StubHub vs Ticket Liquidator

It is always a challenge to get the best tickets of an event before they are sold out. This is especially true for derby matches and big concerts. Fortunately, online ticket marketplaces like StubHub and Ticket Liquidator have made it so much easier to search for tickets. You don’t need to go to anywhere; just open the app in your smartphone and search for the event name. So, which one is the best online ticket marketplace that can give you the best deals? See the pros and cons of StubHub vs Ticket Liquidator below!

Who is StubHub?
StubHub is one big player in the competition of secondary ticket marketplaces. It stands out because it has great features and it almost always gives excellent ticket selections. The service is accessible via the website as well as mobile apps – the mobile apps have been improved to give a better user experience than before.

As a secondary ticket marketplace, StubHub does not actually decide the ticket prices. Instead, the pricing is determined by the market value, by the amount of demand and availability. Anyhow, it does charge a service fee and a flat-rate delivery fee to the buyers. StubHub used to be criticized because of the fees, but now StubHub does display the total price of each ticket right from the start. The total price already includes the fees.

Pros of StubHub
The first thing that we can compare between StubHub vs Ticket Liquidator is the service features. StubHub comes with great essential features to connect sellers and buyers. There are several options for the buyers to receive their tickets; you can get it by mail delivery, by email delivery, or via a pick-up center. The whole experience is made even more easier with the mobile apps. You can quickly find the tickets you are looking for by a few taps on a touchscreen.

StubHub also has nice reward program. Whenever you buy a ticket on StubHub, you get some credit points which you can use to get a discount in a future purchase. This is a truly great feature for people who often buy lots of tickets, but note that the credit points will expire after six months. So, you are indirectly encouraged to use the credit points to buy tickets regularly. StubHub also has the FanProtect Guarantee, which ensures legitimate tickets and refunds for fake tickets and canceled events.

The ticket-selling service is easy and convenient. You can list your tickets for sale for free. StubHub only charges a commission fee on sold tickets – it takes 15% from the total price. In addition, StubHub does provide some services to help you sell the tickets that are close to their event dates. StubHub has a live-chat feature for customer service.

Cons of StubHub
The first disadvantage of using StubHub vs Ticket Liquidator is the relatively high pricing. Compared to other ticket marketplaces, StubHub’s prices tend to be more expensive due to the additional fees. If you really want to get the lowest prices, StubHub is not the best place to go.

The second disadvantage is that StubHub does not allow you to return the purchased tickets. You can get refunds if you get fake tickets and on canceled events, but there is no other way to cancel or return the purchased tickets. So, before you make a purchase, make sure that you can really use the tickets or you will spend your money for nothing.

Who is Ticket Liquidator?
Ticket Liquidator is a great website for people looking for cheap sports tickets. The features are effective and efficient, and it is primarily known for the excellent money-back guarantee. It will give you a 125% money-back if you meet the requirements, such as in the case of invalid tickets or if the tickets are shipped too late by the seller. The landing page features several hot games so that you can easily find the tickets you are looking for.

Pros of Ticket Liquidator
Ticket Liquidator has an interactive seating chart which makes it easy to see the tickets on sale. You can click on a section to see the seats and prices. There is a nice feature for comparing multiple tickets. To receive your tickets, you can choose to use traditional mail shipping or via email.

Ticket Liquidator also provides a reward program. If you usually attend multiple games every year, the extras can save you some money. You can get coupons and discounts by buying frequently from Ticket Liquidator – you can also get premium parking as a reward! This is a very nice feature that can save you from the headaches of finding a parking space.

Cons of Ticket Liquidator
The difference between StubHub vs Ticket Liquidator is the way they apply fees. Unlike StubHub, which may apply several different fees, Ticket Liquidator usually adds a fixed fee when you check out. However, this fee is not immediately displayed at the initial price of the ticket. As the effect, some people may forget about the potential fee and then get surprised by the increased total price when checking out. There are some other services with lower or even no fees.

The searching features are not as great as StubHub. The available filters and options are more limited, although the seating chart does make a good alternative.

Next, Ticket Liquidator also does not allow you to cancel or return the tickets that you have purchased. The money-back guarantee is only applicable if the tickets are not delivered by the seller, if the tickets are shipped too late, or if the tickets are invalid. You need a verifiable proof to complain for invalid tickets, and voids are not considered as a verifiable proof.

StubHubTicket Liquidator
- The additional fees are included in the initial total price- The fixed fee is added when checking out
- Great searching features to find the best tickets- Great seat chart for comparing multiple tickets
- Reward program gives discounts- Reward program gives premium parking and discounts
- Full refund for fake tickets or canceled events- 125% money-back guarantee for unsent/late and invalid

StubHub is a great ticket marketplace if you don’t mind the premium fees. It does provide great features and services. The searching features are more powerful and effective for finding the best tickets. The mobile apps are good, and the guarantee policy ensures that the buyers are properly protected. On the other hand, Ticket Liquidator is great because of the nice seat chart and 125% money-back guarantee. You can choose Ticket Liquidator if you prefer the graphical interface and comparison feature.

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