Slack vs Confluence

Every Member in the team of developers or teams in other fields certainly has the task and acknowledged each. But the tasks and the work of each Member must remain synchronized and coordinated with each other. Moreover, when the position of each team member was in a different place. Necessary communication tools that not only supports the communication and discussion of remote real-time, but also able to accommodate needs discussion and coordination work. Currently, it has provided some applications like this, but only a few can count on and 2 of them is Slack vs. Confluence.

Definition of Slack
Slack is one of those applications that support to communicate with the team. A company that has many employees generally classifies its employees in the appropriate team role. At Slack we can create a team contains some members associated with the team. Slack as a communication medium, but to send a real time message/chat, also has other features such as view process performance in managing projects, sharing files, and also other features required for the productivity of the team. While, Confluence is a software tool for team collaboration. Slack eases us in communicating directly and connect with other teams. This can increase productivity and efficiency against the performance of the team. The slack can help teams communicate between team in completing a project and is transparent. There are still many teams who use email as a primary medium of communication within the team, and new options that offer Slack more fresh in accordance with the times.

Benefits of Slack
· Slack is becoming an instant Communication in one place, Slack features a useful Channel to make the team more effective discussion channel. Channel serves to classify the discussion in accordance with the purpose of discussion. These channels can be personal, confidential or universal depending on needs. As for when one of the team members want to do communications against individual members of another channel, users can use the Direct Message.

· Slack facilitates users to share documents simply by drag and drop. Slack provide storage space for free up to a certain limit. In addition we can also use external storage space as Google Drive and Dropbox are already integrated with Slack to share documents.

· Slack assisted with additional features from other service providers such as Twitter, Github, Trello, Giphy, Hangout, Dropbox and many more. Slack ever provides features such as star, hashtag and mentions like Twitter. Not only send text, Slack can also send links, videos, pictures, files, code, assisted by a third party service, in order to optimize the communication within the team in completing the work and increase productivity.

· In addition to the web version, the Slack also provides desktop and mobile versions. The existence of alternatives in various platforms we can more easily access the lines of communication.

Slack Cons
· You cannot send video
· The slack is not Social Media
· You can’t take photos as he pleases
· The video calling feature is not yet available
· Available in a form specifically for the advanced level is not a beginner level

Definition of Confluence
Atlassian released 1.0 meeting on March 25, 2004, said that their goal is to build “applications built with the requirements of enterprise knowledge management system, without losing the simplicity of important, powerful wiki in the process.” In the latest version, the meeting has evolved into part of an integrated collaboration platform and has been customized to work in conjunction with JIRA and other Atlassian software products: Bamboo, Clover, Crowd, Container and FishEye. In 2014, Atlassian released the Data Center meeting to add high availability with load balancing nodes in a clustered setup. Confluence is where you create, arrange and discuss the work with your team. Written in Java and is widely used especially in corporate environments. Confluence is developed and marketed by Atlassian. Confluence is sold either as software or as a hosted solution.

Benefits of Confluence
· Meeting Notes by way of distributing the previous agenda, notes, and set tasks afterward. With all the notes and action items are put in one place, you can also send an email.

· Discuss Files consist of entire files – View PDFs, Office documents, images, etc. with rich previews. See the whole file as PDF, Office documents, images, etc. with the rich preview. Leave feedback targeted with pin anywhere in the file. Files and their feedback is automatically connected in one place so there is no need to search through email and network drive trying to get the whole story.

· Make Decisions by way of noting the decision in Confluence where it is easy to discover, discuss, and references later. Avoid endless looping of the team at a meeting of the long and confusing email threads.

· Share Links function for anything you find on the web such as articles, Tweets, videos, market news and discuss it with the team. Take note of the links together so that You are never lost.

· Assign Tasks by giving the task to my teammates to keep a regular job is running. This feature is great for completing items, release lists, and project plans.

Confluence Cons
· Confluence is not built for file server
· Can only integrate few plugins at once
· The lack of administrative functions
· The absence of single-sign-on
· The lack of language support

- Slack is based on an online chatting application- Confluence is a team collaboration software
- Slack is often used in discussion forum for a company- Confluence is developed under Atlassian company
- Slack offers many features to do a meeting- Confluence provides on-premises software or as software as a service

Indeed if you want to make a conclusion, reviews from users was the most honest thing because they are the one who has had experience with using the application directly, as well as breathtaking review this time with the title Slack vs. Confluence. The average user discussion groups a company or business that wants to get the facilities and features of the easiest. Slack seems to meet all criteria to exist, not only because of its comprehensive features, as well as an attractive interface and ease of every function is given. We are not saying if the Confluence has less maximum function, but it would be better if you tried Slack first appeared and have experience more than it is Confluence.

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