Society6 vs Etsy

There are so many way out there to make a living and if you are an artist, you probably always want to turn your creativity into money by selling them. If you still don’t know how to get paid from your work, in our Society6 vs Etsy article today, we will give you information about these similar yet different platforms that you can use to get paid for those designs you make. If you are interested in them and want to know how they work, go read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Society6 and Etsy
– How to use Society6 and Etsy
– Society6 and Etsy

About Society6
For those who still not familiar with the name, Society6 is a web or platform where you can upload your design (visual art) and put them on various items to sell them to the buyer and get paid for them. Here, you can put your design into numerous other products ranging from a small cup into a big wall hangings to decorate other people’s room, it is all up to you. For the buyer itself, this kind of platform is a great source to get many unique designs that you usually won’t find in stores. Read also: Society6 vs Redbubble here.

Selling on Society6
Before you can use the platform to make money, you have to be verified member first. The step is very easy and quick, in this step you also have to specify your payment method in where you want your payment later sent to. After your account is done, you can start uploading your design and choose the products.As it has been mentioned earlier, you can upload any type of visual art here whether it is hand drawn design or those created with program like Adobe Illustrator, you may also upload word art.

However, since they will be printed, you have to pay attention to the resolution for if it is too small, the result won’t be good. It is always recommended to use at least 6500 X 6500 and also keep in mind where you want to print it. A big items will also need bigger resolution than that and it only apply to regular items like shirt, mug, throw pillow, and such.

To get other people know your products and design of course you have to promote it and it is the key of your success using any similar platforms. The easiest way to let people know or promoting is to use social media since almost everyone today have at least one social media account. It is also free and you can control how you will promote and interact with your fans or people who are interested in your designs. Keep being active in your preferred social media accounts will let other people know your product better.

Since your main intention here is to get paid, you must wonder how Society6 will pay you. Each item in the platform have their own base price and some of them also let you decide how much margin you want but only few do so, such as art prints, framed art prints, and stretched canvases while the rest are decided by the platform. Since order will take time to complete, you can’t receive your money instantly and you will receive your money after around one and half month after selling.

About Etsy
Another platform that you can use to make money from your creativity is Etsy. Unlike the print-on-demand Society6, this platform is more like an e-commerce shop that focused in handmade or vintage items and supplies. To put it simply, you are a seller owning a digital shop here and just like any handmade artist, you will have to deal with designing, producing, and delivering your goods to the buyer while the shop and payment is managed by the platform.

Selling on Etsy
Just like with any similar platforms, you have to be verified member first before able to setting up your own store. What you have to keep in mind here is, this platform is not free, which means you have to pay $0.20 each time you list your product and it will active for 4 month or until they are sell. After they are sold, you will also have to pay 5% commission and a standard PayPal payment processing fee, so before deciding the pricing, it is best to calculate all the cost first.

Since this platform is more like an online shop, you have to design your store to attract customers and one of the most important here is taking picture of your product because it is going to be the key to attract potential customers, so you should pay attention to the quality. Before designing your product, you may also want to stalk your competitor to see what they are selling and how yours are different from them as well as prices. It is important to be not too generic and make customer choose yours.

To let other people know about your product and attract more sales, advertising is also an important part. There are so many ways to promote your products from those free method until those that require you to pay like Google ads or sponsor posts on Twitter. No matter which to choose is up to you but don’t forget to manage it so you will still get profit from the sell they make.

Now, let’s compare Society6 with Etsy. The difference is very clear here since they are basically different platform. Society6 is a print on demand platform that will deal with everything start from the producing and payment while the other is an online shop, which means you will have to deal with everything except place for your product and payment. Both of them will take some from the selling but, the fee is higher in Etsy. However, you can decide more freely on the platform than in Society6.

Society6 vs Etsy

- Print on demand platform- E-commerce (online-shop)
- Visual art only- Many type of arts
- Less complex- More complex
- Payment is not instantly received- Pay instantly

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are made for different type of artist. Society6 is great for those visual art artist who don’t want to deal with the complicated side of making their products while Etsy is for those artist who want more freedom creating their arts. You also can sell many type of arts in Etsy not limited to visual.

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