StubHub vs Vivid Seats

People are buying things more and more via online methods, including tickets. There are many reasons why this secondary marketplace is becoming more and more preferred. Perhaps, people are increasingly fed up with the limited slots and inflated prices of the primary ticket outlets. Indeed, there is nothing more infuriating than coming from your home all the way to the ticket outlet only to find out that the tickets are all already sold out. Luckily, there are now convenient alternatives that allow you to buy tickets simply through a web browser. Two of the most popular online ticket resellers right now are StubHub and Vivid Seats. Those are the best places to get hard-to-find tickets and sell tickets you don’t need any longer. So, what is the difference between StubHub and Vivid Seats? Which is the better option? Find out below.

About StubHub

Originally founded in 2000 by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr, StubHub is now a subsidiary company owned by eBay. StubHub is an online ticket market that provides services for sellers and buyers of tickets for concerts, sports, movies, as well as other live entertainment events. It has grown from the largest secondary ticket marketplace in the United States into the largest ticket marketplace in the world. The countries it serves include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. So far, StubHub has over than 120 partners across the world, mostly venues and sports teams, and lists nearly 10 million live events with over 16 million visitors per month.

About Vivid Seats

On the other hand, Vivid Seats is an online ticket marketplace that is independently owned and operated, founded by Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilato in 2001. Vivid Seats has become the third largest online ticket reseller, and has been made the official ticket providers of several large companies such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated Group.

StubHub vs. Vivid Seats: Ease of Use

When we are searching for a ticket, we certainly want to make sure that we hit the right page, choose the right venue, buy the right date, and choose the right section and seat. Both StubHub and Vivid Seats have fantastic websites. Vivid Seats’ website is actually very interesting. The website is very mature, easy to use, and with a powerful search function that sorts by ticket, date, region, or artist. Vivid Seats does not have any mobile app, but provides the ticketing information on Google Now. On the other hand, StubHub’s website ignores design in favor of practicality. It is even easier to navigate, thanks to the simple yet functional design. In addition, StubHub also features a mobile app that enables you to effortlessly buy tickets in the last few hours through your mobile device.

StubHub vs. Vivid Seats: Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors that we always consider before we choose a particular product or service. And, quite interestingly, StubHub and Vivid Seats have slightly different pricing rules. On StubHub, what you see is what you pay. This is a very convenient manner for those who prefer certainty and straightforwardness. It charges some fee for every booking, with the buyer paying 10% of the list price and the seller receiving 15% of the list price. However, StubHub is generally pricier than Vivid Seats, and, by showing the prices right up, it somehow turns some potential buyers away.

On the other hand, though, Vivid Seats usually offers even lower prices than StubHub. But don’t get surprised because what you see is not what you pay. At first, the prices displayed can be extremely low. But, once you reach the payment page, you will see the processing fees that add some bucks to the amount that you are going to pay. Still, the final price is usually lower than that of StubHub for the same ticket. This is perhaps the primary reason why Vivid Seats is growing rapidly in popularity despite facing heavy competition from other services including StubHub. Vivid Seats charges the buyer 24.75% of the list price, and gives the seller 10% of the list price.

StubHub vs. Vivid Seats: Customer Service

There is always a possibility that you receive a fake ticket when purchasing from anything besides the official ticket provider. However, we don’t need to worry so much because it is usually just our nerves. Some users of both StubHub and Vivid Seats have ever received fake tickets from both services, but, luckily, the percentages are very low. Fake tickets are very rare occurrences on both StubHub and Vivid Seats. But they do exist.

When dealing with a fake ticket, we have to reach for the customer service right away. Generally, both StubHub and Vivid Seats have great customer services that are very friendly and helpful. Both can refund your money when dealing with a fake ticket, and both can also help you find an equal or comparable ticket so that you can still get inside the event.

Vivid Seats has been greatly praised for the excellence of the customer service. It even goes as far as making courtesy calls to inform the ticket holders if there is a change of venue or time. Vivid Seats may sometimes give the user a discount for the next time he or she want to use the company’s service as compensation for the fake ticket. StubHub’s customer service is good, but is not as awesome as Vivid Seats’ extensive service.

StubHubVivid Seats
- Founded in 2000, now a subsidiary company of eBay- Founded in 2001, still a privately owned and operated company
- Simple, efficient interface- Stylish interface with a powerful search function
- Has a mobile app- Doesn’t have any mobile app but provides the ticketing information through Google Now
- Relatively higher prices- Usually offers lower prices
- Decent customer service- Outstanding customer service


Both StubHub and Vivid Seats are great online ticket marketplaces. In general, Vivid Seats is more preferred because of two reasons. The first is the lower prices. It somehow manages to cut down the prices to be lower than those on StubHub. The second is the excellent customer service, which helps you extensively when there is a venue or time change and when dealing with a fake ticket. Still, StubHub is also among the very best services – the mobile app is very handy, useful to be put on your smartphone or tablet in case of emergency.

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