Sugarsync vs Carbonite

With growing technology nowadays, it has been a lot of innovation-innovation in creating for facilitating human needs, including needs for file storage or personal data. One of the innovations will be file storage that is currently growing is file storage with online media. A lot of sites that provide data storage or file online with tens of gigabytes of capacity even Unlimited. What is an example of the media that we have mentioned above? Yep, this time the discussion will be a profile 2 online storage we know among other Sugarsync vs. Carbonite. See directly this review!

SugarSync is a leading provider of online storage that allows you to save data files in the form of documents, photos, songs, videos, and other files in a wide variety of format extensions. SugarSync will be very useful for those of you who work with many media: laptops, mobile as well as PC, so all of them will be synchronized via the online storage. One of the hallmarks SugarSync is in its simplicity, SugarSync offers a streamlined interface that makes navigation of all the features and their ability to be easy to use. Another advantage of SugarSync is the segment of mobile where sugarSync support iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile. You get used to send files by email? What about file over 25 Mb? With SugarSync, you can even share files of any size to a friend! That means if you want to share your photo album with a total size of 4 GB, you can! Plus, you don’t have to worry about with the commercial internet connection. SugarSync is working in the background, you don’t have to do activities to browse the file each time backing up or sending files; you need to do is staying put the files in the folder is synchronized, then you just need to wait. (See also : SugarSync vs Dropbox)

Carbonite online backup services, is available for Windows and Mac users, which is used for backing up documents, e-mail, music, photos, and settings. It is named after the fictional substance Carbonite, used to freeze Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This is the first service that offers unlimited backup space with a fixed price. Previously, all online backup services were priced by gigabyte; many other vendors turned to the model is limited. Carbonite offers 2 types of Carbonite products: Home and Home Office for individuals, families and business people of one or two; and Carbonite small businesses for businesses with three or more computers. Many mobile applications available to perform backups. CM Security, for example. They can be selected and hung with the desires and our needs. FYI, Carbonite is one mobile application providers feature complete enough and qualified to perform this task. Because, in addition to its main task can do, namely backup, mobile applications from Carbonite also provides features for doing in the cloud storage or data transfer. Visit to find out an alternative way that we offer these further.

- Capacity up to 500GB- Unlimited Capacity
- Price among $3.96 – $4.17- Price among $59/yr – $149/yr
- Got 4 stars review customer- Got 3 stars review customer

The review battle between Sugarsync vs Carbonite will have a conclusion in here. Sugasync is ideal for you who want just enough storage up to 500GB with affordable price too, it is often used by college students or any related. While Carbonite is the bigger environment in online storage which has unlimited capacity and higher price. Any other differences? It may be existed but, see above and read them all.

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