Todoist vs Wunderlist

Todoist and Wunderlist are two popular task management apps in the market. Coming with a bunch of useful features as well as user friendly, these apps are used by many people from around the world whether individual or businesses. If you want to track your tasks and increase your productivity, you may want to try using one of them. Go check our article below to help you decide.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Todoist and Wunderlist
– What Todoist and Wunderlist can offer to you
– Todoist vs Wunderlist

About Todoist
Todoist is a task management tool that you can use to monitor your productivity in an attempt to increase it. This tool is very reliable and is currently one of the most popular to-do app available in the market. Not only comes with a bunch of useful features, Todoist is also available in a wide variety of devices. If you want to find a way to monitor your productivity or need a tool to geek out your tasks organization, you may want to try using this app.

Todoist Pricing
One of the best thing about Todoist is it is free. You can use their features without paying any fee but of course you will also be limited to only basic features. If you think that the app is very helpful, you may upgrade your Todoist account to its premium version. When it comes for pricing, the company offer simple choices with only two options namely Premium and Business. Both plans cost at the same price, which is $28.99 per year to get the app full features.

Todoist Features
First great feature of Todoist is its availability across platforms. Besides its availability on so many devices, it offer plugins to Gmail, thunderbird as well as support for Slack. Since it is a cloud based service, you can sync your tasks and notes from one app to another devices automatically. When using the app, you can filter your tasks in so many ways, such as priority, assignee or the due date. If you use the mobile version, reminders may come in several types including location based reminders.

To see how productive you are, Todoist have a feature called Karma, which will gives you an insight on your activity for the week, so you can see if you spend most of your time doing the projects you should be working first or the opposite. Check another similar app in our article on Asana vs Todoist here.

About Wunderlist
Wunderlist is a task management that let its user to manage their tasks through their devices whether from desk or on the go with their smartphones or even smart watch. However, if you plan on using the app for a long time, you may want to consider another option since after the company was acquired by Microsoft, they said that Wunderlist will eventually be discontinued and replaced with another app called To-Do that was also developed by Wunderlist team.

Wunderlist Pricing
Wunderlist is free to use and you only have to sign up for free account on their site. With this free version, you already get so many from the app and if you are an individual. The company did offer a premium version or Pro version, but since the app is going to be shut down and since 4 April 2018 they are no longer charging and selling the Pro version. But now you can log in with your existing Wunderlist account to get all the Pro features.

Wunderlist Features
One of the best thing in Wunderlist is how easy the app to use. You can create a bunch of groupings and under these groupings you can add as many as tasks you want. You may also add those tasks with due date, reminder, a note or star. Since it cloud based service, you can easily sync those data to another devices with Wunderlist app in it. The ability of the app to work across platform is also great. It’s practically work the same in Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Now, let’s compare Todoist and Wunderlist. From the features, both apps are quite the same with equally rich features, but Wunderlist is more generous in its free version than Todoist. However Todoist have Karma to give you a report about your productivity while this is not available in Wunderlist, moreover, they won’t be available for longer.

Todoist vs Wunderlist

- Not as generous as Wunderlist in the free version- Offer more generous features in its free version
- Still available- Won’t be available for longer
- Have a great reporting feature- Doesn’t have reporting feature

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, Wunderlist is a great option if you only on for free version, but since the app won’t be available for longer we highly recommend Todoist in this article especially for its Karma feature.

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