Society6 vs Printful

As an artist you probably want to make money from your hobby and if possible make a living out of it. With today technology and even more diverse market, many platforms are created to facilitate a creative person like you. In today Society6 vs Printful article, we are going to compare these two similar platforms to give you information regarding what you can expect from them and how they are differ from each other. If you are interested on using one or both of them, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Society6 and Printful
– How to use Society6 and Printful
– Society6 vs Printful

About Society6
If you ever looking for a list of platform where you can sell your artwork and get paid for them, chances are you are already familiar with Society6 for it is one of the most popular platform in the market. Just like what you can expect from a print-on-demand site, here you can upload any of your visual art design and put them in an object then offer it to the buyer who are interested in your work. It is suitable for any type of visual artist like painter, drawer and doodler.

Society6 Ease of Use
What’s so great about this kind of platform is you don’t have to spend or paying anything to be a member and sell your design but of course you still have to be a verified member first to create a profile and decide where you want the payment to be sent to. Setting up an account is very easy and after you already a member, you can start uploading your arts and set the item as well as the price.

What you have to pay attention when uploading your arts are the resolution since bigger items will need bigger arts, so it can be printed properly. The recommendation is they should be above 6500 x 6500 at 72dpi but as it has been mentioned earlier, you need to suit it with the item you are choosing. After you are done uploading, you have to decide which items they will be printed on and put the margin for your profit. For another similar platforms, check Society6 vs Etsy here.

Just like any type of seller, you have to let people know your product to make and increase sales, to put it simply you have to advertise or promote it. The easiest way to let people know is by social media since most people have one today. Not only you are able to find people with the same interest easier, social media are also free to use. Being active in social media and continuously posting contents on it are a good way to maintain follower and fans.

Since you are here to make money, you must curious about how Society6 pay you. As you may already know, you are indeed can decide how much profit you can make for the item you set but it only applied on art prints, framed art prints and stretched canvases, so things like Hoodies and T-shirt are having their own fixed royalties. The company will pay you at the beginning of the month after 30 day passed from the selling date.

About Printful
Another good platform you can use to help making money online through e-commerce is by using Printful. This platform is not quite similar with Society6 but you can still use it to upload your design, choose a product you want to sell them to buyers while the profit is all yours to decide. With the platform you don’t have to deal with any complicated things like producing the items yourself, managing inventory and dealing with product deliveries.

Printful Ease of Use
Just like any services, you have to set up an account there first before uploading any design and ordering an item for your customer. The platform is free to use and they take their profit from the base prices from each of their products. The company currently offer various products start from several apparel items like skirts, T-shirts and hoodie to canvases and coffee mugs. What you have to pay attention here is, this platform only do the producing and delivering.

To put it simply, you will have to pay for the product’s based cost and the item will be produced and delivered to your customer later. This platform is your e-commerce shop partner and they don’t provide the store where you set your product, so you have to own a store in another platform. However, you don’t have to worry since Printful is able to integrate with many online stores like Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, and many more.

Since you are a seller and are here to make some money, it is important to increase and get sells as many as possible. You have to promote your store or product in any media you can reach. The most popular platform used today is probably Instagram and you can put the link in your account leading to your store at for example Shopify while you may also promote in other places together.

As for the billing, you will be able to choose between using credit card or PayPal account, where you are going to get billed at. You may also able to deposit an amount of money to Printful, so they can take an amount when you make an order. Your billing information will view or display the amount of order you make with its price as well as the amount you deposit on your wallet.

Now, let’s compare Society6 with Printful. The basic difference here is Society6 is also a store and in the platform you only have to deal with the design and promotion while Printful is only a drop-ship partner service that only make product based on your orders and don’t provide any stores to set up your products.

Society6 vs Printful

- Also provides store- Doesn’t provide store
- Takes care of everything except design- Takes care of manufacturing and delivering
- Self-determine margin only for some items- You can set the margin freely
- Will take longer to receive the money- Money received depend on your store platform

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Their difference in type here also makes Printful more versatile since you can decide the margin by yourself while Society6 only allow you to set some of them. In our opinion, if you want to be in full control of pricing and don’t mind about setting up an online store, you should pick Printful but if you only want the simplest among them, go for Society6 since here you only have to do the design, promoting and wait for the money to come.

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