Teamviewer vs Logmein

There are so many options out there if you are currently looking for a remote access tools, which is a tool with a capability of letting you control computer located far away from you even across the country. In today Teamviewer vs Logmein article, we are going to give you information about these two similar yet different tools regarding what they can offer to you and if there is any, how they are separated from each other. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Teamviewer and Logmein
– Teamviewer and Logmein Subscription Cost
– What Teamviewer and Logmein can offer to you
– Teamviewer vs Logmein

About Teamviewer
For those who is not familiar with remote access software, this tool will let you connect to the remote machine using the app and then you can type and every movement done with your mouse so they will be sent to the remote machine. One of the most popular remote access software in the market is Teamviewer. This one will give you a complete features as an enterprise capable remote access and shared-meeting app which also runs in many different platform including Windows, iOS, Chrome OS and even BlackBerry OS.

Teamviewer Pricing
One of the best thing on Teamviewer is the fact that it offers a free plan with its friend-and-family account and you can use it as long as you want without limitations on the number of machines or users. Paid plan will start with business subscription which will bill you $50 per month for one user an installed on 3 devices to connect to an unlimited number of customer clients.

For those who need the tool for more than one user will have to use Premium plan for $105 per month but can be used for up to 50 users. The most expensive is Corporate plan at $165 per month but you will get 200 licensed users and 3 users to control individual session at the same time. Read our previous article on Graylog vs ELK here.

Teamviewer Features
You can use Teamviewer as a remote-control session or an online meeting; you will be able to send invitations from a menu to your recipient but this email message only contains an instruction to download the app, so you will still need to explain to them via other media about setting up the tools and make connections. This process will also usually involved the password the remote user will need. But, the tool itself will let you simplify thing on your side by offering you an ability to set up your machine for unattended access.

Teamviewer window will show your remote machine desktop with an elegantly designed toolbar including link to tools for advanced users like command prompt, Device Manager, and System and Program Features. On the communicate menu, you can see it other features to make conference calls, share videos, and to open chat windows. This tool also allow you to view multiple display either one by one or together in a single screen.

You can move file from local and remote machines with a standard dual pane file manager or with a convenient feature called File Box that let you put file insides, so it will be available in both machines. As for the security, it is quite tough in Teamviewer since it will need an additional setup steps not required by many of its rivals. Overall it has few types of security options including the VPN to make connection and 256-bit encryption for remote session and meeting.

About Logmein
The option is not stopping here when it comes to remote access software since you can find a bunch out there and the one that is similarly powerful and popular like Teamviewer is Logmein. This tool provide a smooth-running and professional level of remote-access for either Windows and Mac OS PCs as well as offering some file-sharing like a cloud storage feature, which is not available in many other tools. This one is a great option for those who want a dependable access to a remote computer.

Logmein Pricing
To use the software, you will need to choose between the tool’s three different types but the one in our article today is the Logmein Pro which available also in 3 different plans namely Individuals, Power Users, and Small Business. The most affordable start at $30 per month for 2 computers while the most expensive will charge you at $129 per month to gain access to 10 computers.

Another type of tool they offered is Logmein Central with more expensive subscription but it will also give more features like remote file searches, remote deletions and even antivirus. Logmein Rescue is the one for supporting technicians and IT managements with features like the ability to reboot a machine automatically and reconnect when starting up again.

Logmein Features
As a remote access software, Logmein comes with the same basic capabilities and it will allow you to use with features like chat, filter-transfer, local printing of remote files and invitations for one-time desktop sharing. One thing you may can’t find on many other similar tools here is the security feature because it will send you an email if there is someone trying to log to one of your machines with a wrong password.

Logmein client app has a minimal look but packed with options menu which available when you connect remotely and this menu will allow you to blank the remote screen, so you can keep those in front of the machine not-informed of what you are doing. To communicate with the person in front of remote machine you can draw on the remote screen or using your mouse cursor as a laser pointer or by syncing local and remote clipboards, so you can copy text or graphics between machines.

Another interesting features here is the drag and drop files in both directions between machines. However, unfortunately the feature only available in Windows user and not for Mac OS. Logmein also allow other people in remote computers gain an access for your machine and you can even let them download files from your computer by sending out invitations, but, this will only possible if your computer is awake and online.

Now, let’s compare Teamviewer with Logmein. Both software are actually very powerful and come with a similar set of features. What separate them is because Logmein have a useful feature like drag and drop between two local and remote computers and have a helpful without being too annoying security features like sending you a notifications for every wrong password used to access your computer.

Teamviewer vs Logmein

- Offer free plan- Doesn’t offer free plan
- Can't drag and drop files between local and remote- Can do drag and drop between local and remote
- Very tough security system- Less annoying security

All in all, the decision is all your to make. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with either of them and it is up to your preference about which tool suit your taste the most. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you Logmein because it has some more features than Teamviewer.

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