Threadless vs Redbubble

In modern days making money is not only limited to go outside, spend a time in an office and receive the paycheck at the beginning/end of a month because we can use various methods to create a living and one of them is by using Print on Demand service like Threadless vs Redbubble. Both of them are attracting people with great creativity to design and sell from their platforms and if you are interested to try one of them, see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is POD E-Commerce Promising
– What are Threadless and Redbubble
– How are the Pricing System in Threadless and Redbubble
– How do we Promote in Threadless and Redbubble
– What else Threadless and Redbubble can offer
– Do Threadless and Redbubble have different Shipping Methods
– Threadless Vs Redbubble

Threadless Vs Redbubble

Working an 8 hour job is not for everyone because people have different preference and some of us are not made to sit at the same desk daily for a prolonged time and deal with the tasks we have been given to us by our supervisor. However, we still have to work to make a living unless we have an incredibly rich family to run the whole thing in the house. In modern days, technology has been used for convenience and one of them is for artists.

Many of us loves drawing and just simply making design whether it is just a simple one or those we have been thinking for quite some time already. Rather than doodling on paper or drawing book without sharing them to other people, why not market them to a wider audience who are interested in certain art through various items by printing the design on those items. This way we can make money by selling our design without having to open a physical store.

If you have some time to spare or need extra money to buy something, getting into POD is a very promising decision. We are sure that most people are already familiar with this term because they are very popular, especially when people are getting used to online shopping and as the name suggests, Print on Demand is a business model where you as the artist use the company’s resources to make money. All what we need to do is designing and marketing them to promising audience.

Due to its popularity, POD business model is offered by so many companies out there and despite the different name, in general all of them are the same. The artists or user is going to upload several designs and put them into certain items for example a mug, hoodie, or phone case then put a margin in which the combination of base price for each item and the fee for the design itself. Base price will vary from one product to another and the margin is up to us.

The next step is marketing the product because no matter how good a POD website is, they will not promote all of their users or artist which is why we have to take matters into our own hands. Promotion can be done anywhere but most people have market their design on social media through certain accounts or by ads. At the end of the day, the process is indeed easier than establishing a real workshop but it doesn’t mean we don’t have much to do.

About Threadless and Redbubble

If you have free time or love drawing and making unique design then a POD website will be a nice way to use the free time productively. There have been lots of people making money with their creativity but not all of the users are going to be as successful so it is better to prepare things first and we do think that if you are not going to spend energy and effort on doing marketing then this type of business is not for you.

As online shopping is reaching more people and preferred due to its convenience, there are so many websites to choose from those we are already familiar with to those we never heard of yet. Among all of those services or companies, Threadless and Redbubble are two of the most trusted sites to try if you have never used any of them before. Both of them are offering the same type of service or products as well as using a similar system.

However, Threadless is slightly different because unlike many other POD companies their initial business is not offering the service to take care of your selling but gather the designs submitted by artist on their platform and using a voting system, there will be a winner for the certain amount of time. This competition did successfully attract people’s attention and makes the company gather lots of revenue as well as established into the website we know today. Despite being held since 1999, this competition is still a very promising ads to attract artists.

On the other hand Redbubble already started as a print on demand company and they are one of the most well-known as well in the market which is why it seems that artists are more interested to sell their design through the service. In 2017, it is reported there are 450000 active artist and 10 million site visits per month on their site as well as almost 7 million people have bought products from the site for the last 10 years. Read also: Spreadshirt VS Zazzle.

Threadless and Redbubble Pricing System

The first thing most people want to know about POD website is their price because both seller and customer have to match the price in which both parties can gain benefit from them and similar to many other sites, seller is the one who decides the margin in which they want to offer the product in. For example, we want to sell uniquely printed T-shirt that was listed at $10 each, we then can decide how much to achieve from this product like 50% or $5.

This will make the selling price ends up at $15 per T-shirt but, this price is not constant and just like any products sold freely in the market, base price is subject to change and there is a huge chance the website will upgrade their base price every now and then. There are lots of products in Threadless and Redbubble’s catalogue so every product will have different base price depending on the item itself.

Threadless and Redbubble Promoting

After you are done with uploading design and deciding the margin or profit from each product, now is the time to do the marketing. Our products can be accessed from each website’s seller page but the problem now is how to attract people to visit and purchase from your store. Apparently, we are the one who are doing all the work for promotion and if you want Threadless to feature your store or manage the store, there is a feature in their Artist Shop which is not available in Redbubble.

By asking this feature we may have to pay the service as well so make sure if it will be worth/ benefit your store or not. Aside from the promotion done by Threadless, most of the time we will be doing the promotion ourselves through various platforms especially social media like Instagram or Pinterest. We are asked to be really active in the community in which have a huge promising customers to increase the chance of letting a wider audience be aware and pay an interest to your products.

Threadless and Redbubble Features

Outside of uploading design, putting them on certain items, and setting prices for each category, all of the work is done by the platforms and this includes the media in which the design will be printed in, accepting payment, printing process, and shipping. What’s unique about Threadless is that they also have the aforementioned design competition held every several months and is currently happening as well when this article is written. The competition this time is presenting $20000 cash money for the winner.

Just like most competition, the rule is simple and what you need to do is submit the design and share the promo code that appear after the process. What’s new is not only they will choose the winner based on the voting but also the most funded design because if more people like and fund your design then there is a higher chance to win the prize. Additionally, the winner will receive 20% royalties based on net profits per month when the design is selected and printed as well as $250 worth Threadless gift code.

Threadless and Redbubble Shipping Methods

The last thing we want to talk about is shipping method and similar to many other POD sites, Threadless and Redbubble are also offering several options when it comes to shipping options based on where you live. For example, we have 4 different shipping methods from Threadless which range approximately from $5.75 to $30 with address within the US. The fastest shipping, the pricier it gets as well but the one who will pay for it is customer and it has no effect on the product price on seller side.


Both of these POD sites are an ideal place to make some money as an additional income to your main occupation, especially for those with great creativity. In general they are using the same mechanism as other POD e-commerce sites but slightly different as well because Threadless have this Artist Shop with a feature to automate the pricing and promotion thus, we can focus on something else. This site also has interesting design competition to attract more people joining the community.

Threadless vs Redbubble

- Start as a design competition- Start as POD e-commerce
- Offer shop automation- Self-manage shop
- Have interesting design competition- Offer discount
- Some products can be pricier compared to Redbubble- More affordable


All in all no matter which site we pick, there is still much work to do, especially to promote our products or shop. But, if you are looking for a challenge, we recommend to participate in Threadless competition.

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