SoundCloud vs Spotify

Today, you can find a plethora of music streaming platforms easily on the market. You name it; Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, Google Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify are just some of the most popular examples. Each of these music streaming platforms comes with different unique characteristics and features that attract different people. Thus, telling which one is the best can be quite a tricky job. In the following article, though, we are going to discuss the comparisons between two music streaming services that are both popular among discovered and undiscovered artists: SoundCloud vs Spotify. See the comparisons below to determine the best platform for you.

About SoundCloud
SoundCloud is now widely considered as a haven for both discovered and undiscovered artists. It has various kinds of music, from remixes made by famous groups or individuals to covers to original compositions. The music streaming service comes with a catchy tagline: Listen what you love, share what you create. It has become one of the most loved music streaming services because it is not just an app with popular radio hits, but also a platform where original mixes and sounds can get discovered. In addition, each and every song that you listen to actually has a radio station where you can find other similar songs – making it an awesome tool for music discovery.

Just like Spotify, the free version of SoundCloud is supported by ads. However, the ads are relatively short and are all spaced out very well to the point that they are hardly annoying. Sometimes, you can even skip some ads altogether. SoundCloud has a premium service called SoundCloud Go, which costs about the same price as Spotify Premium. SoundCloud Go enables a wider music catalog which includes the latest song releases, offline listening, ad-free listening, and the ability for music creators to have their songs queued after chart-topping hits.

About Spotify
Spotify is now one of the most well-known music streaming services in the world – see our previous post about Amazon Prime Music vs Spotify here. Spotify is incredibly popular because it offers a number of advantages. Its database is one of the largest in the industry, and the whole database is available for free. It also has various music stations that are designed for specific moods or genres. And don’t forget about the Discover Weekly playlist, which is a playlist of recommended songs given to you on every Monday.

The free service is supported by ads, but unfortunately the ads may be quite annoying. The ads are quite frequent, coming up every after two or three songs, and you can’t just skip the ads. Many people have upgraded to the premium subscription in order to remove the ads.The premium service of Spotify is not particularly expensive, but you can get some discount if you are a student. Spotify Premium enables you to download songs and playlists for offline listening and completely removes ads.

SoundCloud vs Spotify: Music Collection
Truth to be told, both SoundCloud and Spotify have very large music collections. However, you need to understand that they have quite different types of music.

SoundCloud indeed has some popular songs, but it is mostly known as the home of obscure remixes, EDM songs, and indie artists. So, if you are mainly looking for house remixes and EDM party tracks, SoundCloud is your best bet. This is also a great place to discover new songs and talented artists. Still, you can also enjoy various popular releases on SoundCloud, especially if you subscribe to the premium service.

SoundCloud allows the users to upload their own songs, for free. You can upload an audio track up to two hours long. Note that SoundCloud does not have any personal album; your uploaded works will be available for others to listen to. Sometimes, when searching for a user profile, the search results also include their uploaded works.

On the other hand, Spotify is more about the popular songs and artists. If you are looking for a music streaming service that has both old and new popular songs and artists, Spotify makes a very suitable choice. You can also find indie artists here, but they are not as many as on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud vs Spotify: Friendliness to Musicians
SoundCloud is very friendly to musicians. It allows you to upload your original works freely, without any charge. This is a great way to get discovered. You can share your uploaded works to various social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, Spotify charges some fee for uploading a song. But you can earn a few pennies for a number of streams. Spotify provides integration tools, such as Merchbar and Songkik, to help musicians sell byproducts like merchandises and concert tickets. Spotify also allows you to share on social media channels, and there is the Spotify Code feature for easy sharing.

Both SoundCloud and Spotify provide data analytic functions. SoundCloud has a line chart that shows your streams playback fluctuation along with an instant messaging feature where you can directly interact with your subscribers. On the other hand, Spotify’s Fan Insight can tell you the information about your listeners such as the age group, gender, and so on.

SoundCloud vs Spotify: Premium Services and Pricing
Both SoundCloud and Spotify are available in free, ad-supported versions. SoundCloud’s free version is better because it has fewer ads and already allows you to listen to any song and to upload your own songs. On the other hand, Spotify’s free version has more ads and only allows you to listen in random.

SoundCloud Go costs $9.99 per month to bring you a larger, continuously updated music catalog which includes the latest popular releases. It also completely removes ads and allows you to download songs.

Spotify Premium also costs $9.99 per month, but you can get some discount if you are a student. It removes ads, allows you to download songs for offline listening (only accessible through the app), and enables the highest audio quality.

- Has more original works, covers, EDM songs, and indie artists- Has more popular releases and artists
- Free uploads for all users- Applies some fee to musicians
- Better for musicians to get discovered- Better for popular musicians
- The free version has fewer ads, can listen to any song- The free version has fairly frequent ads, only allows the shuffle mode

Spotify is great if you mainly listen to popular songs and artists. You may also want to choose Spotify if you are a student, since you can get some discount on the premium account. If you prefer to listen to original mixes, covers, remixes, and EDM songs, SoundCloud is the way to go. Indie musicians may want to use both Spotify and SoundCloud, but SoundCloud’s free uploads are especially very useful to get discovered.

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