the language you choose. Currently, this service allows you to learn the language of Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, the Netherlands, Poland, Indonesia, Norway, and Denmark which comes from the United Kingdom. You of course can learn the language of the United Kingdom, even with different mother tongues that you choose. The most basic way of learning you have to register for a separate course with individual lessons, on a PC using your web browser. These applications focus on the ways of learning even after completing a lesson, you continue to reinforce the knowledge you have learned previously. In this way, even if you pass in several exercises with specific topics and further on, the material and exercises based on previous lessons continues through the methodology of consistency. The stages of the different activities you complete including features that let you hear every word or phrase of these exercises, help you learn each vocabulary and pronunciation.

Rosetta StoneBabbel
- Covers wide selection of learning needs. (Primary resource). Units on listening, reading, writing and speaking - Covers wide selection of learning needs. (Primary resource). Units on listening, reading, writing. Not so strong with speaking though
- Newer versions offer real online tutoring- Much more community orientation. Unlike RS, Babbel helps you to connect with other learners or native speakers
- Voice recognition AI is pretty advanced- Has a mobile app. Still not great but better than RS

Between the two: Rosetta Stone vs Babbel. Honestly, Babbel is better for us. Babbel will be just as successful at getting you going in the language at a much more affordable price. It is also easier in Babbel to jump around to lessons that you are more interested in while Rosetta Stone has a more singular trajectory. Plus, once you stop paying for the two services Babbel lets you continue to review learned vocab and lessons while Rosetta does not.

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