Trello vs Jira

Agile Project Management is the application of project management expertise that is highly responsive to changes. In book NINE of the adaptive approach is the Agile approach. In the classical method, predictive approach more to the meaning of his project management process is already set at the beginning of the project. The process of the project through the stages of the project, starting from the stage of initiation, Planning, execution, monitoring and control, until the Closing phase. Nowadays, no need to worry about the difficulty of limiting the space activities of our motion because everything was helped by the presence of software including software that has been provided for Agile Project Management. 2 Top of Agile Project Management tools will be reviewed through this article further. Curious enough, which one is having a better solution?

Product Description of Trello
Trello is a project management application. In the official website itself are written that application is to perform Trello collaboration in working on a project. By using the Trello can we know about the different kinds of work that is being done, who’s working on, and in the process what the job is running. Trello classify parts into Boards, Lists, and Cards. In general the Boards can be the name of the project being worked on. Lists is a category of some work with certain similarities. While the Cards contain details of the work that is being done. You must notice something similarities, you are right actually because you have already read Wrike vs Trello probably.

Features in Trello
There are 3 main features the Trello will really help you, they are:
· The Create Team feature where you can add more than one group or team work within the Trello could set as private or public.

· The features of the Board can be assumed as a large chalkboard where we put the to do list note. One board could use for a project and you can add, alter or arrange the panels in a board.

· Features of the Card are interpreted as a to do list in the Trello. Add a card on the button Add a card under any of the panel board. Simply drag and drop to move a card into another panel.

Benefits of Trello
· Multi Platform because it can access and use web applications, android applications, and iOS applications. And the latest she could already be integrated in with the Telegraph and Slack, instant message application is also on a variety of platforms.

· Collaborative team members because we can work with the team with more efficient and productive. Appropriate explanation at the beginning of the article, with this collaboration we so know who is working on what and to where the process of his work so that when there is a problem we can help immediately.

· The flexibility of the application of project management as Trello, for example if grocery items will make a list for a month, then make a checklist divided per week as scheduled to purchase. With this you guys so can control my groceries every week.

· There is a history of activities that can be used to monitor the history a boards, lists, or cards.

Product Descriptio of Jira
Jira is a Project development tools that are widely used by developers to assist developers in making the issue, determine the priority issue, assign issue and to do tracking progress of the issue on a project involving team member different divisions. Making it easier for developer team to make a planning issue, perform tracking and monitoring issue, issue on each project.

Feature in Jira
· Create Issue that would make a promo video. It is done when creating a video is to make the concept of the video, then make the flow of the video, then wait for what is the concept of the script it is appropriate (review), then wait for the person who made the video to come make a video as planned.

· Create Priority is about making an issue, scrum master should define the priority of the issue. By determining the priority of the issue, team members can know what issue they need to do in advance.

· Assign Issue by way of showing on a team from different divisions. With the assign issue product owner/scrum master can download the issue tracking is being done by whom.

· Watch Issue to see the issue who want him tracking

· Estimate Time for the scrum master is indeed a little difficult at first, because the scrum master to be able to know an issue can be resolved how long, but it is often done after the scrum master can estimate time as planned.

· Plan fashion by Scrum Board. On this feature all the initial issue put in a backlog, so any any additional issue will be put to the backlog. Sprint is usually done 2 weeks once, so in a year there are 26 sprint.

· And many other features that are not less important.

Benefits of Jira
· Jira was projected as an agile system, able to meet the needs of different niches and industries. Driven by such intent, it evolved over the years into a highly customizable and feature-rich solution that uses a hybrid Scrumban approach which combines Scrum and Kanban to adapt to every user scenario.

· It goes without saying that a system empowered for manipulation sets the grounds for proficient project management, but one still has to dig into details to understand everything Jira can do.

· Jira collects and unites all historic data in a single, searchable hub, and provides access to it at any point of time. This way, team members will be able to perform all sorts of rend analysis and statistical investigations, and prepare constructive reports on their progress

· Jira is ideal for large and remote teams working on a variety of locations, as it comes with native mobile apps that keep Android and iOS users connected.

- Trello classify parts into Boards, Lists, and Cards- Jira classify parts into many tasks
- Trello is a Multi Platform application- Jira was projected as an agile system
- Trello has a flexibility programs- Jira watches issue to see issue

This time to make your final decision in choosing either Trello vs Jira. Trello is a simple kanban board, tailored for teams that want to work “agile”, but does not observe the entire liturgy of agile development. Jira is a project management tool for agile teams by books that build, repair, and release software. With clear lines, it should not be hard to determine which product is right for your team. But keep in mind that Trello and Jira are not worth only two products in this category.

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