TickPick vs StubHub

In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of TickPick vs StubHub. The two are among the most popular secondary ticket platforms on the Internet. Like a rebellious teen who starts doing things just to annoy her parents, TickPick was founded entirely to compete against StubHub by two people who were unsatisfied by the service. On the other hand, StubHub has been around for quite a long time and has become the most prominent service in the industry. There are some pros and cons for each platform, so continue reading below to better understand the differences.

About StubHub
StubHub was formed in 2000 by Jeff Fluhr and Eric Baker as an online platform for ticket exchange for buyers and sellers. Since 2007, it has become a subsidiary company of eBay. It provides services for many kinds of tickets, such as sports matches, concerts, theater shows, and other entertainment events. Take a look at our previous post about SeatGeek vs StubHub here!

As of December 2015, StubHub has partnered with more than 120 partners. Most of the partners are sports teams and entertainment venues. StubHub has grown from the biggest secondary ticket marketplace in the United States to the biggest ticket marketplace in the world.

Pros of StubHub
StubHub provides various essential and convenient features for the sellers and buyers. You can search for tickets on StubHub in various ways. Simply type in the search box. You can search for the event venue, artist’s name, city, or even genre that you are interested in. You can further filter the search results by the section, row, price range, and ticket quantity.Almost all of the tickets have interactive seating charts so that you can easily choose the seats that you prefer. If you scroll to a specific seating section, a pop-up will appear to display the available tickets and price ranges.

You can also select the method for getting your tickets. You can choose mail delivery for physical tickets or choose a pick-up center to get it in person. Perhaps the digital tickets are more convenient, though, as you can get them via e-mail and print them by yourself. There is a reward program which gives you credits for your ticket purchases.

The ticket-selling program is very easy to use. You can list the tickets that you want to sell for free, but there is a 15% commission on every ticket sold. StubHub also has a team that can help to sell the tickets that are closely approaching their dates. The transactions are safe and protected by the FanProtect Guarantee, but keep in mind that it will not give any refund, exchange, or insurance if you change your mind or if you are unable to go. StubHub’s data are protected by TRUSTe.

Cons of StubHub
When choosing between TickPick vs StubHub, there are a few things that you have to further consider about StubHub. Although it has nice and powerful features, it also has some weaknesses.

The first disadvantage of StubHub is the pricing. It charges a number of fees to both the sellers and buyers. So, unsurprisingly, the prices of the tickets here are often more expensive compared to other platforms. In addition, the total price that you have to pay is not always shown from the beginning. For example, the initial price for a ticket is listed as $10, but the price may go up to $12 after the fees are added.

The second disadvantage of StubHub is the awful mobile app. If you want to use StubHub, you should as well just use the website instead of the mobile app. The mobile app has issues on the Facebook login feature, interface, and password reset.

About TickPick
On the other hand, TickPick was founded by Chris O’Brien and Brett Goldberg in 2011 as a reaction to StubHub’s fees. They thought that StubHub’s fees are way too much, and the search features are also not accurate. They created TickPick to directly compete against StubHub. So, our comparison on TickPick vs StubHub becomes even more relevant.

TickPick is quite similar to SeatGeek that it is also able to aggregate pricing information from multiple sources. So, the users can compare ticket prices from multiple different sellers from various platforms. TickPick is widely known for the low ticket prices, and it has been mentioned by several media outlets as well.

Pros of TickPick
The first thing that many people would mention when choosing between TickPick vs StubHub is TickPick’s lower prices. According to the company, TickPick does not charge any fee to the ticket buyers. So, you can say that the service is free for the buyers. You only pay the price of the ticket and nothing more. This is an important feature if you are concerned about how much money that you have to spend for a ticket.

TickPick also has a unique feature. It allows the users to rank the tickets based on price and seat quality. So, every ticket will have a grade which may range from A+ for the best value to F for the worst value. This is a very useful feature for determining the most valuable ticket quickly.

Cons of TickPick
Of course, TickPick also has a few cons. First of all, it is not as popular as the giant competitors, so it does not have the same amount of traffic and reputation. Big ticket sellers usually prefer a platform that brings the most traffic in order to gain higher sales.

TickPick also has fewer partners. There are some tickets which may be not available on TickPick. So, if the ticket that you are looking for is not available on TickPick, you need to use a different service to try to find the ticket.

- A popular ticket marketplace with aggregation features- The world’s largest ticket marketplace with hundreds of partners
- Significantly lower ticket prices- Lots of fees that increase the ticket prices
- Grading feature to help users determine the value of a ticket- Interactive seating charts, reward program
- Good ticket availability- Very high ticket availability for various events

In general, TickPick is more recommended, especially for the buyers. This service does not implement many fees, so the ticket prices can be constantly lower. It also has a very nice ticket grading feature to help you determine the value of a ticket quickly. However, if the ticket that you are looking for is not available here, you should head to StubHub. You may also want to use StubHub if you often buy lots of tickets to benefit from the reward program.

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