Spreadshirt vs Printful

The digital era brings so many new things in our live including how to make money from our hobbies. Unlike in the old days where market for arts is still limited; today, creative people can use numerous platforms available to promote their works and sell them to other people. In our Spreadshirt vs Printful article, we are going to give you information about these two similar yet different platforms especially on how they differ from each other. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Spreadshirt and Printful
– How to Use Spreadshirt and Printful
– Spreadshirt vs Printful

About Spreadshirt
If you ever search for a print-on-demand platform on the web, you must find Spreadshirt among them. This platform is the one you can use to upload your design, pick your product and set them for sale in your shop hosted by the platform itself. This kind of service is really useful for those who want to earn extra spending money by using their creativity especially in visual art. With your design, you can choose a wide range of product to sell but mostly they offer apparel and accessories.

Spreadshirt Ease of Use
To use the platform, you have to be a verified member there first and then you select what kind of market you want to offer your product in. The uploading process is very simple as long as you fulfill the platform requirement about file size, resolution and type. You also free to set your own margin, which will be your design price but only up to $20. It is good to keep your markup moderate to attract buyers and stay competitive with other artists.

As it has been mentioned earlier, you need to select which market you want to use when starting your account. This part also what makes Spreadshirt different from other similar websites. Here you are offered to sell in Marketplace and in your own shop or both if you want. If you choose marketplace, your product will be posted on the site and sales are driven by the platform daily visitors, so you don’t have to take care the marketing or traffic.

With the method, you will receive payment based on design price and how many of your product sold to buyers. The second option is selling in your own shop and this one is similar like with many other platform, which will need you to promote it to bring people to your shop and drive the sales.

If you pick the second option, your income will be the 20% of revenue consisting of product price and print price. Another income you can get if you pick Shop option is additional volume commission if you can sell at least 11 product during your 2 week campaign period. Read also: Spreadshirt vs Redbubble here.

Spreadshirt Pay Cycle
As for the pay cycle, Spreadshirt will balance your Shop, Marketplace sales, and volume commission once a month and the processing begins usually at the third week of the current month and depend on bank handling times, you will most likely receive the money at the end of the month.

About Printful
Another platform you can try to help you selling your creative and unique design is Printful. Not to be placed at the same category with Spreadshirt, this one is not a place where you can sell your product. What the site can do for you is only printing and delivering your product to your buyers, so it won’t deal with your shop or the payment you receive from buyers. It is more similar like a printing service for drop ship seller.

Printful Ease of Use
In Printful, you can choose the product you want and upload your designs to be printed on them. They offer numerous product but mostly are apparel for both women and men as well as children while the rest are accessories and home decoration, so the choice can be said quite limited here. After you upload and choose your product, you will assign the site to produce and send it to your buyer but of course you need to pay for the product and printing process first before it can be produced.

When you make an account, you will be offered with two payment method. First is Printful wallet, which you can use to deposit money by either credit card or PayPal and when you place an order, an amount will be taken from the wallet. The second option is by registering a credit card or PayPal account that will be billed automatically when you submitted your order. You can manually place order on the site or connect Printful to your shop account since it can be integrated with other platform like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Printful Pay Cycle
Since the site is only a printing platform and only deal with production as well as delivery, all marketing and payment process are done in your side but if you use online shop like Shopify, the process will be a bit longer since the order and payment are done by different platform. When you will receive your payment also depended on your shop platform but if you make manual order, you can receive it instantly as the buyer pay for the product.

Now, let’s compare Spreadshirt with Printful. As you may already know, the basic difference between these two platforms is because Printful only a printing service, so you can’t count on them for the place you need to set up your product. They also won’t deal with marketing and any payment except accepting payment from you. This type of service is good for those who own an online shop at other place or those who want to set margin freely.

At the other side, Spreadshirt offer you marketplace and shop to sell your product, deal with manufacturing, delivery, and payment, so you will only need to do the design and some marketing to promote your shop if you pick the option.

Spreadshirt vs Printful

- Offer two market option- Don’t offer marketplace
- Deal with manufacturing, marketing, delivery, and payment- Only do the manufacturing and delivering
- Once a month pay cycle- Payment done in your side

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good choice to help you sell your unique design, but if you are a beginner and don’t want to deal with complicated things, we will recommend you to use Spreadshirt.

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