Spotify vs Spotify Premium

Spotify is an application for streaming music, videos, and podcasts from Sweden. Spotify is a rival of JOOX and Apple Music. Until August of 2016, Spotify provides 30 million songs from musicians around the world. These songs include the albums, EP, and single. Spotify has two different types, namely Spotify vs Spotify Premium. Both certainly have differences in some areas, other features and sound quality. Curious what the difference between a free Spotify and a Premium Spotify? Check out this review here.

Free vs Premium
Spotify for Free, clearly from its name which is free! When you listen to music, be prepared to listen to the ads You are in the midst of enjoying the songs. Advertising on Free Spotify will appear every few minutes. For the sound quality on these free Spotify, you will only get a 96 kbps which is a quality standard for mobile phones and 160 kbps if you play them on the PC. It is also the standard of quality of the sound on the PC. On the Spotify Premium, you will not be distracted by the emergence of many ads while listening to music. You can listen to music anytime and anywhere without interruption. In addition, you can download songs and you can listen offline. If you’re willing to dispense the funds every month to subscribe to Spotify Premium, You will never feel hopeless. With Spotify Premium, you will get audio of 320 kbps high quality when you play them on the PC and extreme quality when you play them on your phone.

With Spotify Premium, You will be entitled to use Spotify to play any song you want and when you want. Thus, you can ask for anything at the moment of time. You also have the option to find and listen to playlists, or to discover new music. You can even create and edit playlists and have the authority to share music and playlists. With Spotify Premium, you can listen to songs picked by Spotify Radio features. No advertising is what you get with Spotify Premium. In fact, with your cell phone right to the same benefits as mentioned above. Spotify premium comes at a price of 9.99 dollars a month. When you read these prices, some of them will start thinking ‘ pay the amount so is it worth it? ‘. For them, we can say that the features that come with a premium Spotify is great and with complete freedom while using Your musical world, the decision to pay 9.99 dollars will be the best. There is another version, which can be referred to as a trial version, which offers a line of 30 days with a price that doesn’t exist. With none of the costs involved, you can simply utilize the features and benefits of all premium accounts for about 30 days in most countries. However, in some countries, this period is of 60 days. Spotify premium offers several discounts for students. At the moment with about 50% off for students, an option for students is one of a lifetime. This allows them to keep them away from annoying ads and have access to the full features of Spotify.

SpotifySpotify Premium
- Free without having to pay- Having to pay monthly or weekly
- Have some advertisements- Free from advertisement
- Limited tracks and artists- Unlimited options from tracks and artists

So that’s a difference that is owned by the free Spotify vs Spotify Premium. It’s up to you choose which. If you want to listen to such ads on the radio-radio would be more appropriate to use the Free Spotify. However, if you want to enjoy the rhythm of the song with quiet, more fun using Spotify Premium.

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