Slacker Radio vs iheartradio

In an era of all-round internet and wireless network is easy, to do something may be unthinkable in the old days. Like radio, once to listen to the radio you have to buy the device yourself. But now you just need a smart phone let alone the broadcast does not use radio waves again but use the internet. You can listen to the radio via the smartphone. Most smartphones are already equipped with a built-in radio, but unfortunately there are still some Smartphones do not have default radio. For those of you who have Smartphones that aren’t they also come with a built-in radio, you don’t need to be disappointed because you can still streaming radio via multiple applications. We know that have many applications available out there and they are competing in the market world start-ups. The existence of radio online of course will make it easier for you to follow a radio broadcast over the internet. There are two application called Slacker Radio and iheartradio, long reviews about both these radio along with the similarities or differences will be shown directly via writings that there is in this article. For those of you who are intrigued with both, please look carefully and thoroughly review the following.

Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio is a Streaming Radio Application. You will get free access to top 40 hits music streaming, with over 15 million songs available in the library of songs belonging to Slacker Radio. There’s even a radio station-made Slacker Radio users that provide options as you listen to the radio stations in General. If you choose to pay a $3.99 per month then you will get the feature to listen to music offline, listen to the song, and the Slacker Radio application is ad-free. This application is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Rating is 4.0 indicates that it is one of the best applications in its category. No wonder the features offered by this radio is as follows: a wide variety of music stations, special support and updates, and provide the date of worldwide news and music.

This new radio streaming app for Android is experiencing changes in the display of the user interfacenya, there are several new menu is shown here i.e. Genre Station, My Music, Specialty station and News. All this menu you can access easily via the display of the icon. It is enough to make this Slacker Radio app is better and the full length version is more simple. The menu is Station Genre where you can menmukan more than 20 + genres on offer from this Slacker Radio including catalog if you choose Jazz then submenu will appear more like Jazz, Modern Classical, Jazz and Big Band. This makes the application of Slacker this better than other competitors where other applications do not offer the amount of station as much as this.

My Music is a menu where you store your content, where you can store your preferred station playlist, bookmarked station, recently played and also custom. My Music really useful for us to choose the playlists we want and also organize music music that we want to listen to so that you can easily remember and choose the station anywhere that catches your attention. News is a menu that suits its name take you on the latest news, sport and also a few other shows. Comedy, ESPN and a few other channels are found in this category. And also Live streaming options are present in this application where the other application has no such feature, you can listen to live sports broadcasts using an internet connection and your Android device, this one features make Slacker become a better application than other competitor even though there are belonging to Slacker and deficiencies found in the other applications such as spotify.

Take a look : Slacker Radio vs Spotify.

iHeartRadio is Internet Radio platform established by Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc. was founded in April 2008 as the site, iHeartRadio now serves as both a music recommendation system recommendation system and radio network that collects audio content from more than 800 local Clear Channel radio stations in the United States, as well as hundreds of other stations and various other media outlets. iHeartRadio is available online, via mobile devices, and some video game consoles. Bookmark your favorite stations, and you are also allowed to see the lyrics and enjoy exclusive on-demand content including shows, songs and short stories from the hottest stars from the Middle rising musicians at this time. Not only can you present the music, but the application also offers you the best conversation with a radio station directly to you. It has the look of a dazzling interface makes this application worth it for you to use. IHeartRadio app also lets you enjoy radio broadcasts via television by connecting to Google Chromecast. In fact, if your vehicle has been equipped with Android Auto so you can listen to radio broadcasts of this application as long as you drive into the Office or elsewhere.

iHeartRadio is also equipped with features “Zzz” that allows the user to stop broadcasts during some specified time. iHeart Radio also continue to be developed so that it can run on mobile devices such balckberry, iPhone, etc. iHeart Radio is free for you to use, keep there is a lot of music and a lot of other exciting facilities such as saving your favorite stations and access it, the station featured an exclusive video and on the home screen, share via email and Facebook, Featured with thumbnail preview of a video image, and ‘ Surprise Me ‘ feature will select random radio station.

Slacker RadioIHeartradio
- With Free option application- WIth Free option application
- $4 per month for Plus, $10 per month for premium- $4.99 (web sign up) or $5.99 (app store sign up)* per month
- The skip limit is 6 per hour oer station- Unlimited skip

Slacker Radio vs iheartradio
You will like Slacker Radio in terms of a bigger library inside and also the music is not mainstream, so it is nice to be able to listen to what you like on Slacker. While you will like iheartradio for playing and saving a lot of good and local radio stations.

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