Teamviewer vs VNC

There are so many options out there when you are looking for remote access software and most of them actually give you a similar basic set of features, so choosing between them may need some time to check whether they will provide you with what you need or not. In today Teamviewer vs VNC article, we are going to give you information about what these two tools can offer to you and if there is any how they are separated from each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Teamviewer and VNC
– Teamviewer and VNC Subscription Cost
– What Teamviewer and VNC can offer to you
– Teamviewer vs VNC

About Teamviewer
Remote access is the tool you will need if you want to get access of another computer located not in front of you; it can be either in the next room or in another countries and thanks to this tool, you can operate them just like they are in front of you. One of the most popular remote access tool available now is Teamviewer which can be used in different platform like Windows, macOS, Android iOS and even Chrome OS.

Teamviewer Pricing
If you are interested in using their service, there is a free plan that you can use as long as you want with no fixed on limit either in the number of computers or users but the company will pop-up a reminder to buy their subscription if their algorithm detects any commercial use of the free plan.

The paid plan start with Business plan which is the one we are going to talk and the price is $50 per month for one user and 3 devices and if you need more user, their Premium level will cost at $105 per month for 50 users. The most expensive is Corporate plan that will cost you $165 per month for 200 users. Read also: Teamviewer vs Logmein here.

Teamviewer Capabilities
You may use Teamviewer for remote control session or an online meeting and to start connecting with other computers you will need to send an invitations while also describing how to connect their devices involving a nine-digit ID an alphanumeric password your remote user will need through other connection because the invitation you send only contains the link to download the app. The tool will also let you use unattended access, so you can access it from other registered devices on the go.

You can find many of Teamviewer functions on its toolbar even those for advanced users including command prompt, Device Manager as well as System and Program and Features. To make conference calls, open chat windows and share videos you can check the links in communicate menu. You may also view different display shown at once or one by one and as for the file-transfer, there is a dual-pane file manager for sending files between your computer and your remote machines.

There is also a convenient feature called File Box that will let you drop one or more files into a small window, so they can be available in both machines. When doing online meeting, you can use the double arrow icon next to standard close, maximize and minimize to present the application and if you want to dig inside the tools more options, you can set one more applications windows to share.

About VNC
Another remote access tool you can opt to in the market now is VNC which is one of Teamviewer rival in corporate level. These two are the options you can have when looking for those that support Linux. The older version of this tool even available for enterprise-level OSes such as AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX. Just like many other similar tools, this one will also let you run a computer located far away from you.

VNC Pricing
What makes VNC stands out from its pricier peers is because it also offer a free version just like Teamviewer. Their free version will let you use up to 5 computers to be accessed remotely by up to 3 users. If you want more, their paid plan start at $40 per year for one user, which is very affordable compared to other similar tools while the Enterprise version will start at $55 per year for one user. Each one of them offer a different level of security and the most expensive will offer you direct connectivity between machines with fixed IP addresses.

VNC Capabilities
Using VNC is similar like using any remote access tools. What you need to do is install VNC server app on the remote machine and VNC viewer app on your machine where you want to connect from. Through its browser interface, you can manage those accessible computer as well as arranging them into group and you will also be able to send invitations for other people to join your team of users and give them access to your computer. But, you can’t start a remote session by clicking on those computer icon in a browser window.

VNC security is rather unique because it will create a six-word phrase and a hex-digit signature unique to the machine you want to connect remotely. It is might look weird but the company explained that this is intended to signify if someone has intercepted your connection and could use it to access your machine where you are logging from if the catchphrase isn’t what you expect.

When connected, VNC will let you turn on chat window, switch to full screen mode or send Ctrl+Alt+Delete to your remote computers and open file transfer dialog you are using for sending files to the remote machine. You may choose to view one or monitors in remote computers but the people in front of your remote machine will also able to restrict you to only view specific monitor.

Now, let’s compare Teamviewer with VNC. As you may already know, both of these tools come with the same set of features but since VNC is more affordable than Teamviewer, so it is also lacking in some features and one of the example is it is not able to start remote session by clicking on a computer’s icon in a browser’s window. Another minus side from VNC is in the file transfer because their method is unconventional compared to those in Teamviewer.

Teamviewer vs VNC

- More expensive- More affordable
- Better features- Lack of features
- Easier to use- Not very user friendly

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally useful and you can choose based on which tool you think suit your preference the most. But, if we are to choose, we will recommend you Teamviewer because it has some better functions than VNC.

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