StubHub vs TicketMaster

StubHub and TicketMaster are currently two of the most popular online ticket marketplaces. StubHub began as a platform for trading and exchanging secondary tickets. However, it has quickly grown, especially since it was bought by eBay in 2007. Today, StubHub also serves as a primary ticket reseller. It is the world’s largest ticket marketplace. On the other hand, TicketMaster is an American primary ticket outlet. Typically, the promoters control their events and distribute their tickets through TicketMaster, who acts as an agent that sells the tickets. So, between StubHub vs TicketMaster, which one is the best ticket marketplace that can give us the best offers and deals?

About StubHub
Just like TicketMaster, the ticket prices on StubHub may vary depending on the date, venue, and event. This company has partnered with more than 120 partners, which are mostly sports teams and venues. It provides services for sellers and buyers for tickets of almost any live event, such as sports matches, theater shows, and concerts. It has a heavy traffic of users, which is why it is very popular among ticket resellers. You can get more potential buyers from a heavy traffic. Take a look at our previous post which discusses about TickPick vs StubHub here!

Since StubHub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace, it is not surprising that you can find almost any ticket here quite easily. The search features are quite powerful to help the users find the tickets that they desire. StubHub also provides great protection for both the sellers and buyers. The Fan Protect feature gives a complete guarantee on every order. If the event is rescheduled or canceled, or if the ticket is not valid, the buyer can get a full refund. It can also help you find a replacement ticket should any thing goes wrong.

The Pros of StubHub
Perhaps the biggest advantage of StubHub vs TicketMaster is the great ticket availability. This is not surprising, considering StubHub’s numerous partners throughout the world. You can easily find the events and purchase the tickets. In addition, StubHub has a great range of customer service platforms.

The search features are great. You can search by the event name, team, artist, or venue. It will display the relevant results, and you can further filter the results according to the price range, features, and quantity. In addition, the website can display the venue map so that you can find your desired seats quickly.

The Cons of StubHub
Well, StubHub is a powerful tool, but it also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of using StubHub vs TicketMaster is the fees. The cost of a ticket often goes way beyond the face value due to the additional fees. A buyer may need to pay the service, delivery, or transaction fees. And, more often than not, the total price for a ticket on StubHub is more expensive than the other platforms.

The next disadvantage that is still related to the first one is the fact that StubHub does not really show you how much the final price will be before you do all the transaction process. It makes it difficult to compare the prices and get the best value. StubHub does not have any price alert feature, too, which is supposed to notify you whenever there is a price drop to the ticket you are interested in.

StubHub’s mobile apps have quite a lot of issues. The users often find difficulties on the Facebook login feature and password reset. The interface is also not very impressive. You should just use the website instead of the mobile apps to avoid the issues.

About TicketMaster
TicketMaster has a dynamic pricing. The ticket prices depend on many factors, including the ticket availability. If the remaining number of tickets for an event has become low enough, don’t be surprised to find the prices go up. But this does not always happen.

TicketMaster has operations in several countries around the world. It acquired in 2008. is a UK-based secondary ticket marketplace for live events. It merged with Live Nation in 2010, which was the largest concert promoter at the time.

The Pros of TicketMaster
TicketMaster also has powerful search and filter features, just like StubHub. Here, you can search by the event name, team, artist, venue, and genre. You can filter the results using several filters. The website also has the capability to show the venue map, which can be much more practical for finding your desired seats.

The next advantage of using TicketMaster is the excellent return policy. The return policy is better than StubHub’s. For example, you are allowed to cancel your ticket for a full refund for any reason within 72 hours since the purchase. StubHub can’t do this. You are also allowed to upgrade to a different seat at any time, as long as the new seat has the same price or a higher price than the old seat. Even so, note that the return policy does have some exceptions – it is not applicable for VIP seats.

The Cons of TicketMaster
Finally, let’s see the cons of TicketMaster. Just like StubHub, TicketMaster also has some additional fees. But, usually, the ticket prices don’t shoot up as high as StubHub. Still, it is a wise idea to compare the prices of several tickets before making a purchase if you want to get the best value from your money.

When choosing between StubHub vs TicketMaster, you should keep in mind that TicketMaster does not allow any refund within a week of the event. So, it is better to make sure that you can really attend the event before purchasing the ticket. TicketMaster’s customer service is only available via the website’s form, which is quite tedious.

- Search by the event name, venue, artist, or team- Search by the event name, venue, artist, team, or genre
- FanProtectensures a full refund if the event is rescheduled or canceled, or if the ticket is not valid- Allows refund for any reason within 72 hours, can upgrade to another seat with the same or higher price
- Tends to have higher prices- Usually has lower prices
- Excellent customer service on several platforms- Customer service only via the website’s form

Both StubHub and TicketMaster are popular ticket marketplaces because they both offer great services. StubHub has very good ticket availability and features, and the FanProtect feature ensures that you will not lose your money for nothing. However, if you want to find lower prices, TicketMaster makes a better shot. With TicketMaster, you can upgrade your seats at any time, and you can get a full refund for any reason within 72 hours.

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