Spreadshirt vs Redbubble

Print on demands services are very popular in the last several years and today, there are quite a number of them in the market. These kind of platform is a good place to make some money from your creativity easily. In today article, we are going to compare Spreadshirt vs Redbubble to give you more information regarding what you can expect from them and how to use these platforms to sell your design. If you are interested in one or both of them, check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Spreadshirt and Redbubble
– How to use Spreadshirt and Redbubble
– Spreadshirt vs Redbubble

About Spreadshirt
For most artist or creative people, you must want to make a living out of your hobby. For those with limited experience or channel, starting out by selling visual art design is probably the easiest choice. You can do your hobby and get paid for it, moreover, you don’t need to pay for selling your design there. One platform you can try is Spreadshirt, which is a platform where you can upload your design, choose product and offer it to your buyer while the rest are taken care by the company.

Spreadshirt Ease of Use
Just like when you need to use any service, you have to be verified member here first before making any use of the platform. After you logged in, you can start uploading your design and what makes Spreadshirt different from other platforms is its market options. Most platform will only offer one option, which make you have to promote your product and generate sales from them. This one is different by offering you two option when registering as member.

The first and easiest method is by choosing its marketplace option and sell to the website’s daily visitors. With this method, your earning is your design price that you have decide earlier when uploading and choosing product. You don’t have to promote in another platform since the marketing and traffic are taken care by the platforms itself. The second option is by owning a shop hosted by the website. This method is very similar like those in Shopify with fully customizable option.

If you pick the second market, your shop won’t be featured in Spreadshirt homepage, so you have to promote it to generate sales. Your income is the 20% of the revenue consisting of product price with print price. Another income you can receive if you use the Shop option is the Volume commission, which you can receive if your shop able to achieve at least 11 sales within its 2 weeks campaign period. You may also use both of these method if you want. Read also: Spreadshirt vs Teespring here.

Spreadshirt Pay Cycle
Since you are here to make some money, you may also want to know when you can get your payment. Unfortunately, just like many similar platforms out there, you have to be patient since the company balances your account once a month. They will process your accounts earnings generated from previous month by the end of third week of the current month, so you will most likely to receive this month income at the end of next month.

About Redbubble
Another good platform that you can use to sell your design is in Redbubble. This platform is among the most popular out there just like Spreadshirt and equally offer a wide range of products like apparel, stickers, wall art, home décor, bags, and many more which you can pick to be printed with your design. As one of the main player in the market, you can expect a quite heavy traffic in their website, so it is definitely worth the try.

Redbubble Ease of Use
Before you can upload and offer your product with Redbubble, you have to set an account there first. There will be a size requirement for your design and if you want to print in a bigger object, you should also upload your design in larger resolution to maintain its quality when printed. After your design is upload, now you can choose what product to sell and decide the margin for your profit. For a recommendation, it is better to keep it at moderate amount to attract buyers.

Pricing in Redbubble is fairly simple; each product have their own base price and you can add an amount for your profit here to make the final retail price. No matter how many or little you sell, the base price is constant.

When setting up products are all done, now is the time to promote your design in your shop. Most people who just start using the platform may won’t want to take any risk by using paid advertisements and prefer to use free platform like social media. Not only you can find people with the same interest as you easier, they are also free and you only need to spend time making posts to attract follower and fans to help generate sales from them.

Redbubble Pay Cycle
Another point you may want to know when using these kind of platform is probably when you will be able to get your payment. Redbubble itself will begin the pay cycle every 15th of the month and you will get all of your revenue from previous month sales and if your sales not shipped by the 15th, they will be included in next month’s earnings. Even though the pay cycle start from 15th, you may receive your income from 5 to 7 days later, so patiently wait for it.

Now, let’s compare Spreadshirt with Redbubble. What set them apart prominently is the fact that Spreadshirt offer you two market options whether you want to sell in their marketplace or make your own shop. Another difference is even though you choose to use shop option in Spreadshirt, the revenue method is different since it is counted at 20% from product price and print price unlike Redbubble with a margin of your choice for each product sold.

Spreadshirt vs Redbubble

- Offer two market options- Only one market option
- Offer 3 types of income- Only one income
- Shop owner will get 20%- Margin based income

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of these platforms are equally good and you can pick based on your preference. But for those who don’t want to do the promoting and only want to take care of the design, Spreadshirt is the correct option.

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