SeatGeek vs StubHub

If you want to get the best ticket deals on sports or entertainment events, you may have heard quite a lot about SeatGeek and StubHub. What are they? SeatGeek and StubHub are two of the most popular online platforms for secondary tickets. SeatGeek used to be only an aggregator that compares the prices on different marketplaces, but now it also has its own marketplace. On the other hand, StubHub is one of the oldest and most trusted for trading tickets. Below, we will see the more detailed comparisons on SeatGeek vs StubHub. Continue reading!

The Background of SeatGeek
SeatGeek’s background is a little bit more academic in nature. The core basis of the founding was on the well-understood knowledge that secondary ticket prices were often inefficient and there was a lack of a platform for making decisions in choosing the best tickets at a given time. SeatGeek is designed to come up as a platform where you can find and compare tickets with the best prices. So, the customers can be confident that they are actually getting the best deals for the seats that they desire.

The original mission of SeatGeek is to help fans find the best deals on secondary market tickets. It does the job by aggregating ticket information from multiple sellers, so that the fans can compare the prices and become more informed before making a decision.Today, SeatGeek still continues in aggregating information from multiple sellers, but it has also released a marketplace platform which facilitates ticket trading between the fans.

The Background of Stubhub
StubHub has been around for quite a long time. StubHub was originally started because, back in the days of its founding, there were very few places where people can sell and buy secondary market tickets online. Even in most of the available places, there was a lack of trust between the sellers and buyers, and this lack greatly limited the sales opportunity. So, StubHub came up to serve as a marketplace where sellers and buyers could trade under a banner of trust. It was among the first online ticket marketplaces, and it has become one of the most popular.

StubHub is indeed more seller-centric. It has various capabilities that can help professional sellers trade tickets at high volume levels. Nevertheless, the front-end experience is good. It is very powerful in helping buyers locate the tickets they desire, even though the prices and fees are not always the lowest options. (See also : StubHub vs Vivid Seats)

Mobile Apps
Both SeatGeek vs StubHub have powerful websites where their customers can do business conveniently, but they both are also available as mobile apps so that people can still access their services through the mobile devices when on the go. Even so, it is important to point out that SeatGeek’s mobile apps are much better than StubHub’s.

SeatGeek boasts a very strong mobile platform. The mobile apps are available for Android and iPhone devices. You can sell and buy tickets very easily on the apps. iPhone users will love it because it is fully integrated with Apple Pay to allow payments to be processed automatically and very quickly. Payments on the Android platform are also easy, although not as swift as using Apple Pay.

StubHub’s mobile apps, on the other hand, have received quite a lot of positive and negative reviews. The positive ones praise the good ticket tracking capability – which is not surprising, considering that StubHub has always been known for the powerful ticket tracking ability. However, the negative ones express various issues, such as the buggy sign-in with Facebook, wrong password redirect link, sloppy interface, and inability to print the tickets.

Selection Features
Now, let’s see the selection features available on SeatGeek vs StubHub. Both platforms allow you to filter the ticket options, but they do have different capabilities. One feature that is common on both SeatGeek and StubHub is the value meter, which is to help you identify the best deals quickly. SeatGeek indicates the value using graded bars. StubHub uses a colored circle; the greener the circle, the better the value.

We should point out that browsing for the right seats on SeatGeek’s mobile apps is nice and convenient. It can display the seats graphically, but using the list view would be better if your phone’s screen size is rather small. Using the website is quite similar. First, you search for a team name or event date, and you will get large groups of seats displayed. You can further filter the results by entering how many tickets that you need and your price range.

The selection process on StubHub is pretty much similar, except that the mobile apps don’t have the graphical view. The search features are quite powerful, as you can filter the seats based on the number of tickets, price range, seat features, and type of delivery. However, there is no quick way to see a seat’s value before selecting a section.

When shopping for a ticket, the price is an important matter. You definitely want to get the cheapest ticket possible, and don’t forget that there are additional fees that may add up to the final price such as the delivery fee, service fee, transaction fee, etc. So, how do the prices on SeatGeek vs StubHub compare?

Nevertheless, SeatGeek consistently comes out with cheaper tickets than StubHub when shopping for sports and entertainment tickets. On SeatGeek, you can get selections from not only SeatGeek but also other platforms. By comparing their prices, you can choose the one with the best deal. This is a huge advantage of using SeatGeek.

On the other hand, StubHub is often more expensive. On StubHub, you only buy tickets from sellers that are on the platform, and not from any other marketplace. So, the available choices are more limited.

- Aggregates prices from multiple sources, also has a marketplace- A marketplace
- Good searching features- Better searching features
- Very good mobile apps, graphical seat view- The mobile apps have some issues
- Often produce better deals with lower prices- The prices are often more expensive

In general, SeatGeek makes the better option. This is an awesome ticket platform that allows you to find and compare the prices from multiple platforms, so that you can get the best deals. The mobile apps are also better. On the other hand, StubHub indeed has more powerful searching features, but the prices are often more expensive. Besides, the mobile apps are plagued by issues.

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