Spotify vs Apple Music

The Smartphone is becoming one of the best options for listening to music because it is more simple and efficient. In order to listen to the desired song some people might buy the song digitally. In addition, not least also the download it in pirated because it has the advantage that is free. But now it was a lot of Android music streaming application as well as the Apple that provides lots of songs to play for free. If you are one of music connoisseur, then you should try the application of Spotify vs. Apple Music.

Spotify can be taken starting from the device a smartphone, tablet PC (Personal Computer), to the video game console Playstation 4. Spotify service itself is available in two options, namely Free and Premium. Spotify music streaming service will offer a number of advantages such as free from ads, offline mode so it’s not constantly consuming quota of the internet, the audio quality is higher, and Spotify support Connect. Of course in charge mode the user can still access the millions of music collection owned by Spotify but with limitations that are not owned by the fashion Premium. Spotify itself provides an opportunity for 30 days to enjoy their premium services for free before you decide whether to pass it or not. After we do Log In, we will be faced with dozens of playlists available. This playlist is the order of the songs has been compiled by a team of Spotify. Switch on the upper left corner, it will appear a menu-the main menu. Home, search, Browse, Radio, and Your Music. Search function to find the songs according to which we want. Home is the first display of Spotify. Browse the playlist contains has been compiled by a team of Spotify. The radio is almost the same as the Browse function. The look of the music player itself no less simple. Black background, cover large-sized in the Middle accompanied the album title as well as the title track and the button previous, play/stop, next at the bottom. Read the other version on Spotify vs Deezer.

Apple Music
Apple’s Music service is one place and complete to enjoy music from the iOS devices, OS X, Apple Watch even Android. Three main features in the Apple Music is discover (streaming music content), Radio and connect to your favorite artist. You can enjoy the Apple Music service for free within the first 3 months. After the free period was completed, the users can subscribe Apple Music with two kinds of methods which are single and family. The single is to use an Apple ID and a monthly subscription fee among $9.99 only. As for the family package, you can connect up to 6 Apple ID (with iCloud Family Sharing features) and more affordable cost among $14.99 per month. In contrast to other music streaming services, Apple Music present in the Music app on iOS devices or iTunes on your computer. Everything is integrated and made you do not need to download additional applications or register your account. Even actually listen to the song feature in Apple’s Music also arguably intelligent. Call it support feature Series, For You to find new songs that match your favorite types of music as well as playlist options and a variety of other things. As in my explanation at the beginning, Apple’s Music not only provides convenience to enjoy songs, but also support the features Connect and Beats Radio 1. (Have a look : Pandora vs Apple Music)

SpotifyApple Music
- Free trial only for 1 month- Free trial stands for 3 months
- The total music is limited- The total music is almost complete
- Need to install the application first- No need to install an application
- Does not have any social media feature- Have Connect feature

In theory, a collection of music on Apple’s Music is more complete than the other. You can also buy music directly from the iTunes Store to your applications quickly and easily. Spotify is actually also has a catalog of music that is not much different with Apple Music. But some artists are known to not post the results of its work to Spotify. Call Adele and Taylor Swift are pulling their work from Spotify. You can choose as well as the Android vs. Apple vs. Apple Spotify for Music.

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