Tidal vs Apple Music

Streaming music sectors have replaced the customary advanced music and driven the patterns of the current music industry, among which Spotify is the most popular of all. Furthermore, Apple Music, as the rising star, additionally takes the promising youth. 

Other mainstream music services like Tidal and Deezer, additionally have their own genuine inventiveness and weapons against Spotify and Apple Music. However, Apple Music and Tidal, specifically, are notable for their exclusive releases and both have been around since 2015. 

In that time, Apple Music has become the most famous streaming service in the U.S.A, yet Tidal has a committed subscriber base for all kinds of reasons. Named as the artists’ music stage, Tidal is possessed by Jay-Z and an assortment of other successful music specialists, and the organization tries paying artists more per stream than ‌Apple Music‌. 

In any case, is it a better service for the normal audience? There are a couple of contrasts that may float you towards either. 

Tidal is for the most part known for its high-fidelity streaming, which makes it ideal for audiophiles, while Apple Music is incredible for, well, Apple clients and progressively casual audiences. To know more about these two, read on to learn what Tidal and Apple Music bring to the table. 


Pricing for both services begins at the same for people, coming at 10 USD every month for the base plan. Both additionally offer the equivalent 5 USD every month price point for understudies. Read also: Qobuz vs Deezer Hi-Fi.

Tidal and Apple Music even have a similar evaluation for Family Plans, coming in at 15 USD every month. One final comparability that is somewhat disheartening is the manner by which neither Tidal or Apple Music have a “free” plan that permits you to try and tune in to music with ads. 

Rather, you will need to pursue a free trial so as to get a taste for what every service is advertising. 

Libraries and Offline Listening 

All paid Tidal and Apple Music plans give you access to an immense inventory of songs when you join. ‌Apple Music‌ flaunts 50 million songs in its inventory, while Tidal audiences get the pick of more than 57 million songs, so paying little mind to which one has the most substance, both permit you to develop a huge assortment of music. 

What is more, Tidal likewise has more than 200,000 great music recordings, which is a broader inventory than some other adversary streaming service, maybe except for YouTube Music Premium, so this may interest you on the off chance that you like to expand your music with a visual component. Apple Music‌ clients can download a limit of 100,000 songs to their library, and thanks to Apple’s iCloud Music Library feature, these can be synchronized across gadgets signed in to a similar Apple ID. 

With Tidal, you can download the same number of songs, collections, and playlists as you need for offline listening, and these will be matched up to any gadget utilizing a similar record, however, you can utilize only five gadgets in offline mode all the while. 


Some of the time, the sound gadgets you own might decide which music streaming service you ought to pick, in actuality, the music streaming services you buy in likewise concludes you to pick the upheld sound gadgets. Now, Spotify has done the best employment, since it bolsters the playback on almost all solid gadgets. 

A rundown of Apple Music only supports these sound gadgets: Homepod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other Apple items. Meanwhile, a rundown of Tidal only supports these sound gadgets: Chromecast, Squeezebox, Sonos, Android TV, and so forth.

Exclusive Benefits 

Up until now, Apple Music flaunts collections from Drake, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, Future, and more and it appears to be a decent strategy to bother Tidal, Spotify, and other music streaming services over these years. In the event that you are a fan of these artists, at that point this feature must be a distinct advantage. 

What is more, Apple Music likewise offers the exclusive video content. With its mix with iTunes, the capacity to browse and play a lot of music recordings make Apple Music stand out. 

Meanwhile, Tidal offers exclusive access to music from huge artists like Prince, Jack White, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and most as of late Kanye West, have all common new music solely on Tidal. It is likewise one of the main spots you can get to the discography of artists like Prince and Neil Young. 

Prince’s broad list of music, a varied assortment of work that ranges from pop to jazz went Tidal exclusive in 2015. It likewise offers a wide assortment of music recordings, show recordings, and even some unique programming you cannot discover anywhere else. 

Music Sharing 

‌Apple Music‌ permits you to follow friends who are additionally subscribers and offer playlists with them that you have made. ‌Apple Music‌’s For You tab will likewise give you what your friends are tuning in to on the off chance that you have connected to them. 

Tidal does not have native equivalent social highlights, however, the service permits you to interface with Facebook, thus, you can see tracks from friends who buy into Tidal. You can likewise share song links by means of text or over social media and link to last.fm to log your listening propensities.

Tidal vs Apple Music

TidalApple Music
- Emerging artist category

- Seamless integration with Apple's eco-system

- Optional lossless plan

- Beats live radio and archive

- Extensive video content

- Human curated recommendations
- Official web player- Support for uploading/matching your own music files

Final Verdict 

Tidal holds an extraordinary spot in the streaming market, on account of its Hi-Fi streaming plans and its endeavors to showcase rising artists. Its arrangement with the hip bounce scene is additionally a major draw, with curated playlists from any semblance of Jay Z and Beyoncé. 

What is more, the service offers probably the biggest assortment of music recordings, show recordings, and a decent determination of unique music-related programming. Then again, Apple’s service will in general be faster off the mark with its music recommendations, while its substance is increasingly adjusted in terms of appealing to different music tastes. 

‌Apple Music‌ is most likely a better decision in case you have previously put resources into the Apple ecosystem. By the day’s end, both Apple Music and Tidal are strong streaming services, and which one you choose will probably descend to your music tastes.

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